Pittsburgh Rapper Mac Miller Rising To Stardom

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – His music videos are being featured on MTV, Rolling Stone magazine has covered him and his iTunes popularity keeps growing.

Mac Miller, 19, graduated from Alderdice High School last year and is climbing the music charts.

Getting in the booth comes with ease to Miller.

Where he’s at today, is a future he only dreamed about a couple years ago when he was still in high school.

Now, fresh off a five-month tour, he’s working on his first official album.

Miller said he spent a good part of high school working on his music.

“My goal was to make music my job when I graduated high school. To make it something I could live off of,” Miller said.

Not even a month after graduating, Rostrum Records signed him. It’s the same label that signed Wiz Khalifa.

Miller will be the first to tell you that success wasn’t immediate.

“I’m blessed to be young and be so successful to this point, but I still feel like I put in a lot of work to get to where I’m at. I don’t feel like I just came in and said, ‘Oh I’m going to rap and put together a mixed tape and then all of sudden I have a million views on YouTube,” Miller said.

Eric Dan, a producer with ID Labs, said Miller worked for years in the studio in Lawrenceville before perfecting his sound.

The hard work is now paying off.

“He’s not out there trying to follow a trend. He’s not trying to sound like the guys who made a hit last week. He’s really just trying to do his own thing,” Dan said.

He’s getting national attention and growing his fan base. On Monday, Miller’s single, “Donald Trump,” climbed to the No. 12 rap single on iTunes.

On YouTube, that same song had over 10 million views. It seems Pittsburgh’s young Miller isn’t just knocking on fame’s door, he’s busting through it

“I have light-years to go and so much work to do. I will say that I’ve achieved some cool success and done some pretty cool things and I’m not going to act nonchalant about things that I’m proud of. But, there’s definitely a lot of work to do,” Miller said.


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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    RAP a three letter word for NOISE!

  2. critter says:

    looks like jailbird

  3. Scotty! says:

    Who is this guy?
    I think a better name for him would be “Sweaty Vanilla Ice”.

  4. natalie says:

    Have any of you heard his music? I caught a song on U MTV the other day just by chance and stopped when I heard the lyric “smile so big like an eat n park cookie”. I figured the kid had to be from Pittsburgh and am excited to see he is a PPS graduate. Go listen to this young man on youtube and hear his funny and pretty good lyrics and the different type of music he is creating before you judge on your preconceived stereotypes! I applaud his dedication to creating music. Whenever we see stories about young kids from the city doing bad stuff I bet you are also the first to jump on here and yell “why don’t they do something productive with their lives”.

  5. Annoyed says:

    Whack miller only raps about smoking weed and using women and his cohort wiz was arrested for possession of marijuana….not really the image of pittsburgh that i want to be spread. Oh and whack miller steals beats from other producers without giving them credit for their work. Not exactly a couple of stand up guys….

    1. Jason Williams says:

      freekin idiot . you have no clue but a stupid youtube video to go by , this young kid has talent . you talk about smoking weed big deal 63% percent of america has admited to smoking weed . he raps about what young kids in there teens in early 20’s see on a daily basis . the kid isnt fake he raps about his life . wich is something your fake ass tupac never had a grasp on ,hmmm backup dancer to thuglife yeah thats hood . im a white male from detroit 32 years of age and this kid has talent period ,dont get mad at a kid who already knows what he wants to do for a living while half of the 30 something people in america are unemployed and have no clue on what to do in life .

    2. cherry says:

      Actually, that’s not all he raps about. His new mixtape has a lot of stuff about him growing as a musician. He EVEN WROTE A SONG ABOUT HIS MOM. Maybe you should listen before you speak. Rap is about weed and money, these days. Sure MAC dips into that game a lot, but he also has a bunch of other songs. And read up on the beat mix-up, he apologized for it. You’re just a pessimistic hater trying to bring down good in people’s lives. Like get real.

      1. 412repping the burg says:

        you see this dude didnt even write his name because hes a p*ssy hes just another mac hater.mac will own the game soon you watch hes a damn millionaire and didnt drop a complete album yet hes just hating because hes doing what he loves and making money doing it.hes made more money in the last 6 months that you will make in a lifetime hater get off his nuts

  6. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Way to go Mac Daddy!

  7. Anthony P says:

    ahaha look at all these people so salty that mac has blown up…keep on keepin on mac your true fans got ur back cuzin

  8. stephanie says:

    Mac Miller is amazing and I loved him even before he got famous!<33

  9. Jason Y says:

    I’m a professional White guy who grow up in the suburbs with three kids and I now live on a farm….and guess what?? Mac Miller is on my ipod. This kid is this generations Bob Dylan. He’s got soul, he’s talented and he’s real. Mac Miller keep on doing your thing.

    1. Alec Dietsch says:

      this is great hes got something that goes unmatched my modern rappers. i wouldnt say equal to dylan but i get the analogy

  10. bill w says:

    this kid is going to OWN the game within the next 5 years you make my words hes already a millionaire and hasnt even dropped his first real lp.he got his own style and own way of rapping and hes from the burgh watch out hip hop mac miller is coming pgh baby 412

  11. laura says:

    R- repititious
    A- abnormal
    P- psychosis
    If he is really a millionaire why can’t he buy a little soap, pimple cream, and better clothes? I guess his money goes to the hoochie shack and sippin on gin a juice.

    1. gg says:

      hater look it up he got more dought than ur broke as*

  12. jeff says:

    Why give someone who glorifies smoking weed, using the F word in many songs, can’t sing or play music? Seriously has entertainment slipped to an all time low?

  13. lilly says:

    he needs to brush those snaggle teeth.

  14. laura says:

    Biggie, Eminem, Salt & Pepa, Too Short and Tupac cornered and conquered the rap industry. The market is closed there will never be another like these great artists ever.
    FYI only a woman is supposed to wear an earing in each ear or did you not get the memo on that?

  15. Scott. says:

    I like him he seems grounded. Not a thug. I am not a fan of rap. This kid got his own style. Good luck to him… And yes He is on my ipod. Next to the Doobie Brothers. As far as singing about weed. (let me see). Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, The Dead. And I could go on. Goog luck Mac…

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