PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Despite the lockout, one of the NFL’s programs to get kids moving is still in full swing.

While the players weren’t the ones doing the talking today, some of the Steelers’ coaches were.

It’s not often that middle school kids get to play in school.

However, it’s even rarer for Steelers’ strength coaches to come to your school.

“NFL Play 60 and the American Heart Association, it’s important to teach the kids just to play. Play. Move your body. Have fun while you are doing it, and let the muscles grow naturally,” Garrett Giemont said.

Play 60 tackles teen obesity and the fact that one in three kids and teens are overweight or obese.

South Hills won today’s visit for its exceptional participation during the school year.

“It’s kind of like having the rookies in that we have a good group. Everybody’s enthusiastic, and plus it’s during school and you get to do something fun and it’s with the Steelers and Play 60,” Marcel Pastoor said.

However, that’s not all there was to cheer about. There was the $1,000 check for South Hills Middle School.

“We buy equipment to help these kids get in shape with this money. They appreciate it. They don’t always get a chance to tell people that, but the kids appreciate it and so do I,” South Hills Middle School teacher Carey White said.

That wasn’t all they gave either. They passed out autographed game balls to some lucky kids and all the equipment they brought was donated by a Steelers sponsor.

“Giving back to the community is what the Pittsburgh Steelers are all about. It’s what Marcel and I are all about and we had a ball today,” Giemont said.


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