By David Highfield

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — Eric Reid admits to making a mistake, but says some of what he’s accused of doing in an alleged road rage incident just isn’t true.

Reid faces charges of simple assault and making terroristic threats after an encounter with a FedEx driver in an alley in Ambridge.

Reid couldn’t get past the parked truck which was making deliveries, and he was desperate to get to his mother-in-law who had fallen and was bleeding.

Police say Reid used obscenities, made threats, and even entered the truck’s trailer and grabbed the driver by the neck.

Reid, however, says he asked the driver to move several times and never got up into the truck.

He admits to grabbing the driver by the belt, not the neck and says he immediately knew it was a mistake.

Police say he turned around and took off from the scene.

They later caught up with him at his mother-in-law’s home. She did have to go to the hospital, but was later released.

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