Parking Authority To Get Smart Parking Meters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Parking meters in Pittsburgh are supposed to charge higher rates effective June 1, but it won’t happen that fast.

Officials say it will take a week to 10 days to adjust all the meters in the city to the higher rates.

First on the list are meters in downtown Pittsburgh. Until the rates are adjusted upward at each of the meters, you get to pay the old rate.

“As we change them over, we’ll apply a sticker just to grab the customer’s attention that a rate has occurred,” David Onorato, head of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, said.

Look for enforcement to ramp up too, especially since free parking ends at 10 p.m., not 6 p.m. in many areas.

“We’ll start looking to see where we are deficient in enforcement officers,” Onorato said. “We’re going to need additional bodies there also because of the extended hours of coverage.”

There will be another change since it will take 12 quarters for one hour of downtown parking.

“We need to upgrade our technology to match these rates, to make it more efficient and convenient for the end user, where they have the ability to use a credit card other than quarters only,” Onorato said.

Look for smart meters as early as this fall.

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One Comment

  1. luke says:

    only a matter of time before its 5 an hour. And with 5 an hour there still will be nothing to show for it, jag offs

  2. mark says:

    What a worthless story line. I find it hard to believe that you people get paid to publish garbage like this. A one line blurb at the end of the story about smart meters!

  3. Lucy says:

    It doesn’t matter what they charge since 90% of people parking at meters don’t put any money in them. Many more people park illegally and don’t get ticketed or towed. So it doesn’t matter what they do. Don’t believe me, just start walking Forbes, Wood, Fifth, etc.

  4. Just Saying... says:

    It is mind boggling that the point of the new higher rates and extended hours of enforcement is to replenish the city’s failing pension plan, yet the need to replace current meters with more expensive “smart” meters and get more bodies on the streets for enforcement of the longer meter hours. It seems to me it would be more cost effective to just leave the old rates and find a different source of revenue for the magical pension fund. Besides, who gets a pension anymore anyways?

    1. Daniel says:

      People who have paid into a pension fund are the ones who get one. People who have paid almost $145,000 over a 24 year period with no interest from the city. People who face dangerous criminals so the residents of the city can be safe.

      1. Just Saying... says:

        Why is the city still handing out pensions anyways? Ever heard of a 401k like the private sector gets to deal with? The idea of a pension is insane by today’s standards. You may have paid in $145,000 over 24 years, but that will be repaid to you over what 4 maybe 5 years. What about the rest of your retired life?

        And please don’t respond with the typical comment of “You are just jealous that you can’t get a pension. If you were smart/motivated/good enough you would get one of these jobs with a pension.” because that response is even more dumb then thinking pensions are sustainable.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        DANIEL – Sadly Pension are all going to fail. This dumb plan of raising parking to cover your pension is a joke. Without a long term fix, like going to a 401k, you pension will fail. All new hires should be on a 401k type plan. Based on how bad the pension finances are I would say anyone 10 years or under should have their pension converted to a 401k type plan.

  5. Ms says:

    So, the people who are paying into their 401-Ks are now responsible for paying into someone else’s pensions by pumping more money into the parking meters. Makes sense.

  6. hello says:

    The thing that the city doesn’t understand is that our downtown isn’t like NewYork or some other big city. No one goes down there to entertain or to spend an evening on a regular basis so really they are just killing peoples need to go down there. This city is just ruining its ability to be a half decent place to live.

  7. growabrain says:

    This is the reason no one wants to go downtown to shop, I only go down when I’m basically forced to because of an appointment. Hopefully they lose all the business down there and they will see how stupid raising rates are. If the loser politicans wouldn’t have taken the pension money it wouldn’t need paid back. It is nice that an Onorato is the head of parking wonder how he got that job?? Yet the idiot voters will keep the same party in power. How about when they suck at their jobs trying something else and see what happened. The cost before was mental esp. since you can’t find handicapped parking and when you do there is an idiot who not handicapped in it and nothing is done and at times it is city/county vehicles.

  8. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Just another band aid for a completely mismanaged city. A half finished train tunnel to nowhere, Beechwood Boulevard looks like it was hit with motar fire, and no plans for a decent light rail system…need I go on.

  9. Harris says:

    I dont mind the higher rates. I can understand in Oakland $1/hr. But 10pm??? Thats crazy. Theres no place to even get quarters apart from the Pitt Library. Maybe Ill become a meter maid. I bet they make 15/hr during OT shifts.

  10. bob says:

    Park on the trollely line and pay 3.25 to town problem solved I never pay to park i REFUSE to pay for it I dont care I will walk

  11. bob says:

    oh yeah and people dont come to the city now to park, so I guess it will just be us working folk downtown

  12. db says:

    another reason to stay out of a garbage run city

  13. Lyle says:

    The purpose of parking meters is to enable an efficient allocation of a scarce resource — convenient on-street parking. As long as it is hard to find a parking space, the rates are too low. Have you ever tried to find a parking space on the street in downtown Pittsburgh? It’s almost impossible on a weekday. When I start seeing lots of empty spaces, then I’ll know the rates are too high. Arguably, the rates should vary by time of day. Park on the trolley line and ride in? That is a great idea, and exactly what people should be doing.

    1. Eyes Wide Open says:

      That would be awesome Lyle. But, some of us do have the disadvantage of living in the North Hills. Maybe if a train ran up to our neck of the woods we would be doing the same thing.

  14. John says:

    The undesirables are part of the reason people don’t like going into downtown. With less and less people going in town the undesirables will be the only ones left.

  15. watch parking wars on a&e it's funny!! says:

    Oddly enough I never really have a problem parking at a meter when i really want one. Guess I just luck out at that time. I usually park in a garage anyway. Generally if I’m going to be parking in Downtown during regular business hours it’s more than likely going to be for a while (usually going to court dealing with a wayward ex-husband). I like the fact that I can pay with my credit/debit card. And when i do come to town on the weekends, to work out at the Y, it’s free to park. The price for a meter already sucks in my opinion so this is just icing on the suck-cake.

    Jonh-seriously. That is the only intelligent comment you can come up with. Really!!!! There are tons of us who work Downtown and are mature enough to just go to work and not really pay attention to others in town. Duh!!! It’s a city. Deal with it. No, it’s nothing like NYC, which I’m sure you would probably have a nervous breakdown if you had to deal with THAT city, but it’s a city. Unless you can come up with a solution to move EVERY company out of town AND make each one of those companies accessible to all those employees i suggest you just stay in your own little Shangri-La.

  16. JustSaying says:

    At least when they switch over to ‘smart meters’ there will be ONE intelligent aspect of the parking authority! If, as the news reports, most of the on-street parking is being taken up by city business employees it may aleviate that somewhat. Otherwise, those folks will just have to buck-up and pay-up! I wonder what the net effect of the higher rates will be when you consider the cost of the new ‘smart meters’, higher maintenance costs, increased enforcement costs, etc.?

  17. Enough_Already says:

    Longer enforcement and higher rates just give people more incentive to stay out of the city. Why pay to parking when the same thing is available with free parking only minutes away?

    Why doesn’t the city put a big “CLOSED” sign at the city limits? This change does the same thing. The people who will end up paying this are the low income workers who work at night, the business owners who will lose business and college students who do not have much money.

    Pittsburgh parking rates and enforcement hours are outrageous compared to similar cities. The politicians who cannot mange the fiscal affairs are killing the city. Just look at the people and business that leave the city year after year. We must get new leaders before they totally destroy the city’s economic base.

    I know many people who refuse to go into Pittsburgh. The major reason I hear is “parking”.

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