Marcellus Shale Industry Offers Job Opportunities

SOUTHPOINTE (KDKA) — This may look like Texas but it’s really Washington County and a whole new class of workers are fast becoming roughnecks and roustabouts on drill sites.

The Western Career and Technology Center in Canonsburg is one of half dozen schools now offering training for work on a drill site.

After bouncing from odd job to odd job, former marine and father of three, Lucas Meston, says he’s finding a career.

“The capability of making some serious money is right there you just have to be willing to go after it,” he says.

Director Joe Ianetti says 95 percent of his graduates are getting work and making an immediate $70,000 to $80,000 a year.

“That’s good money. It’s hard work, but it’s good money,” he said.

The state Department of Commerce reports that Marcellus Shale industry hired 48,000 new employees last year — 71 percent of those Pennsylvanians. About 2,400 jobs are currently available.

Range Resources is building regional headquarters in Southpointe and is looking to hire.

They need all kinds of workers, including steelworkers, truck drivers, construction workers, carpenters and engineers.

When former marine Justin Nicolai returned home from Iraq, he thought he’d would have to leave the state for work until Range Resources offered him a job as water supervisor.

“It’s really been a nice weight off my shoulders being able to provide for my family and I really enjoy what I’m doing here,” Nicolai said.

On the subject of Marcellus Shale, emotions run high as environmentalists and supporters argue about the impact, but there’s no disputing fact that a lot of people are getting jobs in a region that have been looking for new jobs for quite some time.

Click the links below to find out what type of training is required, how to apply for a job and more!

  • Marcellus Shale Coalition Job Portal
  • Tri-County Oil & Gas Expo of Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties
  • Tri-County Oil & Gas 6/17 Job Fair Info
  • ShaleNET
  • Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center
  • Western Area Career & Technology Center’s Spring Brochure (WACTC offers a number of programs with direct employment connections for the Marcellus industry)
  • Steel Center Area Vocational Technical School (Steel Center AVTS offers a number of programs with direct employment connections for the Marcellus industry)
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    One Comment

    1. uncle says:

      70 to 80.000 a year is a lie the only way you can make that much money in the gas filed is if you work 80 plus hous a week

    2. Aimee Maisano says:

      How much money did the Marsellus Shale Industy pay you to report such propaganda about creating jobs in the area!!! Clean industries for example, producing windmills will create as many jobs as the Marsellus Shale Industy!!

      “The wind industry knows Pennsylvania wants wind, that we will work with the industry, because we want the jobs, and we want the clean energy,” said John Hanger, secretary of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

      Read more: Wind power gains steam in Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

      You should give the Windmill Industry the same amount of air time as the Marsellus Shale Industy.


      Aimee Maisano

      1. Daniel Price says:

        Aimee you are living in a fantasy world. You quote a government employee in the same comment that you call a government job study a lie.

        Wind will NEVER create as many jobs as gas. And i’m not going to get into the surface impact from wind turbines and how laughable their power generation is compared to a gas well.

        1. JOe says:

          PA will look like Nevada when the gas companies come through and destroy every living organism in this state. All for the republicans! get your pay offs and cut education.

          better leave this state before it kills me!

        2. Zoeyzotron says:

          Well said Daniel!

          We are sitting on more natural gas that Saudia Arabia has oil, but we are to dumb to go and really get it.

      2. Pgh Pete says:

        Wind and solar will never match the output of gas. More importantly, they cannot provide a consistent load of power because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. The battery technology doesn’t exist to store that type of power for something as large as a town or city although they are a great alternative for individual homes and farms. Government mandated clean energy targets are now resulting in utilities having to install gas turbine plants to pick up the slack when energy loads peak. It’s typical for politicians, without any science or engineering background, to mandate that 30 % of power come from clean sources. That’s great until those sources cannot meet the power requirements of our electric based civilization and the lights go out.

    3. a person in need says:

      it may be a horrible job but i need a job badly. thank you kdka

    4. rabbit says:

      Pure Propaganda

    5. Ross says:

      Wow, obvious propaganda. First our governor now KDKA is prostituting themselves for gas money. Unbelievable.

    6. Aby Normal says:

      Didn’t this same station report that gas drilling was polluting the rivers with brine, killing every fish, bird and deer for miles and tearing up roads and bridges? Why the big news about jobs paying 80K? How many brothers are out there drillen?

    7. Joseph Puskar says:

      if u want to be away from ur family 21 days out of 28 a month? is greed really worth that to your wife and kids? probably not….join the military if u want that time away from famiy and do something good for your country

    8. Jody says:

      This story is bs. I went to one of the schools because I can get retaining through the federal gov through TRA/TAA and I checked into this. Well th companies that the schools had listed advised me they do not hire from these schools and the only people they are hiring is people that are already working in the industry with exp. I called several of them. And , I got the same reply from everyone of them. Range isn’t even doing the drilling on these properties they own the rights to the gas from the landowners and they sub the drilling out to smaller companies. This is a SCAM and KDKA needs to report correct information. I personally checked into this and all this school was after was money the recruiter(salesman) calls me everyday almost still and it was a few weeks ago that I visited the place.

    9. Kelly Martin says:

      To Joseph Puskar

      RE: “if u want to be away from ur family 21 days out of 28 a month? is greed really worth that to your wife and kids? probably not….join the military if u want that time away from famiy and do something good for your country”

      These days it’s not necessarily a matter of “greed” so much as it is “need”, a family needs an income, and while an on the job injury may be possible, no one is shooting at you and you aren’t likely to be blown apart by an IED.

    10. Pgh Pete says:

      Uh, no it’s not propoganda. I’ve gone from a self employed contractor to now having 2 employees, each of which makes 45k per year. We have more work in the Marcellus industry than we can handle and I may need to hire an additional person. The responses here are the typical small minded, anti-industry yinzer attitudes that have permeated Pittsburgh for decades. These jobs were created without a government bail out, without tax dollars and will be here for generations. Pittsburgh had an opportunity to embrace this industry, but thanks to political hacks like Doug Shields, Washington County (among others) is reaping the rewards. Take a ride to Southpointe sometime and tell me this is all propoganda.

    11. Mom says:

      pgh pete, congratulations to you! My son is looking for a job in this feild. He is a hard worker and is graduating high school on June 10. He has a baby due July 22. He wants to support his family on his own and not mooch off the government. If you need a third person, please consider him. We (his parents) will pay for any training he needs (welding, etc)

    12. Pgh Pete says:

      Mom, we are always looking for smart, good, people that work hard. No need to pay for training, we handle it all in house. Let’s work out a way to connect, maybe through Channel 2 which hosts this site so we can talk further. Thanks

      1. Kiefer says:

        We could sure use your help Pgh Pete … Please!

      2. Mom says:

        Pgh Pete,

        That would be great! I will try to get in touch with you tomorrow. Thanks!

      3. Mom says:

        Pgh Pete,
        I am trying to get your info from KDKA for my son, who would like to contact you, but they won’t give it out. What should he do?

    13. Kiefer says:

      My Husband needs a job … Can he get into the industry without all the training?

    14. M Morrison says:

      Kiefer – I am wondering the same thing!! I left messages with HR @ Range Resources and heard nothing back.

      My husband has been a Union Carpenter for over 8 years with training and experience in multiple fields but still can’t seem to keep a job with the Union! He has been unemployed since building the new Consol Engery Center. Is anyone looking for someone with Carpentry experience?

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