BUTLER (KDKA) — A man was taken into police custody today after a lengthy standoff at a home in Butler County this morning.

The incident started around 5:30 a.m. on West Pearl Street and lasted about six hours, ending peacefully after authorities sent tear gas into the home.

Officials have identified the man taken into custody as 45-year-old Michael D’Antonio.

He is facing several felony counts and was taken to Butler Hospital to undergo a mental evaluation. Police say he did have a pellet gun, which prompted the standoff.

“Our Pennsylvania State Police cert unit did make entry, did take custody of the gentleman,” said Sgt. David Dalcamo, of the Butler City Police. “No injuries to the suspect or any of the officers involved. He was taken into custody on a mental health warrant. He’ll be seen by mental health professionals.”

Neighbors say they believe he may be a war veteran with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

About a half a block away from the scene, the Emily Brittain Elementary School was put on lock down. Authorities have given the all clear since the incident ended, but many parents were concerned.

“I think it is absolutely crazy, and I think it’s crazy that the kids had to go to school with all this around,” said Jodi Snodgrass, a parent.

“They promised that they would keep him very safe and they weren’t going to let them outside and they were going to keep them in other parts of the school,” added Carol Byers, another parent.

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