11-Year-Old Boy Pulled From Swimming Pool Has Died

PENN HILLS (KDKA) — A boy found at the bottom of a swimming pool has died.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office plans to perform an autopsy Saturday on 11-year-old Christopher Myers.

The incident happened at the Rosedale Beach Club on Third Street in Penn Hills.

Myers was there as part of a party for St. Joseph’s, a Catholic school in Verona. Father Ron Lengwin, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, says this was a non-sponsored school event.

Around 3 p.m., Myers was found unresponsive, lying on the bottom of the pool.

The pool ranges from 3 to 8 feet in depth.

Witnesses say two of the boy’s friends pulled him out of the pool.

“It was two kids who had pulled him up from the water,” Karen Bogert, a neighbor, said. “Then the lifeguard saw the kids pulling him up and then the lifeguard went in and got them, but that’s just what was told to me.”

Reportedly, a lifeguard and a doctor who happened to be at the pool did CPR until paramedics arrived.

“He didn’t have a pulse,” Bogert continued. “They hooked him up to the electro-machines. They detected a heartbeat or something, so they didn’t zap him and they took him out, but they – everyone was saying it didn’t look good.”

Penn Hills police say the staff at Children’s Hospital made heroic efforts to try and save the boy’s life, but at the end, they could not.

No one with the Rosedale Club management was available to speak.

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One Comment

  1. crystal says:

    he want to my school he had asmh and a back problem. he just wanted to play with his friends

  2. spears says:

    Please be considerate and realize that family/friends will read these posts. This is the worst day of someone else’s life and I can only hope the community will be supportive. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this traumatic time.

  3. Dave says:

    Our thoughts and prayers for this family during the aftermath of such a horrible tragedy.

  4. PLK says:

    A a parent of a Lifeguard……They are well trained. They have over 40 hours of hands on training. My daughter is Certified in Life saving, CPR, First Aid. This is Required at ALL pools. They are not GOD. But they are their to oversee the safety of others. My question is…. Where was his parents? Many of these parents drop off their child. Lifeguards are not babysitters, referees, I am sure the DR, Nurse and lifeguard did every thing possible. It was an unfortunate accident. I do feel for the parents for their loss.

  5. Janet says:

    A CHILD died and you leave an anger-filled comment about how EVERYONE should know how to swim!? Are you a cold-hearted person? Think about this: his parents, grandparents and/or family might read this. Find some compassion. That comment would be better left on a site about “Learning to Swim” or something of that nature. God give strength to Christopher’s family.

    1. autumn says:

      i am part of his family an i dont think if you dont know him then dont comment about him so thank you for looking out for the family his mom said thanks to

  6. DNK says:

    There are many factors to consider when a situation such as this arises, and causing grief and guilt to the lifeguard is not something to think of. As a lifeguard myself I can say, though it’s extremely unfortunate and unfair, you can’t always save everyone. The guard IS there to guard lives, but they’re only human. It was a party, and if it was a large one any guard would have difficulty watching the water. If it were a small one, though it is dangerous, there may have only been ONE guard, and that is the fault of the pool as it is their policy. there may have been wind, and it may have been dark. seeing as the child was at the bottom of the pool and there were children/patrons in the water it would be nearly impossible given the conditions. Children under the age of 16 should have adult supervision at all times, not just one lifeguard. It is an extreme tragedy, and the lifeguard followed his or her training in performing CPR. CPR can NOT restart a heart. It only pumps blood across the lungs and other vital organs. I’m sure that the lifeguard(s) on duty are completely distraught by the situation, life isn’t something you can just pick up out of nowhere and we’re trained that way, we put ourselves in harms way to keep others safe. We don’t sit there twirling our whistles all day, they don’t just hand us a job and say “Do it.” there are tests we must complete and weekly meetings. They didn’t plan on having a child drown and there are other things like this that have happened. You can’t control these things. The lifeguard(s) on duty are given strict rules, one accident doesn’t mean they’re faulty or unsuitable for their job. My regards to the family and friends of the boy and also to the lifeguard, nurse, and the doctor.

  7. sharon says:

    chris was bestfriends with my son. my son was there when chris was pulled out of the water. his mother was at this place called WORK. unfortunatly she does not sit on her ass all day writting comments about situations she knows nothing about. this is the SECOUND time the lifeguards have had this happen at this pool. maybe they need to get better training. with better training chris might still be attending sixth grade next year with my son instead i got to watch my sons heart break today and christophers family get crushed. God be with his family and friends in this time of need

  8. Harley says:

    Being well trained is not the same as concentrating on your job, put the cell phone down and focus on business.

    1. Mother of a Lifeguard says:

      Maybe you need to take a course on Lifeguarding?!Because you obviously know nothing about it! They are not allowed to have cell phones around the pool. They are concentrating on their job or they wouldn’t be there. Stop blaming the lifeguards. Your comment should be focused on the poor boy and it’s family. Not finger pointing. Shame on you.

      1. Harley says:

        Exactly in my opinion the doctors short changed that boy because they needed to harvest his organs and the life guard is at fault because he or she was not taking care of business.

    2. ANONYAMOUS says:

      You sound like a very educated person?!!
      It must be nice to be Bi-lingual. You can talk out both your ends, about situations and things you know absolutely nothing about.

  9. Irrelevant says:

    “This is the second tragedy at this pool. Back in 1994, someone jumped the fence at the private club and drowned.”

    FAIL. And also, FAIL reporters bringing this up.

    1. Ryan says:

      Fail??? 1994 is forever ago, how could you possibly link the two events? Why should reporters bring it up?

    2. Michael Spellman says:

      My brother did NOT jump the fence… he died before the pool closed and was abandoned. Please check your facts before you distribute false and hurtful information.

      1. Facts straight. says:

        You can tell yourself whatever you want about the death of your brother, but I think you should be comfortable with the truth by now. There is NO WAY that would have been overlooked like that. I am sorry about the loss of your brother but blaming the pool is not the right thing to do.

  10. Jessica Barker says:

    I just want to give my condolences to the family and friends of this poor boy. I am a memebr of the Rosedale pool and the lifegauards are very well trained and very attentive to the pool and the swimmers.. I would like to clarify that the first child that drowned at the pool in 1994 had jumped the fence while the pool was closed, and couldn’t swim.. So blaming lifegaurds for that is ridiculious. Blaming it on the boys mother is absolutley wrong and ridiculious and you should be ashamed of yourself.. My thoughts and prayers got out to the family and friends of this poor little boy. God bless you and everyone involved..

  11. Brianna Leigh says:

    This is terrible. I feel so sorry for their family. 😦

  12. Michael Spellman says:

    It was my brother who died in 1992, not 1994. He did not jump the fence, he was abandoned by the hapless teenage life guards. this was proven in the court of law in 1997. Please remember that there are families who are grieving and your ignorant and malicious comments are nothing but fodder for their grief.

    1. Jessica Barker says:

      I apoligize on my false statement i was told by a childhood friend of his that he had jumped the fence at night. I didnt live in Pennsylvania when that happened, again I apoligize..

    2. community member says:

      As long as we are getting our facts straight… That case was settled out of court; nothing was proven in the court of law.

    3. Facts straight. says:

      Your comments are malicious and ignorant as well. As it was said, nothing was proven in any court of law.

  13. Greg says:

    So much anger in this forum. No-one on here has any real information on what really occurred. What is this boys health history, what was the guard doing at this moment. So many unanswered questions, yet all of you argue over and over with no reasoning behind it. Give this time. they will find out what happened “then” you can make your judgments. No wonder we were told to judge not. I’t usually because we just don’t really know. .

  14. Lifeguard friend says:

    As a friend of the lifeguard, I can tell you that this person is one of the most responsible and intelligent people I know. This person is also someone who cares deeply and who I am positive is more upset than many of you may realize by the events that occurred. I understand that people may say harsh things when upset, especially those that were close to the child that died, but please refrain from bad mouthing someone when you were not actually there to
    see what happened. Blaming someone who clearly did a heroic thing in trying to save this child is not the answer. Just as people should not jump to conclusions about the chaperones of this event or the parents of this child, as I am positive no one is having an easy time dealing with this, I would also ask that you give the lifeguard the same courtesy. My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL those affected by this tragedy, as I hope all of yours do as well.

  15. Member of the pool says:

    My husband and i are very sad about this event. Our 5 year old daughter was at the pool when this happened today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the boy.
    I am not happy about the police making everyone stay so my daughter had to witness everything. Its 130am and im up with her as she has nightmares and keeps crying. They should have let people with small children go.

  16. ECPA says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this boys family,My God give you comfort in knowing hes one of his angels now watching over you.,

    To others if you have nothing nice to say please say nothing..family and friends may read these and you yourself would not like to read something negative about your child or family memeber so have respect to others,

  17. Matt says:

    I am really sorry that this happened, this is very sad. I think pools need to be closely looked over. I know when I was younger I nearly died in a public pool from drowning cause of so many people in it. This is very sad that this happened to this boy and his family. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

  18. just saying.. says:

    just because these kids are trained as lifeguards doesnt mean anything.. how intently do they actually watch the pool.. no you cant save everyone and they are not “god” BUT drownings are not always dramatic where it is going to catch their attention which is why i would question even with training and being certified, how seriously they actually take their jobs.. just throwing that out there.

    that pool is such a ‘click’ i used to go there with friends, i know many many people that have worked there.. places like that are the reason i’m glad i have a pool in my backyard..

    i’d rather deal with the massive amounts of people at Sandcastle or the Wave Pool than at RBC

    1. LIFEGUARD ON DUTY says:

      Doesn’t mean anything? Huh…. I pay over $200 for training each year and I’m gonna parade around the pool in a bathing suit just to be seen? Excuse me….. I’M THERE TO SAVE YOUR SORRY BUTT MY FRIEND.Accidents can happen in your own pool. How many times has Jr gulped down water or hiw friend. And you ask are you ok. Or maybe your not even around watching them? It onlt takes a few seconds. Have you ever witnessed a drowning? It’s very hard to tell it a person is or if they are just splashing around. That is why we are trained. And to answer your questiom, YES… we do intensively watch that water or we are out of a job.

      1. A&K says:

        well not now you should have seen him and safed him his friends and family miss him alot what if that was your kid you would be in that pool like that so i dont want to hear it he was my friend and if you said that i will be looking at that so shhhhh no one likes you because of what happned that time, i think that u guys should be shut down like 3 people died at that pool and it is very sad i used to be a member but i am never ever going to that pool ever again and dont get all rude watch what u say because tons of people dont like u very much right now so be QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Pa Lifeguard says:

      You ask a question and answer your own question. Your right they can’t see everything. Especially if the pool is overcrowded to begin with. Not he lifeguards fault. STOP pointing the finger. It was an accident. Leave it as that. No ones to blame.

    3. A... says:

      obviously someones to blame if the pool is being investigated..

      and you can pay money all you want.. what happens if that was a 300lb++ man.. i’m pretty sure these teenagers would be SOL in that situation.. although maybe it’d take being 300lbs++ for them to notice..

      i know a few poeple who have lifeguarded at RBC and i wouldnt risk nothing on them saving my life..

  19. member of the pool says:

    I belonged to Rosedale for a year. I agree it is a total click. They surely do not go out of their way to make new members welcome – they even let you know where not to sit with their “saved chairs” plastered everywhere. The management was so unfriendly, and spent most of their time there talking about people, i saw and heard with my own ears. The lifeguards were nice enough, they all seem to be sweet kids, but overly attentive – no. While they do not talk on cell phones, they do gab with eachother. I am not placing blame on anyone, and the guilt that these lifeguards will feel for years is hard to measure, but why is it that he had to be pulled out by friends? You can not tell me SOMEONE in charge did not realize that there was an emergency. If anyone is laying on the bottom of a pool – come on. And while lifeguards are not babysitters, they ARE there to watch you in the pool. If there were not chaperones for every few kids, the event should not have happened, and Rosedale should not have booked it. The unfriendly mgmt should resign (his) her position, as he/she is responsible for booking party, and watching lifeguards. What a tragedy.

    1. "just saying.." says:

      exactly what i meant in my comment earier “just saying” its not a blame in those specific lifeguards on duty its the pool as a whole, and those with the event. this whole thing is ridiculous. my heart hurts for christopher and his family

    2. anonymous. says:

      exactly what i meant in my comment earier “just saying” its not a blame in those specific lifeguards on duty its the pool as a whole, and those with the event. this whole thing is ridiculous. my heart hurts for christopher and his family

    3. LMB says:

      Why are you all talking stuff on the pool and the management.. save your comments for the comment box at RBC.. A beautiful young boy is no nger with us. Your time should be spent praying for everyone and not complaining about YOU!!!! Grow up. May Christopher REST IN PEACE!!!!

  20. susie says:

    I agree 110% about booking the event without enough chaperones. I went to event at a pool this week too, and each parent was responsible for 4 kids. I watched those 4 like a hawk. Rosedale should not have booked event without enough supervision. This tragedy could have been prevented.

  21. marilyn says:

    My prayers go out to the family of this young boy. This is such a tragedy. I

  22. Mary says:

    They need to impose a capacity on pools. I have driven by Rosedale pool on some days and there are maybe 50 people in there, other days you can hardly see the water because it literally looks as if there are hundreds of people squeezed in. There’s no way anyone can have a clear view to the bottom when a pool is THAT crowded. Add to that the overcrowded areas around the pool and it’s just asking for trouble. They just keep accepting members and taking membership fees.

  23. rob says:

    The most important thing to remember is that a young boy lost his life, it is a tragedy,
    . Let us all respect everyone involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Chris .

  24. Tad Askew says:

    It’s a parent’s job to protect their children – not the lifegaurds.

    But there are always some money grubbers who would prefer to sue the taxpayers.

    Money grubbers that pass blame onto lifeguards – and tv stations.

    1. eww says:

      this legit disgusts me to read this.

      1. he was there with his school volleyball team.
      2. its a “beach club” they have a staff and lifeguards for a reason..
      3. some parents work for a living.. it is then on the chaperone’s and in this case the staff/lifeguards at the pool to keep this child safe.

      what is the worst thing about this whole situation is that this child lost his life because out of god only knows how many people were at this pool and no one could see that he needed help, or was going to the “deep end”, or was struggling to swim or whatever..

  25. susie says:

    Hey ted, what does your post even mean? Money grubbers that sue taxpayers? Surely you cannot possibly be inferring that about this poor family? If you are, there is something very wrong with you. They sent their child to a school event. It was the school and the pool’s responsibility to ensure his safety. What part are you missing? If the school and pool could not supervise every child in attendance it shouldnt have been booked. And finally, it is the life guard’s responsibility to guard their lives in the pool.

  26. Mom with kids says:

    This was a tragedy!!! Everyone wants to blame someone when all the facts are unknown! This little boy was a friend of my sons since preschool. My deepest sympathy goes out to the entire family! Chris touched the lives of so many people and will be dearly missed by all who knew him! Please stop blaming this person and that person, none of it helps the family, who needs the support of all of us right now during this difficult time! As a community I hope we can all come together and help the family, each other, and all the children who have been so deeply affected by this!

  27. megan says:

    this is out of control.

    i have known this little boy since he was born and members of his family even longer. christophers family loved him more than any of you people could ever imagine. they live down the street from me, i would see christopher with his mother every single day and just seeing them together made my day a little brighter because christopher was such a sweet heart and he learned how to be such an amazing person from his family. they are going thru hell right now and all most of you inconsiderate people can do is point fingers. how dare anyone say “well where were his parents”. his parents are hard working and im pretty sure your parents werent with you every single second of your day when you were in 5th grade, especially at school events during the work day. i pray to god no one from christophers family reads these posts because so many of you people are being totally immature and you should be ashamed of yourselves. so instead of pointing fingers and only caring about your opinion being the right one, lets focus on what is important. a little boy died. a little boy with a huge heart and an even bigger smile has passed away. it is a huge loss and if anything let it be a reminder to cherish your lives and your families a little more. please think of christophers family, they loved him so much and they do not deserve this. if your going to post something on this page please let it be your condolences and not your ignorance.

  28. OldLifeguard says:

    I operated our city pool! As management, I had enough lifeguards for pool capacity! My team had in-services once a month! Lifeguards counted constantly to watch each swimmer and to point out weak swimmers to stay in the shallow end. Plus, if we met capacity, no one else allowed in! Safety first!

    Accidents happen! My thoughts and prayers to the family!

  29. former member says:

    I am making comments because i am angry. The pool is negligent, and thus the mgmt ultimately. If my comments prevent one person from booking an unsupervised party, i will be relieved. And, ive left the comments on their site as well.

  30. Unsupervised and lived to tell about it! says:

    It is heart breaking to read many of these comments. As a child my father worked all day and I went to our local swimming pool UNSUPERVISED and I lived to tell about it. As an adult, I work all day and if my children want to go to the pool with friends I would never blame a lifeguard, pool management, or the parent who is supervising my child if an accident happened. Accidents are just what they are. Our society is so driven by pointing the finger at another person when in all reality, there are times that a situation is beyond any sort of control of an individual. I am fearful that the time will come that there will be no community pools available because communities will no longer be able afford insurance. As for planning an event at a pool… why does everything have to be planned nad coordinated? From what I understand, this was just a group of kids that wanted to hang out after the last day of school- why does anyone need to be blamed for kids wanting to be kids? Are our children expected to sit home all day in a glass box and wait for parental supervision to live?

    1. You said it! says:

      THANK YOU! I agree with you 100%! Great post. Accidents do happen. Nothing on this day was done intentionally. This will bring forth changes at the pool that will certainly help prevent a catastrophic event like this from happening again. But if it is Rosedale, another area pool, or one’s own backyard…the risk is there unfortunately. The bottom line is the community is mourning the life of a precious child who was taken too soon. I am a resident of Rosedale, a member of the pool and St joe’s, and had a child at the school. We will get through this time of sorrow together. God bless Chris, and certainly his family.

  31. kaylin says:

    I just meet Chris a couple weeks ago for my cousin autumns b-day party when i herd a kid died at rosedale I was like oh I feelt bad but when I herd it was Chris I started to cry I couldnt take it in this boy I just meet a couple weeks ago but I dont say this often but I think that this is one of the best people I have ever meet in my entire life i am devistated but at least i know that he is in good hands now we all will miss him very much.

  32. saying to STOP!!!!!!! says:

    ok listen up people STOP saying its the lifeguards fault or the parents just stop being rude does not help a little boy just lost his life and all u have to say is mean stuff about didnt ur mom or dad ever teach u manners chris ws like abrother to me and i loved him dearly dont u guys hear ur selfves u should be asamed u guys need to STOP understand.!!!!!!

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