By Rick Dayton

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Few radio stations generate such an emotional response as WAMO, and starting on Monday, the urban voice of Pittsburgh will be back on the air.

The original WAMO became a dynasty in the radio business at the corner of 10th Street and Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. But the new studios will be located in Forest Hills.

WAMO disappeared from the dial in May 2009. New general manager Laura Varner Norman worked for the original WAMO and grew up listening in New Kensington.

“We use it as the basis – as our foundation – to create this station. From that we have to grow,” said Norman. “We have to see what we put together next week on Monday. I want people to listen. I want people to give us constructive criticism and let us know what they like.”

New owner Tim Martz, of Martz Communications, has owned or started 30 stations in his career.

“You know of WAMO if you are in radio, but it really wasn’t until I got here and started talking to people in the market, you don’t realize how powerful it is,” said Martz.

Managements knows that WAMO is far more than music.

“Our main goal is to be out in the community to give that urban voice back to the community and also to be out in the community a lot more,” said Norman.

The call letters W-A-M-O are coming back. They will be on the air starting Monday morning.

New WAMO Returns To Pittsburgh Airwaves
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