1 Dead After Motorcycle Crash In Beaver County

NORTH SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — One person was killed in a motorcycle accident in Beaver County Sunday afternoon.

The crash happened in North Sewickley Township.

According to authorities, the driver of the motorcycle lost control as he turned onto Route 351.

The motorcycle collided with the back of a horse trailer and the driver was killed.

So far, authorities have not identified the victim.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

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One Comment

  1. Denice says:

    You probably shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know. That was my uncle and he has been riding bikes since he was a kid. So think before you speak because he does have a family as does all people who have something bad happen to them.

    1. ECPA says:

      To Denise & family
      My thoughts and prayers go out to you an your family in this time of sorrow..know that god has chosen him to be his angel and is watching over all of his family..

      To Ryan

      You were not there were you? My Sister in law died on the back of a motorcycle and was not due to careless driving it was due to gravel that was put fresh on the road. Her & her husband rode for 20 years so do not ASSUME anything..And also you must be a very disrespectful person would you say if that was your son, brother or relative oh well he was being careless his fault no biggie…I do not know this guy that has passed on nor do i know the family i do however know this guy had family and friends as we all do have some respect…

      1. Denice says:

        Thank you so very much for your kind comment to me and my family.

  2. Jason T says:

    your an idiot ryan ! this man was my uncle as well…..he was a very experienced rider! how do you know there wasn’t a medical condition involved ? truth is you don’t!!!!!! you must be a very easy person to convince! from now on mind your tounge unless you know all of the true facts and don’t believe everything you hear on the news or read in the papers! you are a very inmature person !

  3. critter says:

    these idiots are a menace that need a good bath

  4. Tonja Jacobs Parham says:

    why can i not post stuff????

  5. Jackie says:

    you are posting stuff

  6. Denice says:

    Please show some respect for my uncle and his family. He was a wonderful person and will truly be missed by all that knew and love him.

  7. Tonja Jacobs Parham says:

    Hey Ryan KARMA is coming for you!!!! idiots really that is what you say when someone dies!!!! who do you think you are that you can say stuff like that??? heres an idea why dont you watch the headlines (so you can know who we are) and bring your over judgmental condescending self to my families face. Karma Ryan Karma….. My Uncle was a wonderful man to everyone he ever met and you didnt know him there for you should not judge.

  8. Tonja Jacobs Parham says:

    Really what kind of nerd are you???? Motorcycles and communism…..yep “cbs4game” your a dumb-a**!

  9. Tonja Jacobs Parham says:

    Ok Bill and your so high and mighty that you have never ran over with emotions and used a few colorful words in your time…….I think its time for you to get off your soapbox…..beep beep whats that the KARMA buss is headed your way….

  10. Denice says:

    Tonja I love you and we shouldnt be wasting anymore time on people who are heartless and have no respect for others.

  11. Kristina says:

    My thought and prayers to your family!! My mother in law knew him! I truly hope your family can find comfort in knowing he is in a better place!! As for Ryan, you are the most disrespectful person!! His family is going through a tragedy, and you want to poke fun.. As said prior, what if it was your family?! Your mother needs to teach you manners, and respect again!! Keep you mouth shut, unless you know!! The news, and tabloids do not know everything, unless you were there, neither do you!! I truly hope this family can find comfort.. God bless, and prayers!!

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