Author Tackles Racism, Prejudice & Immigration

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — Dr. Edward Rhymes is the author of “When Racism is Law and Prejudice is Policy.”

He is an internationally recognized authority figure in the area of race and black studies.

He joined KDKA Radio talk host Chris Moore Sunday night to talk more about his views on racism and prejudices, as well as the history of immigration in to the United States.

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One Comment

  1. Charles says:

    Until all races publicly denounce racist and illlegal acts committed by their own race, we we will not move forward

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Amen….Why doesn’t the author address the problems in his community…Then he could address racism!

    1. Amazed says:

      Oh boy here’s our local expert on everything Mr Duttine again. I notice you have a comment on just about every story here on KDKA. And it seems your more vocal on stories that involve minorities. Sounds a little RACIST to me. I may be wrong but then again I could be right. Its easy to hide behind your computer screen and talk smack. if your such an expert on telling people how to solve problems, oh I dont know maybe you could HELP instead of hinder!!

      1. More Amazed than Amazed says:

        At least he gives his real name.

      2. Amazed says:

        Wow he gives his real name. that holds alot of weight…Oh wait you made a comment to what I said and you didnt give your real name…Use a little common sense. Not saying he’s right or wrong by using his name, but in case you;ve been asleep lately, people have been subject to crime and other unneccessary harassment and such because they have used their names, id, etc while posting comments online. He’s free to make any comment he wants as am I, just a personal observation thats all. No harm done!!

      3. Thomas J Duttine says:

        I am not hiding behind a computer screen…..And as for using my name and crime…Come on down this “expert” is locked and loaded!

      4. Amazed says:

        HAHAHA…Take the time to read the comment …No one is making threats if that is what you are implying…You have heard of id theft and things like that havent you, just being cautious thats all…And believe me, you are not the only person in this world that is locked and loaded so to speak. But I’m sure if someone mistook your comment as a threat and did something rash, you’d probably blame it on a minority wouldn’t you.

  3. critter says:

    probably a democrat

    1. Amazed says:

      HAHAHA… Thats a good one. Vote for whomever I feel is the right candidate…democrat or republican..

  4. Baker6 says:

    Until they start having a FATHER, nothing will changs.

    1. Amazed2 says:

      So what you’re saying here is people act a certain way because they dont have a father in their lives?? Ok you made the comment, so I hope that goes for white as well as black. But I’m sure you will have someway of getting around that one!!

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