New Castle Police Dog’s Death Under Investigation

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — An internal investigation is under way after a police dog died in the back of a cruiser.

Chico, a 6-year-old Dutch Shepherd, had been with the New Castle Police Department since 2009.

Sources say his current handler is Officer James Hoyland.

Chico was found unresponsive in a New Castle Police car on Saturday. He was taken to a veterinarian, but died.

Sources say he may have been left in the car for a couple of hours.

New Castle Police Chief Thomas Sansone wouldn’t comment, but others did.

“I think that’s terrible. You’ve got to take better care of them, especially a police dog too, you know,” Karen Greenawalt, of New Castle, said.

“It’s their responsibility,” Lori Williams added. “It’s just like their child. They’re in their care. They should take care of it like you’d take care of your child and I sure wouldn’t have left my child in a car.”

Officer Dave Blosser is the K-9 handler for Weathersfield, Ohio. He trained Chico and says that he was an awesome dog.

“He got a lot of people’s attention,” Blosser said. “… Unique, I mean not just because he’s our dog, but he was a truly good asset to their community and their department as well.”

It can cost $10,000 to train a police dog, though New Castle got private donations to help hire Chico.

Neither the city solicitor nor the district attorney returned calls asking if they’d conduct an independent investigation.

New Castle police will hold a memorial service for Chico at 10 a.m. Thursday at the old Ben Franklin School.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

New Castle Police Department “Police Dog Dies, Left in Cruiser”
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One Comment

  1. ANIT APATRY says:

    He doesn’t grab me and start tearing my arm up. He’ll just nip me. He hasn’t broken the skin yet. He’s cut my tour jacket once.”

    Chico, who lives with Dolquist, has a kennel and a heated room specially built for him.

    “He stays outside because I have two other dogs in the house. Dogs like him are alpha dogs and they’re real dog-aggressive, so we just keep them apart.”

    Dolquist expressed concern bringing Chico to the police station for the first time.

    “I didn’t know how he would be,” he said. “When I brought him to work and introduced him to everybody, he literally jumped up, put his front paws against their chest and licked their faces.

    “Me, he bites. Everybody else, he licks their faces,” he said, laughing. “He’s a big baby, but when he gets into his zone and he knows he’s working, look out.”


    1. cabmerlot1114 says:

      (Anit Apartry) used an old article and used the name of the OLD HANDLER. The dog is no longer with the same officer as that article states….aka WRONG INFORMATION. She was just saying that it was the wrong information and don’t pull people who aren’t involved through the mud.
      This is a horrid situation for everyone close to the department and is not going to be taken lightly – it’s just people who don’t get the facts straight that worsen thing.

    2. johnny69 says:

      Try using a current article with the NEW handlers name, you idiot. The article you ignorantly posted was from the OLD handler. You pompous jacka$$!

  2. John says:

    Reminds me of the pitbull mix police dog that the pgh police had 7 years ago. It escaped the handler (cop) and attacked (bit) people on three different occurrences. I don’t trust the pgh cops with their handling of dogs. Sadly this do had to die from the heat due to neglect.

    1. Just Saying... says:

      How is this even close to the dog in New Castle? You are talking about a dog that was put down versus one that was neglected. I hardly see the correlation.

      1. John says:

        Yes I mistakenly assumed it was Pgh (despite the obvious.) My point was that I’ve seen several instances of cops not being responsible for their K9 partner. The one that was put down was negligence on the officer’s fault for allowing the dog to ‘roam free’ for pee breaks and attack innocent people because of careless officer handling. Sadly the dogs are the ones that died in many of these stories. And dying due to heat in a vehicle is a sad way. Officers in charge of animals need to do a better job.

  3. Rojode says:

    What a horible death for this poor police dog. The police are supposed to protect and serve and absoulutely know how to take care of thei dog left in their care. I hope this officer is taken off of the K-9 Unit and placed on suspension without pay. He was probably eating a donut somewhere.

  4. Tanja Berkhouse says:

    K9=Police Officer ,you killed one of your own, how does it feel? I hope this will follow you for the rest of your life and you should lose your job, or better, let’s put you in the car for two hours.
    Rest in peace Chico, you are safe and happy now at the Rainbow Bridge.

    1. speedi says:

      HE WILL GET NOTHING BUT A SLAP on the wrist. If it was a normal person “non cop” he would be punished to the full excent of the law

  5. Natalie926 says:

    Anti Apatry…please gets facts straight befor our name is brought into this. That article was done over a year ago. Dolquist is NOT CHicos handler and hasn’t been for awhile. We are devastated by this because Chico was ours for awhile.

    1. Jennifer Balas Diehl says:

      When I first saw this reported on the news it was mentioned that Chico had only been with his new handler since January…and that before this he was with another officer for 18 months before being transferred. I wondered how the previous handler was taking this news…I imagined he must be so sad and angry. So sorry for the loss of your former companion and partner.

  6. THE410JUDGE says:


    1. Stare at the Truth says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! There should be some sort of JUSTICE! Fire this idiiot of a policemen, sadly it doesnt take much to be an officer. a year and a half of Police Academy and my cousin got right in…… a damn shame there should be more tests and it should be harder to just let any one be an officer, after all they have the potential of ruining lives so this should take hard work and time to be able to do such a thing. !! FIRE HIM and PROSECUTE

      1. Jodi says:

        I can’t imagine that this idiot police officer will be able to show his face in New Castle. Police dogs are absolutely considered police OFFICERS, and the death of this canine officer should be treated no differently. It sickens me to know someone that STUPID is a POLICE OFFICER!!! Fire him immediately, and charge him with the murder of an officer. I have nothing but contempt for his irresponsible behavior, and hope the residents of New Castle will not let this be swept under the rug.

      2. Celery says:

        absolutely – this cop is too stupid to be a cop. fire him and make him pay to have another dog trained. so unecessary. what moron doesn’t kow that you can’t leave people or animals in cars – ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS HOT? how can anyone trust this idiot again?

    2. Tanja Berkhouse says:

      Yup, I agree with you on that one.

    3. disgusted! says:


    4. alrightythen says:

      OMG I never thought of this but your deammm right! He probably did it on purpose cause evil is like that.

    5. Ken D. says:

      Pennsylvania Civil Code § 5511.2. Police animals
      (b) Illegal to torture police animals.–It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully or maliciously torture, mutilate, injure, disable, poison or kill a police animal. Any person who violates any of the provisions of this subsection commits a felony of the third degree

      1. A very sad day... says:

        The key words are willfully and maliciously. I doubt whatever committee or internal investigators they have will determine the officer’s action as willful or malicious. It will be characterized as an unfortunate accident.

  7. Angelco12 says:

    Anti Apatry ~ the officer you just named above has not been Chico’s handler for about six months. To assume it was him is unfair. Chico was taken care of very well. He was loved & part of the Dolquist family.

    1. karen says:

      How DARE you defend the MURDERER who killed Chico. How do you live with yourself? Oh let me guess, you must be a corrupt cop yourself.

      1. cabmerlot1114 says:

        Karen – please, before you rant and call names, see the first comment on this thread where the person (Anit Apartry) used an old article and used the name of the OLD HANDLER. The dog is no longer with the same officer as that article states….aka WRONG INFORMATION. She was just saying that it was the wrong information and don’t pull people who aren’t involved through the mud.
        This is a horrid situation for everyone close to the department and is not going to be taken lightly – it’s just people who don’t get the facts straight that worsen thing.

      2. Tammie says:

        Karen get your facts STRAIGHT before rambling on like an ignorant, band-wagon jumping idiot! Officer Dolquist was a PREVIOUS handler of Chico and as someone who knows him and his family, this would NOT have happened if he was in charge of Chico.

  8. Seeking balance says:

    HORRID NEGLECT!! Unless they find issue with the car’s A/C unit, there is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse for this.

    Handler should be fined the price of replacing the dog, and should NEVER work in K9 Unit EVER AGAIN. Humane charges should be filed against him.. For crying out loud, he allowed his partner to die a horrible & painful death!

  9. sum1whoknows says:

    @angelco12, yeah dolquist the anti social, nut of a cop. he should have been the last person on that department to get a k9. we can assume. but in fairness, its not published yet what was to “suppose” of happened. that whole department has problems. and yes, i know. I worked in county.

    1. Tammie says:

      Excuse me? Sounds like someone with a personal vendetta. I disagree with everything you posted regarding Officer Dolquist. You should be thanking him, not only for PROTECTING idiots like yourself but also for protecting OUR rights to speak our minds by serving in the reserves. So, before you judge anyone, try walking in his/her shoes.

  10. Angelco12 says:

    Sum1whoknows – you obviously don’t “know” Officer Dolquist outside of the “work” environment or you wouldn’t make that kind of unfounded comment. I do.

  11. Connies9970 says:

    That is unheard of. That police officer murdered his partner. He should be fired from that department and do some jail time with a fine. We call the police on people that leave their animals in cars with the heat like this. That is uncalled for. The chief really needs to do something with that officer. That is animal cruelty in my book..

  12. Totallydiscusted says:

    A K-9 is considered a cop. So this handler is a cop killier and should go to jail for MURDER. What idiot would leave a dog in a steaming hot car on a day when its 86. I feel so bad for Chico. Oh how he must have suffered. This is a discrace. I am sickened by this story. Whoever is responsible NEEDS to be in jail.

  13. ala860 says:

    Idiot….Where’d he get his badge from……the Internet? How many times do they tell you every summer not to leave your pets in a car? To teach the handler a lesson, lock him in the same cruiser (make sure he doesn’t have the keys), chain the doors closed and let him sit for two hours and then, if you remember, check on him. Pick any day this week, the temperature will be just right! Imagine how that poor dog suffered. God Bless that dear K-9 cop who’s life was taken because of his idiot handler!

  14. pittnorth says:

    An autopsy can be done on the dog to find the cause of death. Heat, possible foul play. No matter what, a lovely member of the police force has died. Dutch shepherds are great plice dogs and expensive as any other police dog. I just hope they realize what they lost. I hope they give him the proper funeral.

    1. blm4 says:

      An autopsy is done on humans, a necropsy is done on animals.

  15. Trisha S. says:

    This should not be swept under the carpet. There is no excuse for a law enforcement officer to neglegentlily, (which is was be intentional or accident) kill thier canine officer. I want to see this investigated.

  16. Cyndie says:

    I totally agree with most of the other comments. This dog was a police officer and should have been treated as such. His partner ,whom Chico relied on— killed him. Service dogs are highly trained, expensive and are put into all jobs to aid people, therefore they should be treated with upmost respect—this should be conducted as a murder investigation. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

    1. Roy says:

      The Chief of Police better do the right thing This is not going to go away, not by a long shot. The necropsy report should be
      of public record. Taking everthing into account 1) This dog was a officer of the law 2) No next of kin 3) He died in the line of duty. NO EXCUSES Probation is not a option..

  17. chance says:

    Dog died of heat exhaustion. How careless.

  18. Totally Inexcusable says:

    I have to agree with many of the individuals who left their comments – The Officer who is responsible for the death of this K-9 Dog needs to be accountable. This individual needs to be responsibile for the cost associated with replacing this animal and then ultimately relieved of his duties. There is absolutely no excuse for what happened. That poor animal died an agonizing and slow death.

  19. pittgirl says:

    I would like to see follow up on this story..What would happen if you or I caused the death of a police dog? Whoever was responsible for this should be punished as anyone else would be, they shouldn’t get any special treatment because they are a cop…!!!

  20. jim calhoun says:

    i think his handler should be charged with homicide….would be same as killing a fellow officer….you would think being a officer of law and all thewarnings they post on leaving sm children and animals in locked cars on hot day ppl been charged in doing this…..why should this be any different just because he/she a officer…i live in lawrence county and my tax dollars paid for chico…i would like to see his handler charged

  21. Nick Manning says:

    Lets leave the Cop in the car for 2hrs with windows up and no air, Only fair. If this guy could not remember his K9 was in car for over 2hrs, I dont want him on the streets as a cop protecting my neighborhood

  22. Sar1231 says:

    You guys are idiots. When you need help, who do you call? COPS. Give it a break already. Have a little respect. It was a stupid mistake but these dogs are like family to these guys. Everyone wants to prosecute cops for every mistake they make. You’re just all mad because these are the same cops that arrested you.

    1. Steve says:

      People are idiots because they want this cop held just as accountable as others would be? I doubt most people here have been arrested. People are asking for accountability, nothing else.

    2. Cyndie Aquino Nordi says:

      A STUDIP MISTAKE–WHO IS THE IDIOT NOW??????? This was an officer of the law and should be treated and respected just like any other officer.

  23. Tanja Berkhouse says:

    They cared and loved him, ha he loved him to death . Also,if Chico was treated like family ,do you leave your loved one in a hot car for two hours ? I don’t think so.Of course he was left in a hot car , if the air condition was on that would be the first information the Department would released to the public because they don’t won’t to deal with people like me( and proud of it).

    1. Tanja says:

      Please note I am not talking about Officer Dolquist I repeated they loved and cared for him because that’s the same answer the current handler would said! I actually ignored the very first comment of Anit Apatri

  24. Tanja says:

    @Sar1231. I never was arrested , never even had a parking or speeding ticket and I won’t give it a rest until the truth comes out. Also, it’s not a mistake it’s a murder for crying out loud.You’re the IDIOT. There are responsible K9 units out there , had the pleasure myself and they always made shure their K9 was taking care of ( heat on in winter, air condition on in summer)consistently checking on their partner.

  25. Deserie says:

    They are not going anything to the handler Cops get away with anything even murder. So why would they care about a dog..

  26. cabmerlot1114 says:

    tanja please read the comments..shes taljing about the PREVIOUS HANDLERS FAMILY….

    1. Tanja says:

      I know , I never replied to that comment I am just angry about this whole mess.I don’t bash Officer Dolquist I am mad at the current K9 Handler of Chico,sorry about the missunderstanding.

  27. amandanc says:

    I hope all of you bashing officer Dolquist feel like idiots being that he is NOT Chicos handler anymore. Dolquist loved that dog. He raised money to purchase Chico for the k9 unit. Because not only does Dolquist protect and serve the city of new castle, he also fought in Iraq serving our nation and our freedom. Dolquist is one of the few in the police department that deserved a k9. He built an outdoor area for just Chico while he was with Dolquist. The area included an indoor area with heat for the winter. Officer Dolquist went above and beyond for Chico when he was the handler for him. Those who don’t like him can deal with it its probably because he took an oath as a police officer and actually honors it!!!
    Those of you who are uninformed should NOT comment or form an opinion until you have the facts behind the incident.

  28. Kay Nine says:

    What does any of this have to do with Marty Griffin being an idiot?

  29. Vicki Basile says:

    No problem with sending a dog like this into a dangerous sitiuation, to save the cops life.But who was looking out for the dog?????THIS IS INFURIATING.This officer should be FIRED immediately.No question.No excuses.RIP CHICO

  30. tocchet says:

    he should be fired

    1. Tammie says:

      Chico suffered a horrible, slow death BUT we don’t know the facts. Maybe the officer left the car running with the air on and something went wrong, we should reserve judgement until ALL the facts are presented. IF it was a case of neglect or carelessness then the officer should, at the very least, pay for a new K9 out of his own pocket which could run anywhere up to $30,000!!!

      None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes but I can’t see ANY officer doing this on purpose especially when those dogs are like family and go home with the officers.

  31. get_the_facts_first says:

    Why are all of you crucifying this officer and the department BEFORE you have all the facts? Are any of you aware that most K-9 vehicles are equipped with emergency systems that roll down the windows, activate a fan, and blow a horn/siren if the sensors in the vehicle go above a certain temperature? Was this car equipped with this type of system and if so did it fail? I don’t personally know the answers to those questions but I will wait to pass judgement until the FACTS ARE KNOWN.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      As I said, IF there was equipment failure in the vehicle, that’s one thing.

      If he left this dog for hours to die a horrible death, he should be fired or at least NEVER work as a K9 officer again, definitely pay for a replacment dog, & be charged by the Humane Society.

  32. roulettequeen58 says:

    I have seen this police car at dunkin donuts in the morning with this poor animal in the back seat barking which I thought was terrible!!!

    Ithis dog looked healthy to me so it must of been the case where it was left in the back of the cruiser for too many frickin donuts!!!!!!!

    1. amandanc says:

      WOW…the same dog everytime you went to dunkin donuts. You have got to be kidding!!! You do realize thats the funniest thing I have heard. The city has FOUR k9 units, you do know this right?? I’m shocked you got close enough to the cruiser to see the dog being how they normally start barking when someone gets near the cruiser. If you were so concerned over the same dog being there why did you not file a complaint with the chief?? Funny how everyone is out to get the officer but if you had a concern as a citzen why not file a report?? How are you sure it was the same dog everytime unless you were stalking the officer?

  33. Daniel says:

    Officers are allowed to leave a dog in the cruiser with the air conditioning running. But two hours seems a long time if you ask me. And this dog WAS a police officer. If a private citizen had killed this animal they would have already been arrested. Investigations and polygraphs need to be given here.

  34. SixF6 says:

    Having been in Law Enforcement for 37 years, this has to be the WORST of the WORST. I’ve always said “Given the choice of shooting a human or a dog, I would shoot the human”. The Officer should be excluded from every serviing in Law Enforcement again. Then placed in a vehicle without air conditioning on a 100 degree day and see how he survives. Closed up vehicle with children or animals (pets) should never happen. People are too busy being caught up in their lives they forget about the most important part that they “wanted” the child or the pet, no one forced you to obtain the pet or force them to take on and care for a child. If other officers witnessed the dog in the vehicle, they too should be removed from the police department as well.

    1. Tanja says:

      You have a good point!

  35. alrightythen says:

    I don’t leave my GSD in the car for 5 minutes if its hot or even warm. Its like humans really think its ok to treat it ‘like an animal’..remember people, God created the heavens, earth and animals first, then was ‘dog’ tired when he got to man.

  36. fritz says:

    Police are a dime a dozen, easily replaceable. If he really did this terrible thing, then fire him! Prosecute him and send him to prison for the negligent death of a valuable animal just like authorities would do to any of us!l! Police officers, just like dogs, learn by example. If other police officers see what can happen to them when they kill a dog in this manner, then guess what? They will be less likely to kill dogs do to their neglect and stupidity! It’s really very simple. Make an example of this doughnut eating fool! Other dogs’ lives will be saved as a result.

  37. Celery says:

    People deserve to know what this officer was doing while this beautiful creature suffered with no way to escape. Donors and citizens alike need an answer, so quit trying to cover up for your officer and tell everyone what was more important than checking on the welfare of this dog?

    1. Seeking balance says:

      I want to see the results of their INQUIRY! People want to know the truth about what happened to this dog. If the car was not equipped properly, the dog should NOT have been left in the vehicle!! If equipment failed, the officer is not at fault. If he’s an idiot as it appears, he needs fired/charged, and forced to purchase a replacement trained K9 for the department. For this kind of neglect, he also needs barred from animal ownership as well.

  38. Tanja says:

    New results regarding Chico,there is supposed to be a video out what shows Chico in the cruiser and the alarm in the car mailfunctioned . I don’t realy believe it , even if that is true Chico’s handler should not left him for over two hours alone without checking up on his partner , he is still to hold responsible for Chico’s death. Also, I can’t imangine watching that video without crying I feel sorry for the one who has to watch that video when Chico suffers for so long.

  39. Bubbish says:

    This p!$$es me off to no end! Thinking how that poor dog suffered and died a horrible, agonzing death. That handler should have known better! The majority of the units have fans (as well as the AC) and since the windows have heavy screens, they can be let down to let air in. What was this jerk thinking? (And I am pro-police- ex-law enforcement who trained with service dogs). I hope he is either terminated or forced to pay back training fees for the dog. And I sure in heck pray he never gets another K-9. He obviously is not responsible enogh to care for an animal, let alone his human partners.

  40. debi says:

    This is such a shame and there are at least one a year or more of these police dogs die in car so why are they continuing to allow these dogs to be left alone iin the car? Heat stroke in the car is a terrible way to die for an animal and of the many that come into our clinic during the summer months few make it and those that do have long term damage from the incident.

  41. d says:

    I must say too that if they can invest all the money and trust into a vehicle warning system that fails why not put that money into building an kennel unit inside the police station itself so the animal can be in the same comfort as his handler while not on patrol.

  42. Jai says:

    He should loose his job. That was not just a dog, that was his partner!
    Take action now chief.

  43. Dolly aka Animal Lover says:

    I agree with most of the posts here…Chico was a member of the law enforcement community. If Chico’s law enforcement partner’s negligence was responsible for Chico’s death than the partner should face the same legal charges that a civilian would face if they had harmed or killed a member of a K-9 unit. Any and all who were involved in or witnessed this situation should be suspended or terminated. We just had a situation here in Minnesota where Major, a K-9 officer, was injured in the line of duty from a criminal suspect and is now perrmantly paralyzed from the waist down. As a result, Major retired from active duty and will live out his remaining years with his law enforcement partner. I want so much to donate money to buy bullet proof vests and other things for these K-9 officers , but when I hear/read about these types of situations referencing Chico, I have to refrain and rethink my reasons for doing so.

  44. Dolly aka Animal Lover says:

    Rest in peace, Chico…

  45. david says:

    Horrible. No excuse for this.

  46. Elliott says:

    Here we go again. To serve and protect, but it’s ok to leave your “partner” in a hot car for hours? Hmm something wrong with that. This very thing happened on many occasions last year, but somehow it’s ok if you are a cop. Any other citizen would be prosecuted, fined and banned from owning animals. I hope James Hoyland gets what he really deserves. Karma is a strong power!

  47. Marcia Lozon says:

    Why can’t the news report the facts. How hot was it? The news facts are lame and yeah, I”m sorry, but it costs a lot of money to train these dogs and if their handlers are dumb enough to leave them in a car for even 20 any heat they’re not smart enought to be on the force. This guy should be fired.

  48. Lynn says:

    It is the pure stupidity of the incident that gets me. Good grief, it is no secret that you never leave a dog in a car even with the windows down, when it is hot outside. We see news events depcting just this kind of negelct every summer and it always baffles me. Heck, even when I travel in the car and my dogs are with me, I have at least a battery operated fan I use (besides rolling down the windows as far as is safe) for the 5 minutes or so I leave them to run into the gas station.

  49. FedUp says:

    Why was the dog left alone in the car for two hours?? Where was the handler — what was HE doing ? ? ? ? This death was PREVENTABLE and TRAGIC.

  50. kay says:

    what the hell was he doing for so long???that he left the dog in the car and never came back to check on him..never heard of a 2 hour lunch or break.what do we pay them for sitting in some air condition place.Cant wait to see what excuse they give to get the police officer out of this mess..sure we will never get the truth

  51. Just Saying says:

    This case is an absolute outrage. I am very pro public servants and have a great deal of respect for “most” of our police officers, they are under paid for what they do. That being said, 1) I agree with what was he doing on the tax payers dollar for 2 hours away from his cruiser? 2) You do all realize that there are situations when police officers pick up and transport children from various situations right, what if he had a child that had just witnessed a parent badly injured or God forbid killed in the back of that cruiser and neglected to check on them for 2 hours. I am not trying to diminish the importance that Chico died an agonizing and tragic death because I have animals myself and treat them as my children. K-9 officers are supposed to have a special bond with their partners and if this officer was so neglectful of a living creature he had a “special bond” with I would be concerned for any community that he was supposed to be protecting and any person that he had no bond with that he put in the back of his cruiser.

  52. Jennifer Balas Diehl says:

    Exactly…what the hell was he doing during those hours his partner was suffering?? Why aren’t they releasing this prick’s name?? Why are they protecting him?? Disgusting…I don’t care if there was a malfunction with the emergency equipment… the K9 officer should NEVER have been left in a car for that long.

  53. Mary Jane Kelly RN PA-C PhD says:

    Chico was with a officer who was must have not cared to check if the backup system was in the car for air. This dog was a officer also what if a infant was left in that car. This is what medical women do they are very aware what should be done. My husband was a police officer who knew that a police dog would have taken a bullet for him or any of the family of officers..

  54. Be careful... says:

    Someone should alert the old handler that there are very angry people around or, rather, to watch out for these people. Mistaken identity has been the cause of misplaced “retribution” on more than one occasion, I’m guessing.

  55. Mary Jane Metzger RN PA-C PhD says:

    World press please use Name as listed.

  56. Naosam says:

    $10,000 to train a police dog and let it die in a hot car! Some K-9 Officers really love their dogs and some K-9 Officers just think they are a tool. This guy definitely thought of this dog, not as a partner, but just a tool. I hope that he is fired and fined.

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