Rosedale Beach Club Speaks Following Tragedy

PENN HILLS (KDKA) — There are new details about the death of a local boy at a private pool.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports that investigators say it looks like 11-year-old Christopher Myers was in the deep end of the pool at the Rosedale Beach Club playing around with his friends, swimming in the pool lane.

No one saw him go under and police say it looks like a tragic accident.

Myers’ body was found below the ropes in about 6 ½ feet of water.

“Rosedale Beach Club is not a dangerous pool at all,” Mary Chirdon, a spokesperson for the club, told KDKA-TV.

For the first time, officials with the pool are talking about the tragedy and how they will get through it. Myers was family there.

“Through prayer,” Chirdon said. “It all begins with prayer. God, for some reason, God has taken Chris to his heavenly home.”

Myers, a student at St. Joseph’s School in Verona, was swimming at the pool on Friday with 15 other people. There were two lifeguards poolside — within state law.

Somehow, according to the initial investigation, Myers went under. A friend saw him at the bottom of the pool and yelled for help.

“We’ll look at things from the top to the bottom to find the cause and see what we can do to prevent this from happening again,” Dr. Bruce Dixon, director of the Allegheny County Health Department, said.

Health department investigators were at the pool on Monday and found nothing out of the ordinary. County homicide detectives are also involved and they found nothing out of the ordinary.

Lawyers representing the pool and the victim’s family are also investigating.

“Anytime somebody dies, there’s concern of what could have been done differently to prevent it,” Dixon said.

KDKA-TV looked at several years of health department inspection reports and found nothing major and no staffing problems.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner says there is nothing at this point to rule out drowning as the cause of death; however, they are waiting on some tests.

The pool will reopen Thursday after the Myers’ funeral.

11-Year-Old Pulled From Rosedale Beach Club Pool Mourned
11-Year-Old Pulled From Swimming Pool Has Died

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One Comment

  1. Duh? says:

    What Marty can’t blame anyone?

  2. Sarah says:

    “Through prayer,” Chirdon said. “It all begins with prayer. God, for some reason, God has taken Chris to his heavenly home.”

    Ummmm no. It was lifeguards not paying attention. If the lifeguards were doing their jobs, they are trained to spot someone as they begin to experience trouble – not after someone else pulls the victim off the pool floor after being there for 5 minutes.

    The lifeguards were probably some 16-18 year old kids more concerned with what they were going to write on their Facebook wall or Twitter feeds.

    1. anon. says:

      How do you know it was 5 minutes? were you there? I’d suggest you read up on your facts before you open your mouth.

  3. maryann says:

    Chirdon should resign immediately. Her comment to the tragedy is so empty – hide behind god, what a joke. The reason he was “called to his heavenly home”, was negligence. Pure and simple. She says it isn’t dangerous? Two deaths speaks volumes.why was no one keeping an eye on this boy? Espesically in the deep? There is a lifegaurd chair right above the deep section. And, if only two guards were on duty with a school party, that is unsatisfactory – obviously.

  4. -- says:

    First of all you obviously are ill informed. The first death that occurred there was many years ago, and it was because someone broke into the pool at dark after the pool was closed and drowned because there were no lights. Second of all, the death didnt occur in the deep end, it happened in 6 feet of water. Whatever happens to Chirdon happens, either way God is with her. I cant believe the immature people that sit on here and continue to add more pain to a situation where the people obviously know what they did wrong and have to live with the rest of their lives. Its not your business, so just stay out of it.

  5. cindy says:

    As a member that pays dues and takes my family there, it is my business. And, you are spreading more falsehoods. If the pool paid the first victim’s family 750,000 (public record) then they admitted guilt in first incident. Second, this article says 6.5 feet, which is over most everyone’s head, and considered deep. He has god on her side, great for her, she needs to resign.

  6. -- says:

    Ok so if everything was and has been in accordance to state law for many years, what would her resigning do? And ya they paid 750,000 dollars to the first death, because anyone can be sued over anything these days. How were they supposed to know someone would break into the pool after hours? I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

  7. -- says:

    I don’t want to get into an argument on here though. The focus should be on Chris’ family and prayers should be with them. It was a tragic accident and I hope that people show more mercy, because you never know when you could be involved in something like this.

  8. cindy says:

    If you think it is ok to chalk a little boy’s needless death up to “god calling him home” and not negligence, i do not know what to say. I know of many pools where there have been no deaths, not two. And, people knew for many years that people jumped the fence, how about better security? As president, she needs to accept responsibility. She is in charge, and a little boy died. Maybe someone a little more on the ball, and less rude and clueless would have made sure the deep wasn’t open with no lifeguard, or have made sure there were chaperones, she teaches there – so, i am sure she had a hand in booking it.she needs to go.

    1. -- says:

      “Rude and clueless”

      The saying, “whenever you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you,” just took on a whole new meaning. Rude and clueless describes your posts here pretty accurately.

  9. cindy says:

    My saying is whenever you hide behind god, and have nothing more suitable or intelligent to say as the pool’s spokesperson, you are clueless. The rude comment comes from watching her in action at the pool. She is rude, and believe me, read the other posts, i am not alone in my thoughts. Her statement was inappropriate on many levels.

  10. maryann says:

    Maybe Cindy did not use the best tact, but I have to agree that Chirdon’s statement was inappropriate. It was not god calling a young boy home, it was negligence.

  11. pool member says:

    I have read all the posts from the previous articles, and as a member of Rosedale, i am so sick about all of this. I love going to the pool, but i do not plan to go back. I am sorry, but i also agree that this could and should have been avoided. Everyone is saying not to point fingers, or place blame, how can you not? A little boy was in water over his head, and remained on the bottom of the pool long enough to die, but not be seen by a lifeguard???? It may have been an accident, but it should not have happened. I know mary, and i also must regretfully agree that her comment to the situation was not appropriate. How about we will take new precautions to ensure that this does not happen again, not god calling him home for some reason. Mary, you should know better. If that is all you could come up with, you should not be speaking for the pool. Regardlesss, i feel so horrible for Chris’s family and friends, the community, etc. And, i am on the fence about mary resigning, leaning more towards she should, but do hope more safety precautions are taken @ rosedale. Do that in honor of Chris.

  12. -- says:

    I know mary also. She taught me in school many years ago and I know she is a great person. I saw her at mass saturday speak in front of the church and struggle to keep herself together. Trust me, she is not being rude or inappropriate, she is just speaking from her heart. She knows her faults, and she is not clueless or rude to the situation. She is just leaning on faith. Blame will be placed when all of the legal matters are over. Until then, I think all the parties involved need prayers and support.

  13. Anne A says:

    parents/guardians do have a responsibility for their children….

  14. pool member says:

    His parents were working!!!! He went to school, and then to a school party at the pool. When i send my daughter to a school event while i am at work, how am i responsible and not the school?

  15. -- says:

    It was not a school sponsored event though. The media reported that wrong.

  16. pool member says:

    Was it not a st. Joe’s volley ball team party? That’s what one of the boys that was there that goes to st. Joe’s told me. I do not care if st joe’s paid for it or not, they put it together.

  17. LMB says:

    I live by my faith, when there is tragedy in my life I pull my strength from GOD. Please, do not sit here and speak ill of someone whom you may not know or do not understand. I believe that fault lies with no one. i am a mother of 3 beautiful children who go to a wonderful pool club, who has a wonderful set of lifeguards and a manager who i trust my children’s lives with. Some people need to GROW UP, stop blaming others when they do not know the facts OR what really happened. The truth we only know is a wonderful, young boy is now no longer with us. We need to pray for the family. Thanks Rosedale for the wonderful times and Mary PLEASE stay! WE NEED YOU!

  18. also a pool member says:

    In all sincerity, i draw on my strength too. I am a member of Rosedale, and i am looking for tangible reasons that chirdon should stay? How about the embezzlement that went on last year under her, and other’s noses? Now this negligence, and i agree with others, she is rude at the pool. The bottom line, a boy died, and it should have been prevented. That, i cannot just forget, nor chalk up as an accident. I want answers as to how this will be prevented in future.don’t any other members want these answers? How about a lifeguard walking around pool in addition to seated guards? Yes, i have had good times there, but this overshadows it.

  19. pugsrock says:

    My family joined Rosedale a few years ago. When I joined, i immediately introduced myself to Mary Chirdon, as well as my children, and she was polite enough. After that, she ignored me completely. I would say hello, she flat out ignored me. It was bizarre. My family never caused any trouble, and i was really bothered by her rudeness. As far as this senseless tragedy, i feel for everyone involved, even the lifeguards, and Mary. They will have to live with their negligence, and the results the rest of their lives. I cannot imagine how they feel. I had to weigh in because the people that are accusing some of us as being immature, etc. We are devestated that a child lost his life at our pool. There is negligence here.

    1. Pool member 20 years says:

      I don’t think Mary is rude at all. Pugrocks are you sure this isn’t the pugs that embezzled the money??????

  20. 20 year pool member says:

    Cindy to me it seems like you are angry with life. You like to point fingers and make terrible comments on things you are clueless about!!!! Mary is a very caring person and does not want to see harm done to anyone!!!! This was a terrible tragedy. You should be leaving positive comments. Everyone thoughts and prayers should be with Anne and her family.

  21. pugsrock says:

    20 year member, if you are in the dark about the embezzlement, ask Mary. Your joke is a bizarre response to my legitimate comments. You think she’s nice, good for you. I am telling you, she has been rude to me for no reason. Other people agree, so what do you say about that? I am not angry at life, i actually have a great life. I am angry at the pool’s negligence, i am angry that Anne is going through this and it could have been prevented.

  22. wow! says:

    How dare anyone be angry about this incident. Rosedale is wonderful and completely safe – hey, Mary Chirdon says so. And, as far as people thinking Mary is rude, hey, she is allowed to ignore people for no reason, come on, she goes to church every week! And the lifeguards, how can they be expected to keep track of every kid in a pool? Of course that is what most sane people think they are hired for, but we have come to learn that they are not to blame when a little boy drowns in the pool. Lastly, we have learned parents are responsible for their children. Kids should not go on school trips without them, hey maybe they should go to school with them too, or, keep them home, but, isnt there a law against that? Anyway, shame on people feeling angry about this, it was just god calling an 11 year old home.

  23. Pool Memeber says:

    AS a member of 37 yrs and a former lifeguard this make me sick to my stomach of all these comments. This is not what the family needs right now is to hear you judging and negative comments they are grieving right now and needs prayers not slandering remarks and for the comments on Mrs Chirdon you do not know her at all if you leave comments like this. She has been there for the grieving family more then you’ll ever know and for the communtity of Rosedale and St Joeseph Parish and she is a truly a remarkable women !!!!! May God Bless over you right now and have Mercy on your souls !!!! May your energy of negative commets and slandering marks be derived into compassion and Praying for the Family of Christopher and his family during this tradgic time !!!!! May god bless you all

  24. pool member says:

    Slander means not true. She has been rude at the pool, and that is the honest truth. Are all of these people making it up? What would be the motivation? And quit hiding behind your religion. I am sick to my stomach too, a little boy died. You will be glad to know that i am not posting anymore, quite frankly i am sickened by the lack of accountabilty for that death, or people pushing it on the parents, and poor, poor mary – what a joke. Pray for my soul!

  25. -- says:

    Galatians 6:7

  26. Pool Member says:

    It is funny how you all are judging If you were offened by the Mrs Chirdon , board and the lifeguards then why did you continue to go to the pool nobody was forcing you to stay !!!!!! I’am so sorry that you have to criticize other people to make yourself feel better and I do pray that you will find God one day !!!! God is the truth…God bless over Christopher and his family and the days that come !!!

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