Bill Would Ban Teachers Strikes

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Director of Internal Organizing for the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Butch Santicola, joined KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino to discuss a potential ban of teacher strikes.

State Representatives Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry, and Todd Rock, R-Franklin, announced a legislation making it illegal for public school teachers to go on strike while negotiating benefits and wages.

“The fact of the matter is that 95 percent of the locals and districts that bargain end up without a teachers strike. They’ve been declining every, every year. We don’t like strikes any more than anybody else, it shows there’s a failure, a communication, something’s wrong. But it happens, it’s a natural progression between employers and employees,” said Santicola.

“To do what these gentlemen want to do, they put all the blame on the teachers. They put every single blame about bargaining going bad on the teachers. We’ll take our fair share, but let’s put it where it is, sometimes the board is responsible for these strikes also. Sometimes the board has a finger in and these gentlemen have no idea of the real problems in bargaining,” he added.

Listen in to hear more on what Santicola thinks will happen and how it will effect teachers on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.


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  1. Noname says:

    Bring on the bill. It’s about time teachers were expected to act professionally and negotiate their pay just like everyone else. Hard work and results should be rewarded, not longevity.

    1. VOTEDEMOCRAT says:

      Why dont we just bend over and give up all of our freedoms whats left of them idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        ban ALL strikes. Keep working and negotiate or go to arbitration. There are plenty of unemployed out there ready to take you place. Don’t show up for work, TERMINATE!

      2. THEY BOTH SUCK says:

        If you want freedom VOTEDEMOCRAT your going to have to fight for it right here at home.
        I like neither party and as long as there are only 2 main political parties this country will NEVER get better, you only get the same old same old .
        Don’t ever bend over and fight for what you think is right, you may not be wrong.

      3. OK says:

        Thats right Mayor of GBD! Flipping burgers at mcdonalds one night then Teaching our kids the next day!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    The real problem with the educational system in our state is that politicians, like Metcalfe and Rock, REFUSE to have the state increase its contribution to local school districts. Pennsylvania is near the bottom in the list of states in the percentage of contributions made by the state to the local level. If the state would increase its contribution to local school districts, property taxes would undoubtedly decrease.

    Noname, you do realize that teachers negotiate their pay, right?

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      JOE – Teachers get a raise every year regardless of performance. That is a joke and good teachers should really be upset about that.

      Another example of how out of touch union employees are with the ways of the real world…

      Teachers in PA also bargain collectively, which is dumb. As a good teacher, I would want to fend for myself, negotiate my own contract. Why would you want to settle for the same pay as a do nothing teacher (and we all know they exist, just like in any profession)

      1. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        UNION BUSTING REPUBLICAN ZOEYZOTRON AT IT AGAIN!!!!!! Do you realize that the school board is a big part of why schools go on strike. You can be a complete fool but if you have lots of money and popular in the community you can be a School Board Member. School board members dont have to know anything about education (and most dont) but make lots of decisions that affect our kids education… Just make schools like Corporations ceo = Superintendent pay would be 100 million Principal = manager 180,000 teacher = laborer 25,000. Thats pretty fair huh?????

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        TIME – Yes I realize that the school boards are a big part of the issue. I only go after this issue because our educational system is broken.

        As for your other comments (again showing how out of touch you are with the real world, scary that you are the one sending our kids into the real world) yes, schools should be run like corporations because it works. Your current system does not. Tough decisions have to be made in order to survive during downturns in the economy or at a specific business (school district in this example) people should be let go if their function is no longer in demand. During boom times people should be hired. That’s how the real world works.

        And yes, the Principal should make more than you. Newsflash – The principal is more valuable than you (I know that this is a completely foreign concept to unions) Instead of complaining about it like every other union lamb, try going for that principal job, better yourself, obtain further education, whatever it takes. Don’t sit around and whine like a big pu$$y… I apologize for the language, but that is exactly what you are doing.

        And as far as your pay, don’t even start. You are compensated (in PA) incredibly well for a 12 month job let alone a nine month job. Remember Compensation is WAGE+BENEFITS+RETIREMENT) don’t even get me started on your Caddy PSERS retirement plan that us the TAXPAYERS have to fund. The same taxpayers that are paying for their OWN retirements. Think about that the next time you cry and strike that you need more…

      3. teacher06 says:

        Taxpayers fund PSERS retirement??? Maybe you should check your facts before making comments…teachers are REQUIRED to contribute about 7.5 % of every paycheck and that is not an option. When you start working, that amount is automatically deducted unlike in the business world where you get to choose a percentage to contribute to your retirement. The part that is contributed by the state is just like any employer match.

      4. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        Zoeyzotron knows everything about teachers yet hes never stepped inside a school and taught so he gets his information from the internet and believes everything he reads but never gets the facts! teacher06 your wasting your time he has only one thing on his mind and thats himself and no one else matters……

  3. swin says:

    Funny how people who so much talk up the Constitution in their own defense are the first ones to try to deny rights (freedom of speech and freedom of assembly) to others when they become the employers.

    A better solution is to eliminate the state requirement for a 180 day school year. When teachers strike, kids lose a part of their education and the teachers lose a part of their salary. It’s called the free market and it works.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      SWIN – When teachers strike… all it does in cause problems for the parents. Teachers still get paid because they have to make the days up. Students still go 180 days, although it is very disruptive to the learning process. Striking is completly useless, but that is the union way…..

      that said, 180 days is the problem. Its not enough days. Our children are 21st in the world in mathmatics…. that is awful and there is no excuse for it. I would hate to see kids lose summer breaks but removing fall break, part of Christmas break, spring break would be a good idea, it is to disruptive. 210-220 days is closer to the world average. We have kids leaving 12th grade that don’t understand the dangers of a credit card. Its just unacceptable. The Chinese are dominating us.

      1. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        Well numbnut if the parents were able to spend some time at home instead of the 12 hour work days and 1weeks vacation and very little sick time to use. because they just have to take what their employers give them because they have no control of it. 40 hour work week is just a thing of the past thank to the union busting!

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        TIME – Have you worked outside of teaching? Sounds like the answer is no. some people actually have pride in their job.

      3. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        Well the question is have you ever stepped into the classroom and taught? Zoeyzotron?? Since you know so much about education? Do you think its smart to have charter schools and online schooling for kids? Oh wait strikes disrupt parents that work how the heck do they home school?????? Because they’re RICH and pay someone else????? Do you think the poor parents home school??? NO they leave their kids in public schools. I dont think you have a clue about what a teacher actually does its just PURE union bashing!!!! Just another step in union bashing for the REPUBLICANS. Unions are the #1 supporter of Democrats and the Republicans hate that. Well get used to it its not gonna end. Teachers, Truck drivers, Auto workers, Electricians, Iron Workers, Boiler Makers, Food Workers, Pipe Fitters will still be there for the Democrats

      4. Zoeyzotron says:

        TIME – Apparently I know more about your job and benefits than you… I have plenty of insight about all aspects of teaching and benefits. You do realize all of your contacts are public knowledge. Do you want the website? Beyond all that it is PSERS that intrigues me the most…

        I am not against education at all; it is/should be the backbone of a society. I am simply stating that the system is broker or at the very least running poorly.

        You apparently also know very little about your precious union… Union membership has steadily declined in the US since the early 80’s, they are at their lowest numbers ever, and I believe under 12 million now… Unions no longer have the political influence they once did. But you keep voting for unqualified candidates like obama who has NO idea what he is doing and quite frankly only cares about appeasing selfish, simple minds like yourself to keep voting for him.

  4. Dave says:

    Teachers are considered a professional field; therefore, I don’t understand how they were unionized to begin with. I’m not aware of any other professional organization that is unionized (engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) Additionally, striking hurts the students and parents – just ask the Bethel Park parents, who had to make last-minute arrangements for their kids when the teachers went on strike this year for 6 weeks! To boot, the teachers picketed, while drinking their Starbucks, asking people driving by to beep if they support them! I’m not going to tell you what i did when I drove by, but I did not beep.

    1. Pitt Fan says:

      If they didn’t unionize they would be being paid $20,000 like all those idiot Republicans want them to be.

      1. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        Thats what Corporate America wants

  5. Terry says:

    Hmmm I don’t see the rep’s like Metcalf & Rock limiting thier own salaries!! I am not a huge fan of teacher strikes but hey this is or was a democracy and taking bargaining rights away from teachers is a precurser to an already failing education system! I do however agree that teachers unions need to be realistic considering the economic times we are in…Now back to the state rep’s salaries!!!!! is their any legislation pending to lower their saleries and raise their health insurance contributions?????Didn’t think so!!! And how about cutting the state legislature in half any plans to do that???

    1. TIMETOFIGHT says:

      Zoeyzotron should be able to answer that for you…….

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        TIME – Do you want to know why the general public is so upset with “you”? It’s your self serving, short viewed, selfish attitude that you display in your comments. Typical union, “get all you can get today…. Worry about tomorrow another day”. (look at Steel, Auto, Textile industries to name a few…all dead or on life support in this country and because those industries are gone we may never fully recover from this recession) Do you realize that 15 million Americans have lost their jobs over the past 2 and a half years, most of us have not had a raise in two years or have taken a pay cut, all while you sit there in your jobs oblivious to the outside economic disaster happening all around you? You should be damn happy that you have had your jobs for the past two years. Then you have the gall to strike, EXPECT a yearly raise, EXPECT a pension, EXPECT stupid cheap healthcare, EXPECT a 190 day work year, EXPECT to leave a 330 everyday… ALL on the backs of TAXPAYERS. That my friend is why your support has waned.

        Please try to see the entire picture Mr. Testerman…… Nobody wants to go through this, but we are all in it together.

      2. Robert says:

        Its Time to Wake Up… you are part of the problem and you are wrong.

      3. TIMETOFIGHT says:

        General Public???? huh News does nothing but show the bad stuff of public schools. News is owned by big corporatations and have complete control of what the news can or cannot broadcast…… just type in Fox new s**ks someday in your internet wealth of information…..

  6. Hit Boy says:

    I believe that the problem with education is only partly caused by teachers….You cannot continue to throw money at “kids” who do not care…I have heard of every type of crime in city schools….extortion/theft/assault/drug trafficking/guns/and just plain savagery. Until this element is eliminated there will be NO fix!

  7. Mayor of GBD says:

    Teaching – the highest paying part time job in America!

    1. teacher06 says:

      SInce when is 10 months a year and about 50-60 hours a week considered a part-time job???

      1. Robert says:

        190 days.

        And we all work 10+ hour days…. save it

        By the way…. what are you doing today?

  8. The One says:

    10 months huh….? let us count… Fall break, Christmas break, Spring break…. bank holidays, and 2 1/2 month summer break….

    1. timetofight says:

      Did you have a choice of what do you want to be when I grow up???? Guess you made the wrong choice.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. teacher06 says:

      Let’s remember that just because a student does not go to school does not mean that a teacher is not at work that day. I will admit that we do get Christmas break off, but many of those other “holidays” I am still at work. And let’s think about the education and continuing education that I am required to pay for without compensation by my employer but I have to do to keep my job!!! Plus, I make alot less when compared to the business world for the education level and experience. How do I know this? I worked in the business world for 8 years before becoming a teacher.

      1. The One says:

        teacher – 190 days is 190 days. what do you think people in the business world make??? The % of people makeing the average teacher max in a fortune 500 company is less than 10%… Try getting facts from someone other than your union rep…..

  9. FedUp says:

    It’s really encouraging that school districts across Pennsylvania are being forced to ‘live within their means’ as their taxpayers have ALWAYS had to! I voted for our current governor and while I don’t agree with everything he has done I do agree with the education cuts he has made. To go along with that I believe it is right to outlaw teacher’s strikes. The last missing piece would be to remove most, if not all, exceptions to the legislation requiring a voter referendum to pass before property taxes can be raised above the rate of inflation. No more tax and spend mentality in the school districts! Period.

    1. TIMETOFIGHT says:

      Lets just stop taxing everything. Lets remove all labor laws. The people that work 60 – 70 hours a week have fun now it will 16 hr days for you 6 days a week. CORPORATE AMERICA IS JUST DROOLING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN And by the way really do we need american teachers?? Mexicans can teach and I bet they work for 2 bucks an hour!!!!!! Education should just be outsourced!!!!!! OR BETTER YET WE CAN OUTSOURCE OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!

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