Bad Service Driving Customers Out Of Retailers

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Sixty-four percent of Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports say they have left a store in the last year because of poor service. 

The report names Walmart as among the worst in customer service.

Consumer Reports’ Tod Marks talked with KDKA Radio’s Rose and Paul during the KDKA Afternoon News about the survey.

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One Comment

  1. Hit Boy says:

    I have had problems with Best Buy….will never spend another dime in that store!!

    1. Liz says:

      Totally agree! The Robinson store is awful! I used to think that the entire Best Buy chain was awful but this weekend I went to the Best Buy and Monaca and was helped quickly and efficiently. I was so shocked I darn near keeled over.

  2. Mr Rooter says:

    Call Gillese plumbing ONCE and you your neighbor and everyone in your family will NEVER call again!

    1. Bad Service says:

      Gillece is the best at being the worst, they are even bad to work for .
      They will rip customers off bad.

  3. Quietmann says:

    It is getting to where employees are only “putting in their time” on the job. Their only concern is getting the clock to move faster. If more dissatisfied consumers would let the mgmt. of the establishment(s) know about bad service, uncaring employees could be replaced with those who would make a better effort. God knows, there are a lot of people out there looking for a job.

  4. greyish says:

    What do you expect from Walmart? All those low prices come at the cost of proper staffing and employees who give a d@mn.

  5. Melody says:

    in my opinion it’s easy to get into Walmart but hard to get out. The cashiers talk to much about nothing and the inside retail theft is bad. Most stores have a no kissing policy but it does not stop employees from waiting on family and friends with no shame.
    I was waiting my turn at Giant Eagle and a cashier took a womans merchandise and slammed it backwards then said ‘why do these people keep bringing all of this food up here, I’m tired’. I went to another cashier. Giant Eagle is always’ on point but good help is hard to find.

    1. Jim says:

      Why would it matter what the Wal-Mart employees have to say? the jobs that people don’t care are the ones making minimum wage. These people get 10 cent raises every so often. What motivation does that give someone to put in that extra effort to please every customer that walks in the door? in these financial times we all need to just chill out. The average Joe these days is barely making the cut, those are the people working retail. Give them a break and think about what they have to deal with. People are too demanding, its not like you walk into best buy and get immediate service. How can they? They don’t staff enough to service everyone the instant they walk in the door.

      1. Melody says:

        Jim your making excuses for being a bum and the only thing a customer demands is good fast service without the back talk or personal problems to go with it. I have been a cashier and worked in customer service for twenty five years now and the only thing important to me is minding my business and serving the public while I am clocked in. If an employee feels that they are getting short changed by a company file a complaint or get the bleep out.
        Six months ago a customer asked my co-worker for his receipt and she told him to shove it up his you know what. That is no way to communicate with someone that pays your bills. There are a lot of staff working at Walmart and other stores but the employees run their mouths too much or pretend to be busy to keep from working hello!

  6. 2059 says:

    When a person makes peon wages and has to put up with rude, obnoxious customers, what do you expect.

    1. Melody says:

      Working for “peon” wages is no ecuse to be rude or nasty with a customer or talk about your personal business all day if you don’t like your job get the bleep out. I am there to serve you not to reverse it and make you feel bad because I have to work a living.

    2. Crybaby says:

      I suggest you go work somewhere else where you will not have to talk or associate with anyone but your cellphone.

    3. Jim says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Peoples expectations are too high for these places. You are not going to a 5 star hotel people.

      1. Jim says:

        2059 has it right.

  7. BobinPgh says:

    Advance Auto Parts is really bad. I went to recycle some motor oil and “ralph” treated me like a criminal and “brian” would not get up off his a$$. I did complain to upper management and they told me about the fines they pay if hte oil is not pure, blah, blah, blah. I asked that those 2 be fired. But I should have received some coupons, discounts, etc but never did.

  8. BobinPgh says:

    2059, that brings up another issue. i worked at a department store and the managers view customers as the enemy. I am sure some are but I was not rude. So why should we go anywhere or buy anything if you don’t want us? Stop whining about losing your job because nobody wants to buy anything – which long term, is probably better for the environment since not so much ends up in landfills.

  9. Shawn says:

    Not just bad customer service, but also the demographics of the stupid customers, especially at any inner city Rite Aid.

  10. FedUp says:

    There’s an equipment dealer in Slippery Rock that has lost my business, (along with thousands of dollars in purchases) FOREVER! Retailers should realize that satisfied customers are a way to GROW their business but alienating customers will surely SLOW their business!

  11. critter says:

    when u pay peanuts, u get monkeys

  12. Mary says:

    I remember when you could walk into stores and they knew you by name, not only you, but the rest of your family. You usually knew at least some of their family also since most of the shops were family owned. They would put certain items aside for you, knowing you’d be in. Back then, shopping was an event that started early in the morning and usually lasted the entire day and included visits to multiple stores because there was no super store. We always shopped in New Kensington, so I remember stores like Ben’s, Hart’s, Vendig’s, Miller Shoes, Gordon toys, Klingensmith Hardware, etc. The stores were always clean (ok, you did have to dig a little at Vendig’s) and service was top notch because they knew good customer service would keep the customers coming back. It’s not so much the amount of pay, the whole work ethic has been lost.

  13. Lynyrd says:

    Just in my semi annual shopping run’s I don’t go near Walmart. I think Target got very nice employee’s And Chic Filet..

  14. Buyer says:

    Cricket Communication service maybe cheaper but there Customer Service is terrible.

  15. MD says:

    I have not shopped at Giant Eagle because the cashiers are more concerned with talking to their co-workers than they are in doing their jobs. I actually had a cashier tell me that I can complain all I want and she will still keep her job.

  16. FedUp says:

    I left Edgewood Towne Center K-Mart because the clerk at the jewelry counter told me that she couldn’t check me out because she was waiting on another customer, despite the fact that I was the only one at the counter. I went and got the manager, confronted the cashier, and she FLAT OUT LIED to her manager. I told the manger that their store and employees suck, and that I would shop elsewhere.

  17. kristy says:

    the kmart in new kensington has the rudest employees that i’ve ever encountered. i’ll never go there again. oh, and wal mart sucks in general.

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