City Officials Play Blame Game Over Parking Meters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a lot more expensive to park in the city of Pittsburgh, but it’s also a lot more inconvenient unless you carry around a roll of quarters.

Is the public paying the price for a war between the mayor and council?

City Councilman Patrick Dowd says council gave the Parking Authority six extra months to “modernize” its parking meters, but the pleas were ignored.

Dowd and others on council say the Ravenstahl Administration dragged its feet on the council’s plans to raise the rates to shore up the city pension because council voted down the mayor’s plan to lease the parking garages.

“If the administration really wanted to see this plan succeed, they would have used the six month window that we gave them for modernization of meters and upgrading the system for just that purpose,” he said.

Parking Authority Director David Onorato denied charges of foot-dragging. While saying council never asked for modern meters, the authority is putting them out for bid next month for Oakland, Downtown and the South Side.

But for now, if you park downtown or anywhere in Pittsburgh, bring your quarters until the city gets its act together.

Parking Authority To Get Smart Parking Meters
Parking Authority To Raise Meter Rates

Pittsburgh City Council
Pittsburgh Parking Authority

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One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    David Onorato….wonder how he got that job?????? corrupt city and county

  2. Wadda JOKE says:

    The city politics in Pittsburgh is such a joke. If these people REALLY knew what it was to work and not sit around all day twidling thumbs in meetings…..

    There WAS a day when hard working people built this city and made it what it USED to be….now its just a bunch of yahoos embarressing the reast of us.

    VOTE people….VOTE them all out. They should all be ashamed…bickering like 2 year olds and getting nothing done and wasting everyones money.

  3. Lynn says:

    Thats an easy fix, I’ll jut stay out of Pittsburgh!

  4. JustSaying says:

    I do appreciated all the in-fighting, corruption, mis-steps and general turmoil within the city government. It gives all of us in the surrounding areas something to laugh about! You people in the city get EXACTLY what you deserve since YOU’RE the ones who voted these idiots into office! If you didn’t vote, well then you don’t have any legitimate reason to complain. Keep up the good work voters of $hitsburgh, we’re watching and enjoying!

    1. JustSayinToo says:

      You do realize we didn’t ALL vote for them, right? Just the unfortunate majority.

    2. Just Saying Well Said says:

      WELL SAID!!!!!!!!! I just hope it don’t rub off on the rest of us.

  5. Timm Martin says:

    Just when the city is bragging about all the new nightlife it has they go and raise the rates on the meters. Even worse, they extend the time of enforcement from 5 or 6 o’clock to 10 o’clock pm. If I were the owner of one of the business’ that rely on a nighttime crowd I would be incensed. This city is about the most business unfriendly in the country. The fact that the new Westin has to argue to put up a sign replacing the old Hilton sign just goes to show how stupid and power hungry theese fools are.

  6. Enough_Already says:

    Law of Marketing:
    “It is easier to lose a customer than to win one”

    With all the parking tickets being given downtown, this statement will certainly prove to be true in Pittsburgh. With so many people in town for the Arts Festival many of them will leave being upset when the find they received an expensive parking ticket. The city was unable to manage its finances so it just dumped the problem on the people. This will be one more reason for people to stay away from downtown and the rest of Pittsburgh. In my lifetime I have seen the number of businesses in Pittsburgh decline and I have witnessed the mass exodus of people living in the city. The responsibility for this lies with the politician in Pittsburgh. They have put a big “CLOSED” and “WE DON”T WANT YOUR BUSINESS” sign at the entrance to the city. At the same time they have cause incalculable financial harm to people who work in low wage jobs at night cleaning offices or working in call centers.

    If Pittsburgh doesn’t want our money, we can spend it a few minutes away outside the city. If the politician complain about what is happening in the city just hold up a mirror because it is the POLITICIANS FAULT!

  7. FED_UP!! says:

    How about increasing the 2 Hour limit to 4 Hours

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