Marine Not Allowed To Wear Uniform For High School Graduation

WEXFORD (KDKA) — A young Marine just out of boot camp is fighting a different fight.

The 17-year-old North Allegheny student wants to wear her Marine dress blues to her graduation ceremony, but was told she was not permitted to do so.

Lindsay Starr, of Wexford, graduated from North Allegheny High School early, joined the Marines, spent three months in boot camp, graduated and is ready to serve as a United States Marine.

“When you wear this uniform, you wear it with pride,” she said.

Starr called North Allegheny High School and then visited the campus wearing her dress blues. Her request was to walk across the stage wearing her new uniform.

“I’m just trying to show pride in what I belong to now. I belong to the United States Marine Corps as a 17-year-old,” she said. “Like, c’mon, now.”

The students will gather on Friday night wearing the North Allegheny colors. Starr is fine with that. Still, the teenager is convinced allowing her to wear her dress blues would say a lot about the freedoms we all have.

“We’re here for you, we’re here to serve our country,” Starr said. “We’re here to protect the freedoms that you enjoy, public schools – you enjoy that freedom because someone went out and died for it,” Starr said.

Privately, teachers and students believe Starr should be able to wear her Marine dress blues. That doesn’t matter much. Administrators say policy is policy – wear the school colors – the cap and gown for the graduation ceremony – or don’t walk at all.

“There should be no reason for them to say no,” Starr said. “They don’t have to do anything. I come in my uniform, shake hands, get my diploma and it’s over.”

The school released a statement: “We have had these requests before. We just don’t do it. The required dress is cap and gown.”

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One Comment

  1. Bea says:

    If I remember, you can wear what you want under the gown. She should wear her uniform, and when the ceremony is over, take that cap & gown off, & be proud to walk around in that uniform. And thank you for serving our country.

    1. Clay says:

      That’s a desicration of the uniform. Unacceptable,

    2. Charles Hardy Jr says:

      I agree fully. Wear it under you robe, then, after you receive your diploma, drop the gown.

      1. Donnie- Nam Vet, U.S. Army 69-70 says:

        I believe a compromise can be reached in this situation. Let her receive her diploma in the uniform of the day, (cap and gown) Then change into her “Dress Blues.” At the end of the ceremony have her come up on to
        the stage while the senior class sings the Marine Corps Hymm. What a tribute to a very proud and dedicated young woman this would be.

        Semper Fi, Lindsay

      2. Irish says:

        I concur with ye completely,that will show them,tis unpatriotic on their part.

      3. Woman Marine says:

        There is no REAL reason not to receive your diploma wearing the the uniform of the USMA.
        Woman Marines; Fewer; Prouder

      4. sgt Bernard Hastings says:

        MARINE Woman maybe you should read your corp rules and regs instead of talking about how great you are. Rules and regs say the uniform is to be wron under the cap and gown…you make me sick woman marine……

    3. Ted Lockwood says:

      Fully agree. When I graduated from College, I wore my uniform under my robe. Not only was I proud, but my father and future wife were also.

    4. Martin V says:

      I believe Marines or all branches of service must follow the law that for ALL civic events they are required to wear her dress blues or khakis while they are active, unless ordered not to, and according to the uniform federal/military code. Also. those not allowing it are in federal violation of that law.

      I also believe that had she tried to hide the fact that she was an active marine and refused to wear the uniform, she would be in violation of the uniform code and subject to a courts marshal.

      I sense a huge lawsuit coming to the school…. I could be wrong, it’s been a while since I read the books.

      1. J Owen says:

        Court marshal for uniform violations? Better read some more “books” She should wear the cap and gown. Marines obey rules…. SSgt/USMC/Afghanistan

      2. Trey says:

        Martin, she wouldn’t receive a Court Martial. In fact, she would be completely authorized to wear the cap and gown. If I had to go back to high school and re-do my graduation after I joined the military I would not wear my uniform, because the uniform is the cap and gown.

      3. Art says:

        Martin V is completely wrong.

        Civilian clothes are supposed to be worn at civilian activities.

        Way back during the Vietnam War, when I served, Marines were trained to follow orders and wear the uniform of the day, which is this case is the cap & gown.

    5. David says:

      Excellent advice.

    6. Luke says:

      This comment is for JUSTIN
      She is not trying to Bring attention apon herself, it’s kdka Making a big deal about it. I bet your one of those people that cry when someone else steels the spot light from you, an i’m sorry the world will not bow down to all your shortcomming.

    7. jet says:

      I disagree with hiding the uniform under the cap/gown. Stand tall Marine and “stormin’ norman” you way in full dress with your head held high! I served in the Navy and the Marines I did PT with wouldn’t stand for this! It’s honor and pride and the heck with the decision makers who cannot offer her the most simple and basic gratitude. She’s 17 – obviously intelligent to finish early. She’s aggressive to drive to complete boot camp. I can see a bright future for this outstanding young woman – it should not be begun with her hiding her uniform to appease folks who ought to just say thank you and be on their way! Geez, if I was there I’d dust off my old dress blues in support of her. Let not the words of a coward stand in the way of honor and pride!!

      1. Kay says:

        Of course the Marines you did PT with *would* stand for this. Don’t be silly. The order is that she wear the cap and gown…and you think your fellow Marines would disobey that order just because *they* wanted to wear something else? Not hardly.

        She asked. I’m glad she asked. She was told “no”. The obvious solution is to wear her dress blues *under* her cap and gown. Duh.

        She should not just be proud to be a Marine…she should also be proud she’s graduating from her school.

    8. USMC_0481 says:


      1. Irish says:

        Did we forget to take a our anger medication,She is proud,she is a marine,ye are an arsehole,my brother serves in the Royal Marines and he agrees,so wots ye beef,get over it already.

      2. Gen Pershing says:

        Hey, USMC, why don’t you take a valium? You are the one disgracing the uniform with your rant. I get a tickle out of how all of the service/ex-service members feel like they have to state their credentials. For my own wedding(S), I wore ADBs.
        She should wear her cap & gown. While she should be proud, regardless of what you think, she shouldn’t try to set herself apart from her classmates. It’s just tacky. Show some class spirit! Chances are, in 4 years, she’ll be ready to burn her uniform and USMC manual anyway.
        6-yrs Army, 15 yrs USCG (I’m such a follower!)

      3. Mike says:

        The only disgrace I see in your post is you. I question whether you are truly a Marine or not. Do you have any idea how many Marines have yet to serve in the wars? Apparently you didn’t die over there so maybe you shouldn’t be talking either.

        From a retired E-9. Listen up Devil Dog – Once a Marine, always a Marine regardles of where or how long they served.

      4. Grunt says:

        actually USMC is right. she’s a boot wook hasnt even been to the fleet yet. she’s most likely going to wear the uniform jacked up and make the rest of us look bad.

        funny how everybody that isnt in the military and “claims” to be in the military run their mouths when they have no idea.

        to the e-9 stfu, you obviously were a pog and dont understand grunt culture.


        a real Marine 0311

        die in a fire pogs

      5. Chuck Chuck says:

        harsh words USMC_0481, but in a way you are right. She just graduated bootcamp, she hasn’t been to SOI: MCT, or let alone her MOS training. Oh good job on jumping and backstabbing your chain of command by running straight to the press. I’m pretty sure your 1stSgt is thrilled that you pretty much told everybody in your chain to f$$k off.

      6. Spikeygrrl says:

        @USMC_0481: How about you make friends with your CAPS LOCK key? I know y’all gyrenes love to yell, but yelling at civilians in civilian forums is regarded by civilians as “conduct unbecoming.”

        Thank you for your service!

        Spikeygrrl (wife of multiply-deployed “Doc”)

    9. Sgt C USMC says:

      It is Not allowed per Marine Corps Order.
      Its not a authorized uniform item covering it. IE Rain coat.
      My heart goes out to her ive been in the Marines for all most 6 years.

      Schools just dont understand college is college but the Marines is forever.

      1. Kay says:

        Then she’ll just have to leave her uniform off, wear her cap and gown, and change after the ceremony.

        By the way, she’s graduating from “high school”…not college. Says so right in the article you supposedly just read. Says it twice in fact.

    10. kevin says:


    11. GI says:

      what is your malfunction Marine. You cannot where your uniform underneath your cap and gown, your school says cap and gown and god damn it where a cap and gown. you quoted yourself that you belong to the Marine Corps. well guess what the Marine Corps and its Marines follow rules and regulations. Your school rules is cap and gown. Marine Corp rules forbids the dress blues from being worn under anything. so take your pick.

    12. PittWin says:

      Can’t do that. You can’t wear anything over your uniform unless it is authorized in the uniform regulations. I would rather be true to the Marines than appease North Allegheny High School.

    13. Michael Kendzierski says:

      Uniform regulations FORBID “mixing the military uniform with civilian attire. She is not allowed by regulation to wear the uniform with the cap and gown. Regulations ALSO stipulate that she wear what everyone else is wearing, a cap and gown.

    14. LR says:

      As nice as this sounds, it is against Military Regulations to put/wear anything other than authorized clothing over a Military Uniform. I’m a 16yr Vet and currently Married to a Soldier, and we BOTH agree that she should be allowed to wear her ‘new’ Uniform… some people just don’t understand the Pride that comes from wearing it…. and probably never will, no matter how blue in the face you get trying to explain it!

    15. sue says:

      that’s exacly what i think!

  2. Ron Hampe says:

    She earned the right – let her wear the uniform and be damn glad that unlike you she has enough pride in herself and her country to go out and earn it!

    1. dcarey says:

      As a member of the military she should be well aware that every day a “uniform of the day” is prescribed. The uniform of the day for graduation is a cap and gown.

      1. Sgt. says:

        Last I checked Dress Blue Bravos is authorized for Lieberty, an for graduation she should be allowed to wear her uniform.
        The School should be Honored in the fact that she is in the military, an that fact that she is graduating early and on the way to very sucessfull career.
        As you can tell i’m in the Military Too!!

      2. Blair says:

        I concur completely with dcarey here. Yes she should be proud of her accomplishments, however, as he mentioned, we do not get to just wear any uniform we want. Though the uniform my be authorized for the occasion, it is not what is prescribed. Sgt… if you are in the military, then you, just like she, should understand one word. Uniformity.

        Do you form up a unit with a random mix match of covered and uncovered, Alphas, Charlies, Deltas and MARPATs? No.. everyone wears the same thing. Regardless.

        btw… 17 year Navy vet and still serving.

      3. pete says:

        Exactly. Of all people, she should know what uniformity means. The school is correct not to make an ex ception, lest the next guy.wanting towear his hippie flower child suit or another their best Jack Daniels tee shirt. And its prefty unbe comming of a Marine to whine like a sissy civilian.

        BTW. Former Marine here.

      4. Proud Marine Mom says:

        I believe the word Blair meant to use is “conformity.” However, “anonymity” is what a recruit must first learn before earning the title of “Marine.” I’m sure Lindsay Starr understands this. The core values of the United States Marine Corps are “Honor,” “Courage” and “Commitment.” Honor the uniform you deserve to wear by NOT wearing it to your high school graduation. Everyone by now will already know you are a Marine! You don’t have to wear the uniform to prove it. Stay safe. Stay strong. Semper Fidelis

      5. jet says:

        damn skippy!

      6. David Israel says:

        Exactly, the uniform is meant NOT to draw attrention to the individual but to the unit. The unit here is her Senior Class!

      7. Michael Kendzierski says:

        You’re 100% correct dcarey – ALSO the unform regulations say that she should be “dressed in attire similar to what everyone else is wearing” So basically the USMC says that her “uniform of the day” is the cap and gown.

    2. Kay says:

      No, Proud Marine Mom…the proper word *is* the one Blair used…”uniformity”. It is NOT “conformity”. (Ask your Marine son/daughter…or google it if you don’t believe us.)

      Plus, as Blair also pointed out, there is a difference between “authorized” (meaning allowed) and “prescribed” (meaning that’s what you’ve got to wear.)

      The”Sgt” here, who wants us to believe him when he claims he’s in the military…and his poor spelling, typing, grammar, and punctuation don’t preclude him from being a member of the armed forces…also wants us to believe that being authorized to wear Dress Blues for “Leiberty” means that this young woman’s being allowed by the Marine Corps to wear them somehow demands that the school allow it, too. Not hardly.

      Of course, while on liberty, a Marine can mow the lawn, paint a house, work on a car, or go swimming…and does the Sgt. believe Marines should wear their Dress Blues then, too? Just because the Marine Corps regulations make it okay to do something in general doesn’t mean you actually should do it.

  3. david says:

    She should be allowed to wear uniform! The people on that school board should be fired for discrimination . Thank God she is serving Our Country and shame on that Administration!

    1. WHY says:

      NA should not be allowed to honor those students who are entering the military academies during graduation if they don’t let this young woman wear her uniform. They are all two-faced.

    2. Amy J. says:

      How is this discrimination? It would be discrimination against everyone else is she were given her own way. She should grow up and wear the cap/gown or don’t march. As part of the marines she will be expected to do things she doesn’t want to do, what then? Will she wine and pout to get her own way?I think she is an attention hound and selfish. She just wants to stand out and that’s not fair to all the other young people who worked hard to be there and graduate.

      1. Vanessa Scalia says:

        Hey Amy the word is whine, not wine. One you drink the other you do.

    3. Peggy says:

      David, you need to lookup discrimination in the dictionary for the real meaning.

      1. Spikeygrrl says:

        @Peggy: Hear, hear!

        I’ve been dinning at folks for literally more than three decades about that one…but nobody listens.

        Welcome to the REAL-LIFE age of NewSpeak, “the only language the vocabulary of which grows smaller every year.”

    4. Kay says:

      Honoring students is not at all the same thing as allowing them to wear something not in keeping with school traditions and requirements. There’s nothing two-faced about it. Any more than honoring someone for getting an athletic scholarship should allow them to walk across the stage in their football uniform.

      Indeed, if the winner of the athletic scholarship was turned down for wearing that football uniform rather than this being about a *military* uniform, I wonder just how many of the people posting here would take the same “let the kid do it” position.

  4. PBK says:

    Funny that at the Colleges the military grads are honored and given standing ovations. Yet, the small minded Admins can’t see beyond a “rule” for a damn good reason. This is real life, no one cares about the damn cap and gown or the colors.

    1. yeahisaidit says:

      I just graduated from college, and there were many people who were active duty in the military who flew in to participate, there were personnel from Japan, Germany, and in fact, there was a woman who just completed tour of duty in Afghanistan 2 weeks prior to graduating. All graduates wore cap and gown!

    2. Kay says:

      Sorry, but you’re wrong. When was the last graduation you actually went to? I just went to 3 of them (3 of my grandkids) and you don’t describe any of them.

      Oh…and the article said TWICE that this was a HIGH SCHOOL graduation. What’s with so many of you guys arguing about “colleges”??? Yeesh.

  5. ObamaHater says:

    she needs to realize that she HAS to follow the rules. if no one followed rules that were set, then we should act more like the entire muslim nations

    1. Semper Fi says:

      You are an idiot and a moron. This young lady is serving our country so ignorant dopes like you can say the stupid things you just said.
      I wouldn’t be suprised if you a board member in disguise.

      Thank you Lindsay for you courage and service.

    2. Chunk Norris says:

      i agree about the rules and Being a marine she should fully understand this and be willing to be tough and comply. the fact is that she is a very young marine. this will be one of many lessons.(no comment on the muslim reference)

      1. LUKE says:

        She is going to follow the rules, its the fact that she wants to wear her uniform an honor her country

      2. LUKE says:

        She is going to follow the rules, its the fact that she wants to wear her uniform an honor her country by wearing it.
        The school should be honored by letting her wear it .

      3. Justin says:

        This comment is for Luke – the only thing she is trying to honor is herself. She’s not honoring the USMC or the United States by wearing her uniform at her graduation, and she CERTAINLY isn’t honoring the USMC, the military or anyone by running to the media crying about it.

        She’s just wanting the attention.

    3. Vanessa Scalia says:

      Whole Muslim nations? Wow. That is a lot. Oh by the way your comment was just stupid.

  6. Trish says:

    Granted I respect her for serving our country and admire her decision to join the Marine’s…but that doesn’t give her any right to special treatment if it goes against a requirement or a rule at her high school. If they haven’t made exceptions for the other graduates who wanted to wear something other than the cap and gown, there is no reason that they should make an exception for her. Her status as a Marine doesn’t grant her special treatment at her high school graduation ceremony.

    I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Just wear the uniform under the cap and gown. Why does the news have to get involved?

    1. dhisrael says:

      I commend the school for sticking to their tradition. Today, everyone wants to be different. Everyone want some special dispensation of the rules in their favor. That is not what graduation is about. At my high school, a military school, we were required to wear black pants, socks shoes and tie with a white, starched shirt under our cap and gowns. We were to all look the same in our academic regalia. Even the faculty and board of education conformed. If you were to miss any of that attire; you did not walk or participate. There were no “if’s and’s or butts.” That was part of our military heritage: to follow directions and remain in decorum. Likewise we had military review where we were all in uniform. To participate in drill you had to conform. It is good training as the world is exactly that way. If you can’t dress the job you won’t get the job. As a person that has hired CEO’s and COO’s as well as over six hundred employees, I always counted grooming and dress in my evaluation of the person for the job. Dress like a manager and you might get the job of a manager. Dress like a custodian and you will get that job along the lines of a custodian. Apply for a job as a custodian but respect yourself by dressing in a suit and tie and you might become more that a laborer. It is all in what you want out of life. Graduation is not a parade of occupational dress-up; it is a solemn occasion honoring the achievements of the class in toto and is denigrated by deviations from the fringe.

    2. Vanessa Scalia says:

      Well you took time to get involved in this. I don’t think you should complain about the news. You didn’t have to read and comment, but you did. So I’m thinking it was a big deal to you.

  7. Karl Vaughn Hillwig says:

    As an Active Duty Air Force member I don’t think she should be allowed to wear that uniform for graduation.
    Granted and military branch encourages the wear of the Service Dress uniform when appropriate, with the exception of the Army during war time/conflicts, she is part of an delayed enlistment program. Yes, she graduated from Basic Training, but she has yet to graduate from her actual school. She is not currently, or should not be, getting paid to be in the Marines at this current moment. She was paid during basic and was put on hold since then.
    I respect her for joining the Marines and wanting to serve her country, but she has still not earned the right to wear it around freely when she wants. Once she graduates her school where she will learn her actual job in the Marines, then I would say she should be free to do so.

    1. D says:

      Nice words maybe technically she she shouldn’t wear it, but i think for the most part we are letting our soldiers down by not recognizing their efforts, and sacrafice. Let the woman wear the uniform. She’s a marine now anyway. The job comment is not strong enough sorry. It sounded deep, and knowledgable for a minute, but I had to weed out the fluff.

      1. Kay says:

        We recognize our troops efforts and sacrifice all the time. But that doesn’t mean that she gets to wear her Dress Blues whenever and wherever she wants.

        She asked. She was turned down. It should have ended there.

        But making a media fuss about not being able to wear what she wants when she wants is *not* appropriate and does *not* speak well of her. On the other hand, she *is* only 17, so I’ll cut her some slack. But I wouldn’t be surprised but what she gets a good talking to by a superior.

    2. 5811 MP says:

      WRONG!!! Once she or anyone else graduates boot camp, they are MARINES!! Her MOS will be her job title, but the main “job” so to speak of any Marine is infantry. Maybe thats how they do it in the Air Force, but not in the Marines. Its amazing they want to give her a hard time about the uniform. Have you seen some of the outfits these kids are wearing in this day and age?? God bless her, be safe, and as always SEMPER FI!!!

    3. MARINE says:

      Apparently the Air Force does things differently then the Marine Corps. As a fellow Marine that knows her personally I can tell you with all certianty that she is not part of the Delayed Entry Program, she is an Active Duty Marine, after graduating from Marine Corps Bootcamp you EARN the title MARINE, and with that title she earns the right to wear her uniform WHENEVER she wants! And yes she is currently being paid and will continue to get paid for her service to her country. I appreciate that fact that you respect her for joining but get your facts straight before you start talking about the rules and regulations for the Marine Corps

      1. Navy Veteran says:

        As a verteran I commend her for joining the military and wanting to serve this great nation. However, If she is infact a Marine, then in boot camp she was taught that there are rules to follow. She may not always like the rules, but she must follow them. The rules for her high school graduation state that a cap and gown should be worn. Being in the armed forces does not entitle her to wear the uniform WHENEVER she wants. This event is not a sanctioned military event and does not require dress uniform. Dress as required for graduation and then change into the dress blues aftwards.

      2. Wade says:

        This country is led by Civilians. Not the Military. The Commander In Chief is a Civilian. Therefore, this ceremony IS a civilian event and SHE should follow the rules of the civilian school. That IS what military is ALL about is obeying your superiors. She is wrong and Marty is being sillly.

      3. Joe says:

        whooa slow down there slick, no she cannot wear her uniform whenever she wants. where are you getting your information from? if shes at home yes she can wear what ever she wants, but the moment she steps out in public, she needs to make sure that her command has authorized her to wear said uniform. Marines follow rules and regulations. Marine Corps Regulation forbid anything to go on top of the dress blues. ie her gown for graduation. And the rules of the school is to wear a cap and gown for graduation. so shes in a catch 22 situation. which will she follow?

    4. Marine0351 says:

      I am a Marine, and I can tell you that the moment you finish graduation ceremonies at either San Diego or Parris Island, you are a Marine. Read the story again, your facts are a little off. The DEP is BEFORE you go to bootcamp, not after. She HAS earned the right to wear that uniform. You obviously dont know how the Marine Corps works, so untill you find out, dont post false statements.

      1. Nick says:

        I highly question your understanding of how the military works. She earned the right to wear the uniform but there is a time and place for everything. Try showing up to PT in dress blues and when questioned, tell them “I earned the right” Let us know how that works out for you.

    5. luke says:

      Actually once you graduate bootcamp you are a marine. If for some reason she doesn’t pass school, they find a new job field. so she is a marine.

  8. Had Enough in NA says:

    Also, North Allegheny requires each senior to purchase a cap and gown. Having two sons who graduated just a year apart who are the same size I asked if my younger son could wear the older son’s cap and gown and just purchase the tassel. No way. I am sure that NA gets a kickback from whoever they buy their stuff from. Not like they get enough tax money from their residents. This is one of the reason that it is good that the current superintendent’s reign of terror is coming to an end. I would wear it under my cap and gown and after getting the diploma…I would take off the cap and gown and leave it in a heap on the stage and march off proudly in my Marine uniform.

    1. Pico says:

      Typical NA style. Graduated from there in the 90s and glad I moved away and don’t pay taxes to NA. I’ve seen other school districts first hand, and although NA adimn and teachers act like some pompous, holier than though school, this shows it isn’t anything special. Other school districts have to worry about kids getting shot, stabbed, or even graduating; NA worries about the school image and making sure everyone conforms to wear the black (guys) and gold (girls). I’ll bet the admin would die if a guy wanted to wear gold and a girl wanted to wear black. I love their reasoning: “we just don’t do it”. I could see if everyone wanted to wear their Burger King or McDonald’s uniform or some other crazy outfit or funky colored wig, but it’s some young child who is willing to make a sacrifice to put her life on the line to join the military so we can live the lifestyles we do and so these fat admin types can make boat loads of cash off the backs of taxpayers (the new NA superintendent makes $190k/year). Maybe they should open their eyes, change their stupid policy, and make a damn exception for these soldiers.

      1. Kay says:

        Wow. Other schools have to worry about their kids getting shot, stabbed or even graduation…and NA doesn’t. They have a 99% graduation rate. And you think that makes North Allegheny BAD???? Because they have a uniform dress code? Jeez Louise.

        By the way, this young woman is NOT a “young child”. She’ll be an adult in a couple of months, so let’s not get silly here.

  9. Semper Fi says:

    A Marine is a marine the day the gradate boot camp. For anyone to say anthing different they must not be a Marine. Myself being a retired Marine thank this young lady for her service to our country but you must follow the rules, A Marine is trained to over come and adapt where it under your the gown then take it off. We are proud of you in whatever uniform you are wearing. God Bless Marine

    1. Dan says:

      Amen…. They don’t teach or encourage individuality, The Marine Corps instills Dedication and Good Order and Disipline. Marines follow orders, and if they encounter adversity, they adapt. Wear the uniform proudly under the gown, and then display it with pride that you deserve after the school has it’s ceremony.

  10. jim says:

    Once a Marine always a Marine the only Branch of Service that makes that proud statement. The school the young Marine went to probably is a good school. But it is ran by IDIOTS. Do they have any clue as to what this Marine went thru to wear that BEAUTIFUL UNIFORM probably not. But I bet they all sure are glad we have NO WARS here.

    This Marine is Proud of Her Country and Herself so let her walk the Marine walk.
    When she gets her Diploma tear away the Cap and Gown and stand there and let the Faculity see you did it YOUR WAY! And from a OL VET to a Young Marine
    thanks for being there and doing what you do. God Bless You MARINE

  11. Freddy says:

    Sometimes rules are just wrong. What type of example are we providing to the youth ? It’s not like were in the middle of 2 wars or anything regardless of your politics she should be supported. How much more of an issue is it now instead of just saying yes ? Notice they dont even given a reason just a ” we don’t do it ” . If this was the 60’s when things got protested they would change there tune.

    1. Kay says:

      Instead of attacking a school for having an enforced uniform dress code, you might want to look into how they compare with other schools in the area that don’t. (This particular high school school has a 99% graduation rate…does *your* local high school???)

      You also might want to do a little investigating into the impact and value of having enforced uniform dress codes. There is a demonstrably positive impact even something as simply as a dress code can have on troubled or low-performing schools. So let’s not kneejerk here, OK? 99% graduation rates are *not* the norm in this country.

  12. Clay Wilcher says:

    The Admins are idiots. They are supposed to be educators, try to act like one. Show some respect. These young men and women have earned the right to wear the uniform of the United States, and I mean earned, it is not handed to you. They have more pride, guts and loyalty thans those pea brains will ever have. They have done something those idiots can’t, earned a place in the United States Military. The Admins owe her, you and I owe her. Have you ever served in the military? I say fire the Admins.

  13. Mayor of GBD says:

    And what about volunteer fireman? would they be offered the same respect? Hmmmm. Wear what you want under it, but it’s ALL caps and gowns.

    1. Semper Fi says:

      Another idiot out of the wood work.

      1. HS not Marine grad says:

        Semper Fi, if you were a marine thanks for your service to our country. She will have (or has had) the opportunity to wear her dress blues in a military graduation setting. This is a high school graduation ceremony, lets respect all the students of NA who worked hard for this accomplishment.

  14. lumbergh says:

    At Sto-Rox H.S.’s graduation all the youngsters should prepare for their future by wearing county jail uniforms.

  15. dean says:

    This is outrageous, this shouldent even be a question. she is doing more than those slow minded admins ever will and the are too thick headed to see past one rule. Na can suck it

  16. Floyd Hoss says:


  17. Sgt.Carter says:

    If she graduated from culinary school or welding school should she have the right to wear a chefs outfit or a welding helmet? The Marines teach honor and respect for your superiors…….follow orders Marine!

    1. Bob says:

      I agree, just because it is a military uniform it is no different than medical scrubs, police uniform, etc., the school has rules, as a former teacher I was there to teach society has rules unlike parents of today who don’t think rules apply to there little darlings.

      1. Thanks for serving says:

        Agree!! I graduated from modeling school, can I wear my bikini to my graduation? My parents taught me to respect many things, two of those things…the rules and our military. Sorry, wear the cap and gown, commencement is about the completion of high school, an accomplishment to be proud of! Once you grant a request like this then you have people wanting to wear all sorts of other things. Precedence is a long known legal battle, you let her wear her uniform, why can’t my son wear his chefs uniform or my daughter her bikini, it would be discriminatory. Thank you for serving our country so I can sleep in a free country but for commencement be a high school grad, that’s what the night is about!

      2. Don says:

        @ Thanks for serving….Are you seriouly comparing a bikini to a military uniform??? Modeling school to the marines? Really??? Are you serious??? My son and daughter are both serving in the military, my son is overseas but he can’t tell us exactly where, and my daughter is somewhere off the coast of Africa. I lose sleep at night wondering if my children will come home safely. What do you lose sleep over? What color lipstick to wear to the photoshoot? Get real!!!!

      3. Jamie says:

        Don, I agree!!!!! “Thanks for serving” is an IDOT!!!!! Some people have no worth of value or pride. Id wear my Dress Blues under my gown and when I was on stage seated wth everyone, Id take the gown off and leave my dress blues on. I have never heard of such a rule wear a person ion the armed services is not allowed to wear ther uniform. I know my school would be proud that we had someone serving in the UNITED STATES MILITARY! My brother is in teh United STates Marines and has been to Afighanistan, my school shows their respect for him and the others serving in the Military by having a glass case set up with pictures of all of the gradutates who serve in the military and pictures etc. I am appalled at the idiots on here and disgusted in NA!!!!!

      4. Charlie says:

        You see a difference between a military uniform and other “uniforms”. (I happen to agree with you.) But I can guarantee that sooner or later someone will want to wear their (non-military) “uniform” to graduation and as fast as you can spell lawsuit, they will point to the precedent set when the Marine was allowed to wear her uniform to graduation and point out that their “uniform” is just as important to them as this girl’s dress blues are to her. And unfortunately, I would expect the courts to uphold the suit. You really don’t want this camel’s nose under this tent.
        We are proud of you, Marine. And that won’t change regardless of what you wear to graduation.

      5. Lisa says:

        I agree, suppose all the parents showed up in their work uniforms,medical scrubs, ect, instead of dressing up for the occasion. She just wants to stand out, well good luck to her, she chose her path and her job that she gets paid to do by the federal government, she is not entitiled to any special treatment from her high school. Enjoy graduation and wear the cap and gown you earned it.

      6. Lisa says:

        @Don, what branch of the service did you work in? Why worry so much, your kids are just doing THEIR JOB that they CHOSE and get PAID to do, with medical benefits and continued lifetime medical benefits paid for by us, the taxpayer. It’s no different than any other dangerous job. Seriosly millitary people need to get off their high horse, they are no better or different than any other working American.

      7. kym says:

        No where in the article does it say she will not follow orders. She will wear the Cap and Gown (and hopefully her Marine uniform underneath). My take on the article is that she has asked to where the uniform and doesn’t understand why she can’t (I don’t either). How can you compare learning a trade ( welding and cooking ) to being a marine? You can’t!!!

      8. Proud Marine Mom says:

        Lisa: I feel very sorry for you, but I hope you sleep well tonight in your warm, safe bed. Voluntarily enlisting during time of war takes tremendous courage. It’s NOT just another dangerous job. When that recruit takes the oath, he or she knows that it’s not a matter of IF deployment is in the future, but a matter of WHEN. I thank God every day we have such brave souls in our midst. Yes, these courageous volunteers CHOOSE their path, CHOOSE a dangerous job, NOT because they get paid (trust me, the pay is lousy), NOT because they expect special treatment (trust me, they don’t receive much recognition — but sometimes disrespect — especially when getting shot at, or blown up, or giving the last full measure of devotion), and NOT so they can ride on a “high horse” (trust me, gunner position atop a humvee isn’t very glorious) — but they do it because they put Country first. And I believe that makes them DIFFERENT FROM (and perhaps even BETTER THAN ) other working Americans! Semper Fidelis

    2. WOW says:

      I think it is admirable what she has done, however, I thought one of the things you learn in the military is how to follow orders (rules). If that is the school policy…respect that. If it is ok to wear the uniform whenever you want while you are off duty (?), wear it under the gown and take it off after the ceremony. If you are proud of your uniform, then you will still be proud without everyone seeing it. You are supposed to BE a Marine to the bone. Is it it really necessary to buck the system so everyone sees your uniform?

      1. thanks for serving says:

        Jamie and Don you need to first unbunch your shorts and see the sarcasm in my modeling school comment! If your read the whole post would have seen that I was indeed taught to respect the military, my own Father was Army. The point isn’t whether she is proud or whether the school is proud of it’s students who go into the military. The point is it is a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. There are other worthy individuals that put their lives on the line, high school students who volunteer as fireman and run into burning buildings while others are running out…they don’t get to wear the uniforms. High school students who volunteer in EMS who walk away from the dinner table, get up in the middle of the night to answer calls to help others in need. (BTW many people in fire and EMS are killed each year. There are rules. Sgt.Carter stated what if she had graduated from chef school or welding school and I played off of that, simply put. I absolutely respect our military, Don I will pray for you children and Jamie your brother as I pray for my own family actively serving. As for what Iose sleep over, I lose sleep worrying about the world my two children are inhering, that I raise them to be respectful responsible members of society, that they’ll live long and happy lives. In in that worrying, I teach them to be respectful and follow the rules. NA’s graduation is about the class of 2011 not one girl’s military service.

    3. Chunk Norris says:

      Could you Please REPEAT that last part for all to hear!
      This is the best and only comment this issue really needs.
      Follow Orders Marine.

  18. Brother Rhaan Wilkes says:

    It would be perceived also as a recruitment gesture also, wearing that uniform, which is not permitted; especially at such a widely attended forum.

  19. Proud Army Mom says:

    There is no reason why she should not be permitted to wear her dress blues regardless of what the school said. Your graduation cap and gown cover what you are wearing, so what’s the difference. At my son’s graduation last year, they had all those who had enlisted stand up to be recognized for what they were about to embark on and to show their support. They also recognized all those currently serving that were in attendance and those who served before them. It’s an honor to show your respect to those who are about to put their lives on the line for our freedom. She should most definitely be permitted to wear her uniform; she is proud of what she is doing with her life (serving our country) and I’m proud of her for making that decision and I don’t even know her.

    1. Really??? says:

      Proud Army Mom, may God keep your child safe as he serves to protect our freedom. I think the debate though is that she doesn’t want to wear the cap and gown over her uniform, she wants to wear it alone. So looking down at the sea of black and gold you would see her dress blues. Any young person who serves should be admired but for one night wear the cap and gown over the dress blues, let this be about high school. She has her entire life to wear her uniform with pride, she only has one night to be a high school grad.

  20. Mt. Washington Mouse says:

    You go Marine. Do what your heart tells you to do. Go to the Graduation and sit with your parents in uniform and be proud. You EARNED this right. Those people who make these rules will never understand what you accomplished. After the ceremony walk up and get your diploma or tell them to send it to you. I worked with your Force Recon being a 20 year Navy Vet who worked small boats and I must say they are the most professional people I have ever met. GOOD LUCK MARINE.

    1. Justin says:

      “Do what your heart tells you to do”

      If you served 20 years in the Navy, hopefully you see the irony of your statement.

  21. John D. says:

    What you see here is the unfortunate result of the end of the draft and administrators who sought college to avoid Vietnam. They likely will never understand Duty, Honor, Country, and conveniently cling to “da rules”. Trying to square those administrators against a Patriot who willingly and without duress enlisted in the Corps is an impossible task.

    I would never suggest that this Marine sully the uniform by defiantly walking for her diploma in the face of “da rules”, but perhaps the parents of the students of NA might wish to consider asking the administrators to simply mail diplomas to the students’ homes. What if they gave a graduation and nobody came?

  22. Ensign Parker says:

    Pitt graduated many Marines Navy Army and Air Force officers in May! They all wore cap and gowns and will go on to lead airmen, sailors soldiers and Marines in the years ahead. Go scrub the latrine at Camp Lejeune…Marine!

    1. Semper Fi says:

      I’m sure you weren’t one of the graduates at Pitt, I would have to say probably a disgruntled janitor some where who is a wanna be.
      Tough person behind the words.
      Probably still live at home with your mommy in the basement, and gets breast fed by your mommy.

      Thank you Lindsay, if you should read any of these negative posts, adapt and ignore.

    2. luke says:

      Yah because they HAVEN”T gone to OCS yet, just because mommy and daddy paid most of their way through college doesn’t give them the right to wear a uniform they haven’t earned.

      1. Dave says:

        ROTC students don’t go through OCS. When they graduate they are commissioned officers

  23. Mike says:

    What a shame this is happening. There is a legitimate argument to be made that NA is violating this young woman’s First Amendment right to freedom of speech, which protects expressive conduct (like wearing certain clothing), as well as actual words. If I were here, I would consider consulting with an attorney.

    1. Really??? says:

      Lawyer up Mike the great American way! I want to wear my bikini or better yet nothing at all… We have rules in society, follow them, simple. Or do think the furries listed below should be allowed to wear their animal costumes as well, isn’t that their right? People really abuse that First Amendment! The intent was so we could not be beheaded for speaking against the Crown, not so we could wear whatever we wanted to a high school grad ceremony!

      1. Mike says:

        The gross level of ignorance demonstrated in your reply indicates that you have little to know understanding of the legal issues to which I was referring. In any event, no reasonable person would attempt to claim that the First Amendment provides a license to say or do whatever one might like. However, it may provide protection as to the conduct this young women in question wishes to engage. Thus, it might be prudent for her to seek professional legal advice. Society does, indeed, have rules. But when government infringes upon an individual’s right, the law provides a remedy. And there is nothing wrong with availing oneself of that remedy.

      2. Devil Dog and Ranger says:

        Mike-You obviously don’t know anything about the 1st Amendment. Go to law school and read up on cases and do case briefs.

    2. Peggy says:

      Mike it’s “no” not “know” and it’s NOT a freedom of speech issue.

      1. Facts please says:

        @Mike please clarify, in your first post you said it violated her First Amendment rights, specifically that “protects expressive conduct (like wearing certain clothing)” Your rebuttal to the challenge of exactly how her First Amendment rights are being denied simply says “it may provide protection as to the conduct this young women in question wishes to engage.” And what exactly is the remedy to law provides to you wish to avail her to?
        No violation here. She is permitted to participate in the commencement as is every other grad. She asked for special treatment (ie wearing something special) and was denied. Period!

  24. The Furries says:

    We demand that all graduates be allowed to wear animal costumes of their choice!

    1. Chunk Norris says:

      Can all those who also attend Clown College hang with the Furries during graduation,they seem to have no place to else to fit in. thanx a lot.

  25. Really??? says:

    Seriously, your going to pull the race card on this??? I hope the sun rises tomorrow or we can say it didn’t because it didn’t want to shine on the colored people. Give me a large break here. NA has had requests to wear military uniforms in the past from both caucasian and Asian students and they were denied. If they had allowed her to wear hers then it would have been racist. Come on we all bleed red no matter what the outer wrapping is! Lets have a legit discussion without crying racist here.

    1. really??? says:

      I had responded to a comment about racism, looks like it has been pulled. Sorry my comment doesn’t make sense without the original

  26. THIRTY-YEAR VET says:

    As a 30 year Army Vetern I can truly understand the pride this young lady feels for the military and our country. But she must remember this is a high school class event and wearing that uniform gives the appearance that she is privileged.
    There will be many times and places for that uniform and the appreciation people will show for her patriotism, but for now she should conform to the policies of the school.

  27. Proud of her!! says:

    This is exactly why I pulled my own son from this pathetic school system. The administrators in this school system should be thanking her for her decision. I bet if she were writing a check to the athletic department or the music department she would be allowed to wear whatever she wanted. If I were her I would not walk. I would stand outside wearing the uniform that she has earned the right to wear. Trust me. It means more to wear the uniform than it will ever mean to have a piece of paper from NA. I am disgusted by the administration and the staff of this school. They should be thankful! I am proud of you Ms. Starr. Thank you for your choice.

    1. Pitt Fan says:

      Yep, high school diplomas meaning nothing, right? Follow the rules, isn’t that what they teach you in the Marines?

      Oh, and I REALLY hope you aren’t home-schooling your kids that you “pulled out” of public schools. They’ll end up as dumb as you.

      1. Proud of Her!!! says:

        Seeing as you know nothing about me I will fill you in. As far as home schooling my child that isn’t a possibility because I am busy working everyday in a white collar job. Oh and by the way I earned my first four year degree using the money I earned serving my country. I earned my other four year degree using the paycheck I earned from my job that I had as a result of my service. My masters degree was a result of my current position and I am almost finished with my doctorate. You are spewing comments about me when the article is about a 17 year old high school student. So please spare me your “dumb” comments. You might want to think before you open your mouth and choose to belittle people you don’t even know. It really does show your level of education. I don’t have to make a single comment about you.

        Again… Very proud of Ms. Starr.

  28. rsq says:

    semrer fi here too but she better learn to follow rules and regulations is she looking for a lawsuit for money before she ships out or what wear it to the prom if you want to be on display show some respect for the school rules and regulations old school x marine

    1. DocBonesaw says:

      @RSQ I think Not. No Marine would ever call themselves an X-Marine or use the lower case on the title Marine. Prior-Service, Old Corps or just a Marine; would be the appropriate reference.RSQ, quit faking and step off this subject.
      I disagree with the policy from the school but, it is their policy. I would sit out the graduation and snub the school. The diploma is a piece of paper and will never compare with her earning the title of Marine. In my opinion wearing of the uniform is equivalent of the Honors Society cowl worn by many showing service above and beyond what is required to graduate.

  29. USA says:

    are you one of the admins? probably since you think wearing a cap and gown is more admorable than wearing United States Marines dress blues? Who do you think fights for your freedom? Your are dumb

    1. Martin V says:

      here here. God save the republic

  30. Ming the Merciless says:

    Ming does not suffer fools and that includes ass hole school board members this young lady has gone above and beyond here classmates and deserves to wear her uniform. period.

  31. Joanne says:

    I appreciate the pride this young Marine feels in her accomplishment, but as a Marine, she should also understand discipline. The school’s discipline is to wear a cap and gown for graduation. Her early graduation is her high school recognition. Becoming a Marine, at 17 or 18 or whatever is not a high school recognition. ROTC students do not wear their dress uniforms to graduation at this high school, do they? Looking for media attention and making this an emotional matter is not befitting the honor of the uniform. I’m with the Thirty-Year Vet. And shame on anyone trying to play the race card here. You also dishonor this young woman.

  32. Wendy Miles says:

    wear them under the gown. rules are rules and she should follow them same as the rest of the class

    1. Wendy Miles says:

      As a marine one of the things they are taught is to be obedient. No one said she couldn’t wear it she just has to put a gown over it. Rules are meant to be followed and what kind of example would she be setting if she was allowed to break the rules.SHAME ON YOU KDKA FOR MAKING AN ISSUE OUT OF THIS!!!!

    2. MARTY GRIFFIN says:


      1. BOB says:

        Are you not the one that interviewed her! If that is the case wow that says alot about your news station!!! how are you even gonna say anything!!

  33. Joe says:

    I can’t believe the idiots on this board. Violating her First Admendment rights. The First Admendment doesn’t give you the right to wear what you want. In the Marines she’s given a uniform to wear. She can’t go around in shorts and a t-shirt. NA has a uniform for graduation. It a cap and gown. Wear it or stay home.

  34. Frank says:

    It is a shame that the administration fails to realize, that this young women has stepped up to protect the very rights that they enjoy. I seriously doubt, that they served in the military, but enjoy the benefits of a country which these volunteers take an oath to defend. Wearing the uniform gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. She should be permitted to wear it. Why are so many educators afraid of the military that they go out of their way to put it down?
    I remember all the cowards who ran to Canada to avoid the draft. Where are they now? Maybe, they flocked into the education field after the war was over..

  35. Ava says:

    Wearing a cap and gown was the official culmination of being a high school student so I was happy to wear one. I admire this girl for what she’s done but she’s still so young yet she’s made this very adult decision to join the military. I just think sentimentally she should don the cap & gown as one final “send off” to her teenage years. She’ll wear the Marine uniform for the rest of her life…

  36. Mo says:

    Maybe she can wear her NA letter jacket into battle in Afghanistan

  37. Tenderfoot says:

    I believe that adults have lost their ability to be judicial. She is asking to wear the uniform of the United States Marine Corp. She is not asking to wear the uniform of a professional sports team.

    How silly is it that “adults” cannot get away from “Policy” and make decisions that are both fair and just. I can easily see this decision being made on a college campus, what with all the Anti-Americanism that is openly shown at that level, but a Western PA High School???

    Let this young Marine wear her uniform to receive her high school diploma.

  38. how to handle it says:

    She should be just as proud to wear her cap and gown as she would to wear her uniform. How about she wears the uniform under the cap and gown. Then take it off after she receives the diploma. They won’t have anything to say after that.

  39. ExNavy says:

    Whether she gets to wear her dress uniform at her high school graduation or not, I can absolutely guarantee you that her lifelong pride and memories will be of her sevice in the Marine Corp, not her time at North Allegheny HS! As others have suggested, I would wear my dress uniform under the graduation gown and, after receiving my diploma, would remove the gown and stand on stage as a Marine! Not having her Marine cover on wouldn’t be a problem since you are not supposed to be covered indoors anyway.

    1. classof2011 says:

      Shouldn’t the graduation ceremony be about all 700 of us as a class? Since i’m going to nursing school can i wear my scrubs? What about the kids that had to wait until after graduation to join the military. She deserves NO special treatment nor is it right of her to be attemping to draw extra attention to herself at our commencement. I can promise you that myself and the students graduating with me will be pretty outraged if this is turned to be about her because of her or her parents actions.

      1. luke says:

        You tell me are you serving this country I say nope and this nation with all its politcal correctness tries to please everyone, and its people like you that will Cry and complain because somthing didn’t go his or hers way.
        In my personal opinion go sit in the corner an cry like a little two year old, your not the one in the Marines serving our great nation. You will never no the difficulties of boot camp. You haven’t even graduated Nursing school yet, so what makes you think the school should let you wear your scrubs before you even graduated

      2. classof2011 says:

        @luke First of all, I think it would be intelligent of you to brush up on your grammar skills before posting a comment on here. Not saying boot camp isn’t tough or anything, BUT what about the kids that graduated with over a 4.0 gpa, that are going Ivy League schools? Where’s their special recognition aside from their names on a piece of paper or some honors cords hanging around their neck? Also, do the ROTC kids wear their uniforms for graduation? Some of them have been serving in the ROTC for 4 years now, and they’re not wearing their uniforms… OR “whining” about it. I’m not crying in any corner, I think everyone needs to look at the big picture here, and realized that we are ALL accomplishing something great tomorrow night, and it is about each and every one of us being recognized as the graduating class of 2011.

      3. hjk says:

        Actually, scrubs are not official dress uniforms. Anyone can buy a set of scrubs to wear (they’re comfy). Doctors and nurses have “dress” uniforms that they (in most cases) wear when they graduate their respective medical schools. Only service members are allowed to wear a current, sanctioned US military uniform. Those uniforms are not like scrubs, or a bikini, or a welder’s protective gear. From the comments in the article, it sounds like this young woman is proud of the military and its honorable role in our country’s traditions. It appears that she would like to show that she is a proud part of that tradition. It is certainly not unheard of for graduates in similar situations to be honored at their commencement ceremony. She is not asking for more than being recognized for her accomplishments during her high school years, just like the other graduates who receive honor cords, mantles, and the like

  40. YES WE CAN party says:

    I feel the school should loose all federal funds due to this action.

    1. KJ says:

      That would be punishing future students, not the Admins.

    2. Teacher says:

      lose, not loose

      1. Pico says:

        How about using punctuation? You must be one of those overpaid North Allegheny teachers I hear so much about.

    3. Amy J. says:

      Losse federal fund? For having rules? What exactly would that solve?

  41. YES WE CAN party says:

    I feel the school should loose all federal funds due to this action.

  42. Don says:

    Lindsay…Congrats to you and thank you for serving our great county!!! You are truly an amazing young woman and Marine. God bless!!

  43. Bernie says:

    I’ve been to NA commencements before. They always honor the students who are entering (or have already entered) the military.

    I am sure that they will do the same thing tomorrow and that Lindsay will get a huge ovation.

  44. classof2011 says:

    I am a Senior at North Allegheny and will be graduating with Lindsay tomorrow night. I don’t understand why she can’t wear her cap and gown like the other 700 kids she is graduating with. I understanf that she has made an amazing accomplishment, but it is a rule. I’m sure in the Marines, she is used to following rules. Also, isn’t there a female uniform with a skirt? Why can’t she wear that, with her cap and gown over it? We wear our caps and gowns as one, and she should be given no special treatment because of that accomplishment. Our football team won states this year, so should they get to wear their football uniforms instead of their caps & gowns? No, absolutely not. It’s a school rule for dress at commencement.
    Boys: dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, dark slacks, dark socks.
    Girls: dress, or blouse and skirt, no slacks, and dress must be above the bottom of the gown.
    It’s really not that difficult. Just follow the rules. North Allegheny is a great school district, so people need to stop blaming them for everything that goes wrong. How dare anyone point fingers at the student……
    People make me laugh.

    1. Parent & Citizen says:

      This comment, from a member of the actual graduating class, is the most insightful and articulate perspective posted in this forum.

      This commencement ceremony is an event to celebrate this student body’s completion of the academic requirements of our public education system. Nothing more…nothing less.

      The school district has a duty to establish policy. The school administration and board have a duty to apply policy. They have done so. The policy is reasonable. Patriotism isn’t the issue here.

    2. Proud of her !! says:

      classof2011 – Please, please do not let the ignorant comments on this website take away from the celebration that you have also earned. You worked hard and do deserve to be recognized. I just hope that you realize that you are able to do so because of the choices made by people like Ms.Starr. This article has struck a nerve and as a result your class will have to have it humming in the background of your graduation. But keep in mind it is in the background. All of your class are shining in the forefront this Friday.

      1. classof2011 says:

        It’s unbelievably difficult to actually sit here and see that this is turning into a circus. Nothing short of one either. It disgusts me that you to go the foxnews website and this is national news. What warrants that? Just because someone can’t follow the rules. Our graduation is now focused on one person. Absolutely disgraceful.

    3. marilyn says:

      I agree with this senior graduating. She should not stand out over the other students graduating. She will have more than enough time in the future to wear her Marine uniform. We thank her for serving our country but at this time she is graduating as a “senior” and wear her cap and gown and be proud of that. Everyone wants to change the “rules”. There is a dress code for graduation, just follow it.

  45. rob says:

    My advice to this young Marine is to wear her uniform and call the press. Let the nation see a school official pull her off the stage. Please, wear your uniform and let the school officials figure it out.

    1. Really??? says:

      yes, lets the whole world see a Marine who didn’t learn obedience, respect or the ability to follow the rules while at basic training!

      1. Amy J says:

        I agree. Being a marine is about obedience and respect. They are taught to follow orders and to be a team player. If she can’t follow this one simple task then what will she do in the future? There are going to be many times she doesn’t get her own way and the consequences of disobedience will be a lot more harsh then not marching in a high school graduation if she doesn’t learn this.

    2. Jamie says:

      I agree Rob!!!!!!!!!!! Thats exactly what I would do, because then this story will get national recognition, just like it should!!!

  46. Lisa Taylor says:

    How about this listeners pledge money to whom ever runs against this unpatriotic school board.

  47. Dan says:

    I am proud of the young lad’s accomplishment, being a Marine is a large milestone. However, the graduation isn’t the place to want to be different, the ceremony of graduation of peers, wearing “TRADITIONAL” attire.
    She should wear the unifom under the gown, and then display it proudly, upon completion of commencement.
    One of the first things they remove in Marine Basic training is individuality, and to focus on a team concept. So she needs to get within school regulation, display the intregity the Marine Corp epitomises, and fall into rank.
    Semper Fi…

    1. Navy Veteran says:

      Dan, your comment is right on the money. By allowing her to call attention to herself on stage takes away from the other individuals who are graduating.
      If we begin to bend the rules for this person, then others will ask for the same exemption. You will begin to get others who are Boy Scouts or volunteer firefighters asking to wear their uniforms. Firefighters endanger their lives to save us domestically. Should we allow that?
      As I stated in another post above, I commend her for entering the military. She should be very proud. She must, however, follow the rules set for her as taught in boot camp.

    2. Andrew says:

      Dan, I so agree with your statement that basic training aims to eliminate individuality. I think the Marine spokesperson Maj. Carl Redding summed up what needs to be done in a statement to FoxNews, by saying, “As Marines, we respect the rules and regulations of all levels of government.” That’s a core principle in the Marine. Hence, if Lindsay aspires to be one, she should unquestionably follow that principle. If she can’t follow the school’s simple rule, as a ranking officer, I would question her capability to follow harsher rules.

    3. Bo says:

      Spot on Dan.

      Semper Fidelis

  48. Dan says:

    ” young lady’s” oops

  49. Melissa Bulfone says:

    I do not know Lindsay, nor do I reside in North Allegheny. However, I would like to congratulate her on an amazing selfless accomplishment. To not only graduate high school but also Marine Boot Camp deserves recognition.

    Everybody can debate what they feel is “right”. Me I just want to thank her and wish her the best of luck. She will have a great future ahead of her.

    I shared her article on my FB page in honor of her. Please do the same.

    Thank You Lindsay!!!!

  50. Hoorah says:

    Military attire has nothing to do with graduation. Everyone preaches of the sacrifice, but this particular girl has not made such a sacrifice or even contributed to the cause as of yet. Not many people do not understand that wearing the uniform proudly out and about is something that you must earn over time, not just because you got out of boot camp. Only people of former military service understand that concept. She’s just another 17 year old girl who’s graduating high school. The main reason she wants to wear the uniform, just like most others who do this, is to be a show off. This graduation is not about her, so there’s no need to make her a special case. The graduation is for all of those who graduated in general.


      In the Marine Corps, graduating from bootcamp means that infact you have earned the right to wear that uniform. This young lady has already sacrificed her blood sweat and tears to become a United States Marine, DO NOT take that away from her. She sacraficed the opportunity to go to college at Florida A&M because she felt the duty to serve her country. She is not just another 17 year old girl graduating from high school, she is a UNTIED STATES MARINE. And she already graduated from high school, she actually graduated 5 months early so that she could go to bootcamp and become a Marine. She has her diploma, she just wanted the opportunity to walk at graduation with her classmates in her dress blues

      1. Chunk Norris says:

        What if she want to wear her school cap and gown colors at Marine Boot camp graduation because she was proud she didn’t have a GED?

        I say be proud Marine, but show respect, and the follow orders and policy of the institution you are gratuating from.

    2. classof2011 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. This day is about all of us, and not just her. . .

      1. Support for 2011 says:

        @MARINE STAFF SERGEANT I don’t think anyone is attempting to take her sacrifice away. She has made an admirable choice in life. NA will honor all the students who will be joining the military. Why must she take away from the other students who are graduating by turning this into a media circus? She can wear her uniform under gown. She has one chance to wear the HS cap and gown and a lifetime to wear her Marine uniform. I hope she wears it with pride and may God protect her as she serves.

      2. Proud of her!! says:

        I think it should be pointed out that she is not taking away from all of the graduating class of NA. The people posting on this website (myself included) are making a complete circus of this. I have not seen a single posting identified as Ms.Starr on here.

        @Marine Staff Sergeant – you are so right on the money regarding the sacrifices that she has already made. Truth be told she will have more memories and trial in the service than she could ever have as a NA student. Everyone on this website who have decided it was correct to mock and/or insult her should be ashamed. I hope they sleep well tonight knowing that they are protected.

  51. Jack Abbit says:

    I think the Admin should reconsider. This girl is willing to give her life for her country, give her a little respect.

  52. DRizz says:

    It a graduation from school not some military academy. She would wear a cap and gown. It doesn’t even make sense to wear a uniform at a school event.

  53. Chunk Norris says:

    Adapt Improvise, and over come. C’mon young Marine, you know who and what you are , I say, follow the policy, stay proud and move on.

  54. Kym says:

    Wear the Uniform and wear it with pride!!! The Admins at the school and these other idiots who commented have no clue!!! If its ok for you to fight for our country and freedom then there should be no issue with wearing the uniform at your high school graduation ceremony.

  55. Dave says:

    Good job to the young Marine, I know that you were taught about being a unit and not an individual during boot camp, so bring these principles to your high school graduation. There is nothing saying that she can not wear her uniform under her cap and gown. The school has rules and regulations much like the Marines have rules and regulations, she should follow them. If the school allows her to be an individual and wear her uniform then why not let that football player recruited by Penn St. to wear his football uniform. Or why not let the Eagle Scout wear his Boy Scout uniform. The rules are the rules, follow them as you have been taught to during your training. Wear your uniform that you deserve to wear under your cap and gown, or don’t go to the graduation. This day is about your entire class not just you. Individuals can’t make it alone.

    1. Yerkel says:

      Y’ur not even gunna see the rest of those peeple, for quite awhile, if ever, again. That’s one group you’ll shed as you grow up and beyond.

  56. Linda says:

    She should wear her uniform, get her diploma and take off the gown and bow to the audience wearing her proud uniform, Thanks for protecting our country!

  57. steve says:

    In reality she should be allowed to wear her uniform for defending this country. I for one am proud of this girl for doing something few do. I know she wants to walk down the aisle and graduate with her class, but if i was her i would tell them to kiss my red white and blue ass

  58. Tony W. says:

    Those who can’t, teach.

  59. Richard Smith says:

    I say wear the uniform under the gown and just before going to get your diploma take it off what will they do escort you out with everyone around? I think not. Go for it and think you for your service SEMPER FI

  60. Chunk Norris says:

    What about the Eagle Scouts?

  61. NA Class of 2011 says:

    What about the rest of us you self centered egotistical biatch ……and I don’t mean Marty

    1. Classof2011 says:

      I’m assuming you’re graduating tomorrow night as well. I’m going to be real disgusted if this turns into a circus and this girl causes a scene for OUR high school graduation… Not just hers.

      1. Pico says:

        suck it up future Burger King manager…

    2. classof2011 says:

      Burger King manager? Yeah, good one “Pico.” Watch her get booed tomorrow night, then we’ll see who needs to suck it up… her.

      1. Kris says:

        This is such a typical response from an NA person. NA did the same thing to Christina Aguliera when she went to school – sounds like jealousy to me. The Marine is getting more attention than you, so you’re in a rage. While I don’t agree with the Marine wearing her uniform, I don’t agree with you bad mouthing her to the point of booing her. You need to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your cohorts. My experience with NA people is that they are very spoiled, bratty, entitled snobs, and your words confirm that.

  62. Joe says:

    I think you need to consider why Marines wear uniforms and not just have everyone wear what they want. It’s to have a cohesive unit with something to connect the troops together. The idea of caps and gowns at graduation is the same. Sometimes the males and females wear different colors but all the males and all the females are alike. It identifies the graduates and ties them to the class of 2011. Someone in the audience could wear their Marine uniform and you wouldn’t know if they were a graduating student or not. Stand your ground NA Admin.

  63. Peggy says:

    Lindsey, your a Marine now. Grow up and stop whining!

    1. Pico says:

      Hi Peggy, hopefully you’re beautiful b/c you appear to be stupid (notice how I correctly used the word “you’re” instead of “your”). Lindsay is still a child at age 17, but by becoming a Marine, she’s probably done more in her 17 years of life then you or your family will do collectively over your entire lives.

      1. Peggy says:

        Pico, it steel don’t give her special preeveliges over the rest of her classmates 😀

      2. Damocles says:

        Peegy, I don’t think you quite understand. When you’re a Marine you’re a winner, when you’re a Whiner (or a Weiner), you’re a loser.

  64. Jim McLeod says:

    I’m a Navy veteran, with a son in the Army and a son-in-law in the Corps. This sort of issue has come up before, at other schools, with different outcomes.

    My view is that her uniform reflects greater credit upon herself and the school than the cap and gown ever could. Her accomplishment of becoming a Marine at 17 means that she has already accomplished more than many of the students and adult participants and guests at the ceremony ever will.

    In these modern times, when the American flag cannot be displayed, or the Pledge of Allegience recited, we as a country are diminished. We ought to seek opportunities to build on our sense of patriotism.

    If it were my decision, I would encourage her to wear her uniform with pride. To permit her to do so would fill her with pride and serve as an inspration, and reflect well upon her school as well.

    I take task with the comparison of her uniform to other clothing; a military uniform is not the same as professional attire from other vocations (such as a doctor’s scrubs or a nurse’s lab coat).

    1. marilyn says:

      Jim I appreciate all that you and your son and son-in-law have done. I have a sister and brother-in-law who have both served in active duty in the Air Force. Neither of them wear their “dress blues” to flaunt the fact they are in the service. Also your comment about “she has accomplished more than many of the students” I take UMBRAGE with that comment. There are probably some students who worked extremely hard for that diploma. Don’t short-change the youth of today. Who are you to tell who has accomplished more than others? Accomplishments are not measured by a uniform.

      1. Facts please says:

        I agree marilyn! Jim please don’t imply that someone who goes to college, then 4 years of medical school then 3-8 years of residency/fellowship training has accomplished less than this 17 year old girl has by completing boot camp! BTW being a doctor or nurse is not a ‘vocation’ it is a profession.
        I commend her for signing up to defend our country but lets not turn her in to a hero just for completing boot camp!

  65. Dave says:

    Rules are rules, and as a Marine, this young lady should understand this more than anyone. I’m sure she is proud of the fact that she is a Marine, but this is a school function, not a military one. What will happen when she’s in the Corps and doesn’t like what her commanding officer says, will she run to the media? Respect of the school’s rules should be adhered to.

    1. Damocles says:

      Give it a rest Dave. If you don’t know how to use the comment box, refrain from doing so.

  66. Dave says:

    Rules are rules and as a Marine, this young lady should know that first hand. I’m sure she is proud that she is a Marine, but this is a school function, not a military one. What’s going to happen when her commanding officer gives her a directive she doesn’t like, go to the media? Respect of the school’s rules should be adhered to.

  67. Steve says:

    First of all, thanks for serving. We are blessed in this country to have people like you on our side. As for the school administration, they could use some military training as to how to motivate, lead, and solve problems. If I had to defend them against charges that they were small minded, unable to think out of the box, and possibly unworthy to try to develop our youth, I might recommend they plead guilty to all counts and ask for mercy from the court.

  68. Christine says:

    Rules are rules and as a Marine, this young lady should know that first hand. I’m sure she is proud that she is a Marine, but this is a school function, not a military one. What’s going to happen when her commanding officer gives her a directive she doesn’t like, go to the media? Respect of the school’s rules should be adhered to.

  69. Damocles says:

    Pittsburgh, I thought you were a lot more patriotic than that.

    Someone who’s willing to die for you, in an organization that is one of the best for young people to join. Someone who is proud to be an American and not one of your drug-addict, criminal beasts…?

    Are you effing people in the Three Rivers area deranged?

  70. Devil Dog and Ranger says:

    This is a celebration of graduating high school, not about showing off by wearing Marine dress blues. The uniform of the day by the school is cap and gown. That is what she should wear, not Marine dress blues. As a former Marine and current Army officer, she makes the Corps and servicemembers look bad by her crying for special treatment. She will mature.

  71. Nikki says:

    Yes, wear the cap and gown, with the military uniform underneath. Once you received that diploma, take off the gown and proudly support your country! 🙂 WIthout our wonderful country and military members brave enough to enter the military, we would not even have schools and freedoms!!

  72. anonymous says:

    How does this make it to the news threads? She is a spoiled brat who will not make it far in the Marines thinking that society owes her something. It’s called SERVICE, not unwarranted recognition. Serve beyond a high school or weekend warrior and then we’ll talk, but actually do something before demanding accolades

    1. Sgt Slaughter says:

      I hope the cute little private doesn’t ruin the graduation for the rest of her class mates. If she ever accomplishes something more than completing boot camp maybe the school will invite her back to speak. As of right now she is just another student and Marine……Sit down and shut your pie hole private!!!!!!! Do you hear me?

  73. classof2011 says:

    Maj. Carl Redding, a spokesman for the U.S. Marines, said the Marine Corps will not get involved in any decision made by local school administrators.

    “As Marines, we respect the rules and regulations of all levels of government,” Redding wrote in an email to

    Read more:

    What’s that tell you? Maybe she should follow what he said, and RESPECT THE RULES AND REGULATIONS.

  74. Super D says:

    I am sure that she has a lot of pride in the USMC. However, this is her high school graduation. Just as the military has uniforms, the cap and gown is the uniform for graduation. How is it fair to other students if she steals the spotlight? She wore her USMC uniform proudly after basic training. Now let her wear her cap and gown proudly at her high school graduation. There is a reason that is the uniform for the event.

  75. Epod says:

    Fresh out of Parris Island and she already forgot how to say ‘aye ma’am” and how to about face!!

  76. Martin V says:

    Frankly, I think she should wear the uniform and have the press there. When she’s not allowed in, or they refuse to hand her, her well earn diploma, watch what the crowd does. and be sure to tell the reporters the names of the school board members.

  77. Not Chicken Little says:

    Congratulations to her for choosing to serve her country and for doing something that will teach her a lot more than she probably ever got from this high school! I hope this will be just the beginning of a successful career for her.

  78. Russ says:

    As aNavy Vet of 11years, I would go with those that said to wear it under the gown and after the ceremony take the gown off and walk around proudly in uniform. SHE WILL HAVE MANY OTHER TIMES TO WEAR THE UNIFORM AT OTHER CEREMONIES.

  79. SeaRation says:

    The uniform is good enough to wear when Marines are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In some unfortunate cases, it is good enough to be buried in. It sure as hell is good enough for a high school graduation!

  80. Jim Booth says:

    Since when does being in the military entitle you to rights and priviliges others don’t have? No other student is going to be allowed to wear anything but the cap and gown. She shouldn’t be either. She would let students wear what color they want? Can someone wear a clown suit?
    Also, I am sick of this holier than thou attitude of people in the military. You joined the military, good for you and Big Whoop! No Iraqi or Afghani ever did anything to my freedom. You know who has? The government…Patriot Act. So quit telling me you are fighting for my freedom. I fight for my rights everyday by practicing them. Qui being so self-righteous.

    1. Daniel Bracken says:


      1. Jon B says:

        Obviously. college was a route not open for you. Good for you, you were in the military. The military is the largest welfare recipient. Since you were in the military your views trump all others? Is it really that big of a deal if she doesn’t wear a stupid uniform. Maybe if we didn’t spend so much money in the military and put it into public education people would have alternatives to the military. Wear the cap and gown or stay home. America, love it or leave it.

  81. KPHW says:

    There would be no graduation or any other freedom if it weren’t for that uniform!!! How UN-American!!! I’m terrible ashamed of & for this school!!!
    That cap & gown mean NOTHING without out military uniforms…..I cannot believe how UN-Patriotic this country is becoming.
    Many many schools allow this, honor it & find it an honor to have their graduate be courageous enough to volunteer & EARN the right to die for all Americans even those undeserving!!! Unbelievable!!! “FEEL GOOD” society is WRONG!!! It’s “feel good” for one side only & that’s those out to take away all that this country stands for. SHAME!!!

  82. DanC says:

    Respect is a two way street. The school has rules, and I would have assumed you would be somewhat grateful for the education you’ve been provided over the years. Instead, it appears you were quick to forget…you’ve found the next chapter of your life, and for that I congratulate you….but try to spend at least one day showing some appreciation to the institution that helped get you to this point. Wear the uniform to your reunion.

  83. Wake Island Jake says:

    Probably some of the Administrators in the School District who are forbiding this young
    Marine the honor of wearing her uniform, never themselves spent a day in the military service of our country,because they may have thought it was beneath them or they really don’t care about our country Their actions toward this young Marine this week show that they don’t respect our country or our fighting men and women.As an old Marine Vietnam Veteran I have to recite the following poem from the Old Corps that uses the colors of the Marine Dress Blue Uniform to describe people who never serve in the military, and are against Marines and other service men and women,and Veterans.,Blue is for the Ocean that you never crossed,Red is for the blood that you never shed,and Yellow is for the reason why.

  84. Stephanie Mauser says:

    it’s great for her that she is where she is at such a young age. considering that what she wants to wear is representative of the ppl who fought to give others the right to be educated in that very same building that will be hosting the graduation, it seems like an exception should be made for the asking. however, i wonder whether she might not want to just wear her cap and gown like the rest of the grads; having a photo in that attire is a cherished keepsake for many ppl, hate to think that 20 years from now she may regret not letting herself be the high school kid for just that one last time. as much as she is proud to be a marine and wants to show that with the uniform, should she not also be proud of being a high school grad? it might be small potatoes in comparison until one considers that she graduated 3 months early. lot of hard work, i would think.

  85. Andrew Lee says:

    Contrary to many who believe it is a “right”, there were no such things. The never EARNED the RIGHT to wear a Marine uniform in school, and there were no rules to indicate even such a privilege is available.

    Just wear the uniform under the gown when on stage. Doing anything extraordinary would shame the Marines, and I dread to see that happen.

    I disagree with the majority of the opinions–siding with either the girl, or the school. Little 17-year old wants to proudly wear her uniform during her graduation. Regardless if it’s a matter of pride, or a matter of humility, I am siding with the Marines, not the school, not Lindsay Starr.

    The Marine spokesperson said it best. “As Marines, we respect the rules and regulations of all levels of government.”

    This is a test on Lindsay Starr’s mental maturity, a stance on obedience. Lindsay Starr aspires to be part of the the few and the proud. However, if that’s the principle of the Marines, as an aspiring marine, Lindsay Starr should be living it. Henceforth, Lindsay Starr should unquestionably follow by obeying the longstanding school tradition of donning the cap and gown.

    Marines are the few and the proud. They live on principles that should be strongly and proudly held by the few and proud. However, disobedience to the school’s rules is likewise disobedience to the principles of the Marines.

  86. CONFUSED says:

    I know the Dad of this girl. He is confused about how she even got into the Marines because he didn’t consent to her joining. They asked, he said no–she should wait until she didn’t need parental consent. If the Marines produce a signature, they will find its a forgery.

  87. Nevada Veteran says:

    At our recent high school graduation (little town in Nevada) the principal announced that 8 of our 83 graduates had enlisted and would be soon leaving for their bootcamps. Those 8 students stood up and were applauded by parents and friends with tears in our eyes. As an Air Force veteran I personally know the sacrifices they and their families are about to make. Yes, wear your uniform under your cap and gown. Salute the flag while those board members place their hands over their hearts. Thank you for your committment. Be proud. Don’t take the moment away from your fellow classmates, but after the ceremony, proudly take off the cap and gown because you truly are an adult now. Congratulations!

  88. LEP71 says:

    It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

  89. Geary says:

    Every one of those school admiistrators should be fired on the spot. They are a national disgrace. Hopefully, none of them will ever need help from the National Guard or our Armed Forces in case of a national disaster or attack on the U.S.

    They should be totally ashamed of themselves. Shame on all of you idiots. Shame!

  90. Willie says:

    As a navy vet you unfortunately never experienced the transformation of a Marine. You compare the boy scouts and the volunteer fire department as rivals to wear their uniform to graduation. I have all thee. Thank the veteran for your many freedoms. Honor the veteran for his or her sacrifice. She is not bringing attention to herself at the expense of her peers. She has earned the title United States Marine, she is one of the chosen few. If the school does not let her take the walk in uniform it is there loss. She was a product of her family and the school system that molded her. American pacifists have always taken the path on least resistance. If we were the America we used to be this young lady would walk in uniform without question. To bad gutless people run our nation.
    Semper Fi they can’t take being a MARINE away from us.

    1. Navy Veteran says:

      Willie, you say that I unfortunately never experienced the “transformation” of a Marine. I am proud of my Navy service and you should not belittle my service because it was not in your beloved Corp. While my transformation may have been different than that of a Marine, it should not be looked down on. I served my country proudly when I was on active duty. The different services joke back and forth with each other about which service is better, but everyone respects the others for their service. Because I feel that she should follow the rules that have been set for her by her high school, doesn’t mean that I do not respect her for her service. She was taught in boot camp to follow orders. This is the last “order” given her by the school. Some rules in the military may seem unjustified, but they were there for a reason and they were followed. This rule is no different. It may seem wrong, but that is the rule. Most highschools have the same rule.
      Once she graduates, she can proudly wear the uniform every day of her enlistment. It is wonderful to see these men and women wearing their uniforms, even in the cities and towns where there is no military base. But rules must be followed.

  91. genomega1 says:

    The administration has an agenda pure and simple.

  92. Cpl Stephen Walker says:

    As the majority of Veterans have eluded to previously. The uniform of the day is cap and gown. Although Marines take pride in their uniforms we are not flashy in the way we present ourselves. I agree with the administration and policy is policy.

  93. greg sims says:

    This horrible exuse for a school, should have ALL funding revoked and placed on the Terrorist Watch List, as they are definately non American.
    As a Marine, I suggest she go and wear the uniform proudly and tell them SEMPER FI, if they give her any grief.

  94. Mario says:

    Her entire company should show up in their dress blues and march her to the stage and back. This is what Liberalism breeds – STUPIDITY! The school is run by morons!

  95. Military Mom says:

    Congratulations, Lindsay and thank you for your service. As a mom of a current military officer I’m proud of you as well. While I understand your desire to wear your uniform, I disagree with you. The Air Force Junior ROTC unit at North Allegheny does not permit graduating seniors to wear those uniforms at the graduation, only the active color guard from AFJROTC will be in uniform at graduation as they are part of the ceremony. Your accomplishment was earned OUTSIDE of school, so the uniform should not be worn to the graduation ceremony.

  96. Herb says:

    Somebody in that school should read Ttitle 18 Section 244. It is a FEDERAL CRIME for discrimination against a person wearing a uniform of the armed forces in a public place.

  97. JustSaying says:


    Good luck with your nursing career. Take a good look around tomorrow night at your fellow classmates. In addition to nurses, business leaders, members of government, etc. you’ll also be seeing future welfare recipients, criminals, drug abusers, etc. So stand up and be proud! You’re a HS graduate!

  98. Jody says:

    SHAME, SHame, Shame on this school. I find the young marine to be the adult in this case. Too bad the school cannot see what an awesome adult she is and what she went throught to get the uniform. I bet non of the school board could complete the tasked she was ask to preform!

  99. More to the story says:

    Maybe the reason she is having a hard time “following the rules” is she doesn’t respect the rules. My family knows her Father and he is confused as to how she was able to get in. The Marines needed both parents’ signatures to join at 17. She asked him to sign for her to go in early, he asked her to wait until age of consent….next thing he knows she invites him to boot camp graduation!! Sounds like if they looked closer, the Marines will discover she just has a hard time respecting rules period.

  100. SAMBO says:


  101. daveb says:

    swhe can die for her country but not wear her dress blues to grad.
    school system B.S. we should be proud of all who server!!!!!

  102. Wade says:

    Or maybe, she should follow school rules like she will follow Marine Corps rules and forget about the 15 minutes of fame.

  103. john leddy says:


  104. Wade says:

    She should be ashamed of herself for using the uniform to get attention. Just follow the rules. Its not that hard. Shame.

  105. Hammer says:

    Love folks who take license here of anonymity to claim Marine affiliation. Nothing can be done about it but if it happens in real time, game on. Wear the Uniform Ms. Starr in place of the gown. Semper Fidelis Ms. Starr and welcome to your lifetime family affiliation.

  106. Mil4Life says:

    I remember back when I was still wet behind the ears and excited to wear my dress uniform. She’s new to the military and not only is it exciting to venture into military service, but to actually BE A MARINE BEFORE earning her high school diploma?! That’s a rarity and a feat in itself. I understand uniformity with the school, but really? The military in me says two things: 1) Suck it up and just wear the cap/gown 2) A military member should NEVER be told they CANNOT wear their uniform. So, where’s this leave me on a stance? She’s a Marine ABOVE ALL. (Yes, I know that’s an AF slogan) I would simply be a spectator at my own grad IN uniform if this was my only option. Trust me, the school won’t want THAT publicity….

  107. Val says:

    Give me a break..All she wants is to say Im better than everyone else.. She should be proud to be a student graduating with her peers…Its just a ploy to say hey look at me.. come on little lady..yes we are proud of you for serving our country but come down a few notches and enjoy being a kid for awhile..

  108. jeff.h says:

    As a retired soldier I think she should follow school policy. I find it very selfish she wants to make herself look important in her dress blues on a day that is for every student.

    Policies like this are written to promote a good graduation atmosphere. If they let a marine wear her uniform they must let others where what they want by law. Enforcing a dress code is legal, allowing exceptions to specific groups and not others is illegal. What if next year a ********** wants to wear a ********** , Insert something shocking or offensive to you in those two areas and you get the idea.

    The U.S military is one of most “uniform” societies there is. She should learn to accept dressing the same as everyone else now.

  109. Joe says:

    Just like Louis C.K. would have said, “Our lives is so great, that we make up stuff to be mad about”. This is one of them. Ok here we go boys and girls. First off, no it is not appropriate for a dress blue uniform to be under anything but the service coat (brown trench coat) and even then we don’t even wear it. Ask any Marine sporting the dress blues, why would you cover it up? And its against the MARINE CORPS UNIFORM REGULATIONS. She should of known that. I blame her drill instructors. Second Marines follow rules and regulations whether military or civilian, and the rules for this occasion is cap and gown, how hard is that to follow? Third you don’t need a uniform to be a proud Marine, everybody will notice that you stand different you talk different, and behave different, and trust me that in itself is enough to know that you are a Marine, no other services have that (at least from what I’ve seen) my friend graduated Army Basic, came back, still the same person when he left.. well except a little bit leaner, Airforce buddy of mine (no offense) no change. So trust me they know you are a Marine, other Marines will know your a Marine. Hell even after death you are a Marine. SO in conclusion we have a free country and I thank people like her for that, but if she chooses to violate the written regulation for both her school and the Marine Corps then I hope we do the right thing and seek appropriate actions. Semper Fi

  110. kevin says:

    uniform of the day is cap n gown – period – what is her malfunction

  111. Mike says:

    If she wanted to wear a burka, you limp wristed whiberals you be fawning over your love of diversity, because naturally you are mroe enlighteded than anyone else.

  112. Eddie Hicks says:

    I’m a former Marine and I thank the young Lady for serving her country but I disagree. She wouldn’t have been able to wear her high school cap and gown to her Marine Corp boot camp graduation and neither should she be able to break the rules of what to wear at her school. Like others have said she can wear her uniform under her gown, take the gown off after she receives her diploma and proudly display her uniform.

  113. BURNETTE says:


  114. FMF Warrior says:

    Anyone ever heard of OPSEC? By making this a big deal and going on the news this just makes you a target. Just wear the cap and gown and be proud of the fact that you successfully graduated highschool. Everyone understands that you are proud of being a marine and that is great. The problem now is everyone seems to want things their own way instead of being apart of the team.

  115. dr michael says:

    Follow the rules wear a cap and gown. Always someone wants to be different and a bunch of liberals boo hoo about letting someone get their way. No wonder there is so much chaos and confucion in our society.

  116. al says:

    Now if she were a Muslim wanting to wear a rag around her face they would allow it. Wear your uniform under that cap and gown and the minute you get your diploma shed the gown and be proud of your uniform.

  117. Ronnie Lee says:

    This is another example of why USA is in the financial and physical state it is in. Policies are a guide to go by NOT a Law. 90% of her peers couldn’t pass Marine Boot Camp or even the “administrators” implementing this policy.

  118. Sophie says:

    I served in the military for eight years, my spouse continues to serve going on year fifteen, both of our fathers served until they retired. This young woman is in the wrong and she is shaming herself and the uniform by running to the press about this.

  119. LM says:

    What I don’t get it that she made a big deal of not being allowed to wear her uniform; the school finally said she could, and now she’s deciding on not wearing her uniform. It seems to me that she just wanted some publicity and got her 15 minutes of fame.

  120. LM says:

    She made a big deal that she wasn’t allowed to wear her uniform to graduation; the school finally said that she could but now she’s deciding on wearing her cap and gown?? It seems to me like she just wanted the publicity of the story and got her 15 minutes of fame.

  121. Funny People says:

    its funny that the majority of the people saying that she should be allowed to wear her military uniform has never been. The majority of people that knows and has been there done that veterans are saying no, in fact a hell no. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Just follow the rules.

  122. Wilbert Jennings says:


  123. Rhonda says:

    Part of being an adult and being in the military is following orders. The school’s guidelines are spelled out perfectly and she needs to follow them as everyone else. Why run to the news with this when its pretty black n white. Wear the uniform under the cap and gown then take gown off afterwards. Not that hard to understand. My son is a Marine so I understand how proud she feels but still rules are rules.

  124. Facts please says:

    So very sad! Today is the graduation of NA class of 2011. Among the 700ish students there will be future doctors, nurses, teachers, humanitarians and military. These 700 students have worked hard for 12 years (13 if you count kindergarten) to reach this milestone in their lives. They have shared adolescence, first loves. loses, school spirit to reach this point.
    Each has chosen a path for this next chapter of their lives. Ms.Starr chose military service and I salute her for that. Durning the commencement ceremony there will a moment when all the students who have chosen this path will be asked to stand and be recognized and honored. She has completed boot camp and deserves the right to be called a Marine. She has NOT nor do we know if she will ever see combat time, none the less she will still serve this great country. She is not a Marine returning from deployment. She has completed boot camp.
    Ms. Starr also chose to make the Class of 2011’s commencement a media circus by either approaching the media or consenting to the interview simply because she could not have her way. Even Maj Carl Redding from the Marines stated that they respect the rules. This story has reached many local and national media outlets with many blogs and bloggers supporting NA boards decision.
    It is sad that as these 700 students enter the stadium today to say good bye to high school and hello to the next chapter in their lives that this cloud will hang over their commencement all because one person did not get there way!
    To all the graduates, good luck in your future endeavors. To those who have chosen military service, Godspeed.

  125. Tammy Chaney says:

    What kind of school would deny somebody wearing a military uniform that they earned? That is the biggest disgrace to a school system, and school. What a bunch of patriots we have there huh? Is that a lesson we want our young people to learn? You better be glad that my kids didn’t go to school there, they would never hear the end of it and I would have my daughter dress in the uniform and if they didn’t allow her to walk across the stage I would file the biggest law suit they ever saw. My father served in the United States Navy, WWII. My daughter joined the National Guard right out of high school and served 10 years. My grandson’s father joined the National guard right out of high school served over 10 years, he was deployed to Iraq. Upon his return not only had he put his life on the line to serve the country, but found he had sacrificed his marriage in the process. There he returned with post tramatic stress syndrome, because he went through some really horendous things, but his wife had been deployed to another state and the little 8 month old son he left didn’t know who he was. I get angry everytime I hear a story like this or about those Westboro freeks. I hope the parents in that school district paid attention and vote the idiots out !

    1. Facts please says:

      Tammy what would be the basis of your suit? The Marine Corp themselves supported the school districts decision that this was not an appropriate venue in which for her to wear her dress blues.
      As for what lesson do we want our young people to learn? Simple that rules are meant to be followed, that your don’t run out and whine to the media or file a law suit when you don’t get your way. That the measure of maturity comes in how well you adapt in the face of adversity. That sometimes putting someone else ahead of you makes you the better man. That you learn more from your disappointments and failures in life then you do in your successes.
      (BTW I’m a proud Army brat whose family military experience dates back to the Revolutionary War so I can honestly say my family fought for our rights.)

      1. Martin V says:

        You know, ‘Facts please’ you’re logical, you’re insightful and you’re right. But there is another side of the this I don’t think you see. Many of us have lost family members in the last 10 years of conflict and now our nation is involved in no less than 5 theatres of war, N. Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Lybia, not to mention the ‘undeclared’ operations, this is not a time of peace in this nation and we all want to throw our full support behind our soldiers.

        We all know that the political climate is such that we have US Senators calling our warriors, murderers, rapists, &c. &c. We live in times when a Medal of honor recipient is asked to take down his flag or the illegal immigrants living nearby will be offended. We live in a time where putting on any uniform from cub scout to Marine, can get you thrown off of a college campus,or saying the pledge of allegience at a civil congressional debate earns a tongue lashing from a teacher hodt for disobaying her in ‘HER’ school, and regrettfully, even the Pres refers to the Marines Corps, as the Marine Corpse.

        Telling people to stand down because its the appropriate thing to do, though correct is also inappropriate, we all have seen what will happen if even the slightest disrespect is shown to our service men and women and left unchallenged. That is why we choose lash out at the schoolboard, and sadly, many members may lose thier positions there, even if they may have supported her wearing the uniform. These are the wages of the sins for those who chose to vilify our soldiers for political gain. As you have said, ‘Its so sad’.

        God save the REPUBLIC

  126. Barry says:

    The administrators just can’t allow the graduates to come out from under the Administrators thumbs. This is the graduates day, not the Administrators’. Wear the uniform under the cap and gown and after receiving the diploma, drop the gown and toss the cap, make a proper left or right face and salute the classmates and friends and family.

    Semper Fi 1966-1972

  127. Martin V says:

    Sorry, but a cap and gown are not the ‘uniform of the day’ it’s a costume for a photo-op, a quaint carryover from the middle ages that shows no official status nor is needed. It has no refined rules or legal obligation to wear or regulations on their production. It’s a costume. It has no other function than to look a certain way on a single day.

    A Marines’ uniform is just that, a uniform, a functional form of dress that serves a purpose and represents authority. I can see many of the posters here would love to hide the fact that we need our fighting men and women and were the same type of people who had no problem throwing rotten tomatoes at men returning from Viet Nam.

    If this stands, authorities and civilians showing no special respect for the military. They’ll start down that road of pseudo-intellectuals openly showing disdain for our service people who made the right decisions and are scorned by those who were incapable of it.

    Let her wear the uniform of her nation, and ignore the uniform of her school district.

    1. Really??? says:

      The Marine Corp told her no, to not wear her uniform that it was not appropriate in this setting.

  128. Kevin says:

    Yeah, totally, like, c’mon now.

    Should she have been allowed to wear the uniform? Maybe, I dunno, perhaps. The uniform isn’t really traditional or appropriate for a HS graduation, but would anyone have cared if the school had said yes? Probably not.

    But whining about it to news outlets to get national coverage? That type of self-serving behavior isn’t exactly a quality I identify with a US Marine. The school said no, so she said “I’m going to complain, really loudly”. What would she do if the USMC told her she couldn’t do something? Show them the same lack of respect?

  129. Deb says:

    You should be allowed to wear your uniform. However, congratulations on your graduations and thank you for serving our country.

  130. fafafooey1 says:

    When i got out of high school, i was a bricklayer, should i of gone to graduation with my trowels , hard hat and work boots???? this is the silliest thing i ever heard of, congrats to this person for going to serve the country, but this is a high school graduation, HIGH SCHOOL! not a national story…. wwear the cap and grown like everyone else, i don’t have a clue why anyone would wanna wear anything different from the rest of the kids and stand out, other than to show off and say “hey, look what i’ve done” yay!! Be a kid one more day and go enjoy graduation as a kid:)

  131. Andy VanMiddlesworth says:

    I guarantee if this had been a man wanting to wear a dress there would be no problem,we are messed up as a people when a United States uniform is not allowed and boys are elected prom queens .

  132. Heather says:

    My son who is in the Navy had the same issue. The school told us that him wearing his uniform and not the cap and gown would take away from the rest of the students. He stood out anyway. He saluted the flag, he made square corners and he walked tall and proud. The navy did say he could wear a cap and gown over the uniform, although nothing else can be worn over the uniform. He still serves today 11 yrs later. These men and women are fighting for our country in a time of war. The schools need to relook at the policies. Different times, call for different rules.

  133. CWO says:

    Why do people keep comparing football players and Service men and women? There is absolutely no comparison. Military service is our nation’s most honored profession and should not be compared to that of a state champ football team. This young Marine may never again be able to wear her service uniform, because at any time she could be asked to fight and die for her country and fellow Marines. Where is the integrity in taking from this woman?

  134. USMC 91 says:

    I have a question for active duty Marines.

    When I was in the Marine Corps, we had to have prior authorization from our command if we wanted to wear our Dress Blues out in public, isn’t this still the case? Was this Marine even allowed/authorized to wear her Dress Blues anyway?

    Also when I was in, we couldn’t just put on our cammies and walk around out in town. We were not even allowed to go off base in them (except for obvious reasons in public, like getting gas for our cars if needed, etc.) Every uniform we wore, essentially served a purpose. Alphas were worn to check into a new command, and Cammies were obviously the uniform of the day for most. Even the recruiters wore a particular uniform (I believe Deltas?)

    So maybe things have changed within the last 20 years? Although I do know that our Dress Blues were worn strictly for ceremonial purposes such as the Marine Corps Ball, funerals, weddings, etc. and had to be approved by your command or at the least made them aware. Attending a High School graduation, though admirable, should have been in a cap n gown like the rest of your classmates in my opinion. The event had nothing to do with the Marine Corps and should have been kept that way. Again, maybe the regulations have changed, I don’t now. So if a Marine could answer this for me, I would appreciate it. Thanx! Semper Fidelis and thank you to all that serve. Marines and the rest of our armed forces. God bless you all!

    1. Michael Kendzierski says:


  135. Michael Kendzierski says:

    Uniform regulations FORBID “mixing the military uniform with civilian attire. She is not allowed by regulation to wear the uniform with the cap and gown. Regulations ALSO stipulate that she wear what everyone else is wearing, a cap and gown.

  136. Jeff (Retired Navy) says:

    I Agree with you all. I proudly served 23 years on the Navy 4 years active 19 reserves. She should be able to wera the UNIFORM OF THE DAY under her gown then proudly show it when done. Don’t see why anybody would give someone a HARD time wearing the uniform that is proudly worn by a AMERICAIN. Thank you for serving our country..

  137. Tucson Don says:

    I grew up in Charleroi and Pittsburgh, attending then Carnegie Tech and graduating from Pitt in 1960. To this day, I remain a solid Pirate and Steeler fan.

    This is not the Western Pennsylvania I remember. We took pride in our service men and women and honored them for their commitment to defend our freedoms. North Allegheny has been way over paying its administrators. When rigid adherence to a policy winds up in an insult to our current and former service men & women, it is time to clean the hose and get some thinking Administrators that remember how they got and keep their freedoms. IT WAS NOT WITH THINKING LIKE THIS!!

  138. usmc87-94 says:

    I wore my Alpha Uniform, Forest Green with Overseas Cap for College Graduation and once the ceremony was over I remove my cap and gown and work my p-cutter.

  139. Don says:

    I think the pride she feels is the pride we all felt when we graduated. Most of us wanted to go back to our high schools, where our uniform and show how proud we were. Making a “stink” like this really does a disservice to the uniform. Everyone knows what she accomplished and I am sure are proud of her. However, this is not just her graduation and creating this “scene” overshadows everyone else’s special day. Its not like people wont know she is a Marine. LoL We jarheads have that uncanny ability to let everyone know who we are. Point is where your civis, enjoy graduation. There will be plenty ot opportunities for this young devil pup to wear her dress blues. This whole thing is kinda silly.

  140. MEAGAIN says:

    Whats next wearing a clown costume.

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