North Allegheny Will Permit Marine To Wear Uniform For High School Graduation

WEXFORD (KDKA) — A 17-year-old Marine will be allowed to wear her Marine dress blues and walk across the stage at her high school graduation.

Lindsay Starr finished North Allegheny High School early, signed up for the Marines, finished boot camp a few days ago and rushed home to graduate with her classmates.

She wants to do it in her Marine uniform.

“I signed my name on a dotted line to say I will serve my country,” she told KDKA-TV. “I’m not asking for recognition. I just want to walk across the stage in my high school graduation.”

It looks like she will get her way. Sources close to the district say Starr will be given an exemption to a school policy that only allows the cap and gown to be worn by graduates.

For Starr it’s simple – fight for your country and fight for your right to represent your country at a high school graduation ceremony.

The school district released a statement saying Starr will now be allowed to wear her dress blues at Friday night’s graduation ceremony.

The district says Starr has the full support of the principal and her district.


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  1. Joanne D says:

    Too bad. It was a learning opportunity for a young woman who will be representing our country in all that she does as a member of the Corps, a branch of the elite, the few, the proud, and the disciplined. They follow the rules. They don’t make a scene for the media.

    1. army combat vet says:

      I don’t believe that this young lady had the intention of “making a scene for the media”.She is simply a young person who has accomplished what very few can,and rightfully should be a bit proud.Let us give this kid some credit.We all have a little pride.Good show,young Marine.

      1. Vanessa Scalia says:

        Lolita have you served your country? It’s really easy to call someone a name from the safety of your home. Come back and say it again after you have taken your lazy a** out and joined a branch of service. Until then shut the f**k up! Idiot!

    2. Vanessa Scalia says:

      She has plenty of time to learn what she needs to do later on. Right now she’s graduating high school, not going to war. Leave her alone to enjoy her graduation. And by the way, she didn’t make a scene for the media. But I bet you would if given the chance.

      1. tired of elitist neo nazi republicans says:

        Vanessa are you stupid? She did make a scence because the cameras showed up to interview her and she obliged. Shame on this girl and her family but I guess that is black culture. All about me. Shame on the school for caving in, I hope this opens a can of worms and next year someone wants to wear a clwon wig because they graduated clown school. Can we get over enlisted people are superior? Any idiot can and does join the military. Most don’t have an option.

    3. DISGUSTED says:

      They should have dug deeper before they caved. She is in the Marines fraduently. Many of my family have served and it is troublesome that she pushed this school for the “right” when she lied to get the “honor” to wear that uniform. They forged a signature or outright lied for her enroll.

      1. Vanessa Scalia says:

        Let me guess.. You are a paranoid, conspiracy junkie. I bet you have a bomb shelter in your back yard to. It’s people like you that make me embarrassed to be an American. Do you have proof on the forgery? Or the outright lie? No I didn’t think so. Go put your tin foil hat back on.

  2. Ann A. says:

    What a shame. This story was whipped into a frenzy on KDKA Radio this morning by the same reporter that wrote the original story, as he repeatedly broadcast the school district’s telephone number and encouraged the public to swarm their telephone lines. When the KDKA Radio telephone lines were opened to callers, the reported shouted down views that differed from his own, and launched personal verbal attacks at them. Levels of patriotism were not the issue here, but that’s how it was sold on the airwaves. Shame on KDKA. It was completely irresponsible.

  3. L E N says:

    If they wouldn’t have let her wear her uniform then the rest Of her class should have boycotted the ceremony or right as the main sparker was to start talking then the class should have gotten up and walked out!!

    So very happy for her and I am so grateful to her for serving!!! I am the proud grand-daughter of a a late Army vet, a niece of a Navy vet, plus a sister of a Navy vet, and my dad was a a Marine. So, I come from a huge military family and I am very grateful to those who serve and their families.

    Thank you, Lyndsey Starr, a big Congratulations to you as well!

    May GOD bless and keep you

  4. suzie says:

    its a shame that our country has become so hyper-politically correct, that even educators do not know the difference between right and wrong. what lyndsey did was right, her demeanor showed class…..the school district on the other hand came off like bumbling idiots.

    1. Maggie says:

      She’s in for a rude awakining if she thinks that making a scene in the media means she doesn’t have to follow orders.

      1. Retired from the Army says:

        Way to go Maggie., boot camp is not the throws of war and discipline.

    2. Vanessa Scalia says:

      I so agree with you suzie!

  5. Mark says:

    As prior service myself, I personally don’t think she should be given an exemption. Much of the reason for the uniform and much of what the military stands for is uniformity and solidarity. When she is representing as a US Marine she should where her dress blues. During her graduation, she is not representing the Marines but rather her school. She would not ask to be allowed to where her school colors in a military formation and the reverse should be true. sempri Fi

  6. r s q says:

    the dumbing down of society rules were made to be broken i guess another example of white fright

  7. Ol'Froth says:

    Which means that if a student demands to walk across the stage wearing red white and blue underware, the school district must allow it.

  8. Sad News says:

    Now that she has gotten her 15 minutes of fame, wait until her Sergeant finds out how she disgraced the Corps, she’ll be UFD before August. This is a sad news story and KD and the moron talk hosts who were used by this Star Search contestant should be ashamed

  9. Sgt Foley says:

    Peivate, Starr I want your DOR!

  10. fafafooey1 says:

    marty on kdka radio must of known her parents with the way he crusaded this morning, 3 hours on a silly story like this?????? cmon!!! she kinda reminds me of scottie pippen for some reason…..

  11. maggie says:

    Marty should be glad he has a job, considering he cost a former employer a cool million for his shoddy work in Texas.

    1. Marty's Idiots says:

      Marty has pushen 30 years experience making sure he is the center of the news story, Reverend Dugan is dead because of him, but he keeps on

  12. MSG says:

    It sad that no one bothered to check with the USMC and their policy and guidelines regarding uniform wear before causing such a stir.
    Instead too many “experts” jump[ed to conclusions, injected their opinions as fact and let emotions do their thinking for them.
    If everyone involved, from the reporters to the young Marine would have took the time ti investigate they would have been surprised.
    The USMC Uniform Police Board’s direction is the uniform will be worn UNDER the cap and gown. It is a high school function, not a military one. The directive from NA is everyone shall wear a cap and gown. Marines are expected to follow directions (orders) hence this Marine is expected to follow the directive from NA. The USMC Uniform Police Board is agreement with NA.
    2 lessons here.
    1. INVESTIGATE before you start jumping on someone /something, always find out why.
    2. As a member of the military you are expected to follow direction/orders. You cannot pick and chose which ones to follow.
    You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.
    I’m speaking with 26 years experience Active Duty in the military and an currently working with Marines for almost 4 years.

  13. NA Class of 2011 says:

    Who said the girl had parents?

  14. Class of 2007 says:

    Extremely disappointed in my alma mater. They should not have given into her and now create a future precedent for incidents like this. The class is graduating together and dressing in uniform is a symbol of that class unity.

    Between this and the overblown Delta fiasco, I hope this media circus doesn’t continue to escalate.

  15. FA says:

    In my opinion, this girl is a disgrace to the armed services. She was supposed to learn discipline and self control in the military. She was supposed to learn to respect authority and follow orders. It is good that she is proud of her accomplishments but, when the school told her the policy, her military discipline should have kicked in and she should have accepted the decision of her superiors.

    Instead, she went crying to the media about the grave injustice that is being inflicted upon her. Typical spoiled rotten little brat kid.

    Now she has learned an important life lesson; when things don’t go your way, go crying to the media and the authorities will cave in to your will. When the Corps orders her to charge up a hill to take a dangerous enemy position, you can be sure to see her crying to the media again that she doesn’t like those orders and thinks they may be a violation of OSHA regs.

    1. Sgt Bernard Hastings says:

      Amen, the liberal jerk offs are ruining this country, some days it makes me weep that I risked my life for these ungreatful people. I dont know what is wrong with these young people. When I went through the corp, your drill sgt would break your nose for eyeballing him….god knows whats going on in there now that they graduate people like this!

  16. Lolita says:

    If Lindsay can’t follow the rules of a high school how will she properly serve our country or adhere to the rules of life?
    In my opinion she is a phony weak cry baby who won’t amount to much, when the she is confronted with a real war overseas will she call the news media to get out of it?

    1. Wade says:

      Yep, and Marty Griffin will be right there to tell everyone how courageous she is.

    2. Vanessa Scalia says:

      And you are so much better than her how? Seems to me you are making more of a fuss than she did. I don’t see what the issue with wearing her uniform for graduation had to do with serving our country properly. I’d much rather her be fighting for us than you. Don’t assume she will be a phony weak cry baby til you’ve joined a branch of the military and fought. Until then shut the f**k up.

  17. True says:

    Well put Mark. This is not about the school bring unpatriotic or against this young lady being a Marine. Everyone is so quick with their knee jerk reactions these days and common sense is being left behind. That being said, kudos to this young lady choosing to serve her country.

  18. Joe says:

    I think the other graduates should skip the cap and gown and wear what they want. If she doesn’t have to wear it, nobody does.

    1. Vanessa Scalia says:

      How old are you? Your mental age is showing.

    2. Lolita says:

      Joe you have a valid point but I think the class should lead by example and stay in dress code to show lindsay what following orders from superiors is about. It would be a great protest.

  19. JoJo says:

    Apparently this young marine fell asleep while going thru boot camp and missed the class on following orders. She was initially told that she had to wear a cap & gown for her high school graduation. What did she do? She has acted like a 2 yr old and cried I want to wear my dress blues, I’m a U.S. Marine, I’m only 17 years old. And guess what, she found a whole lot of other 2yr olds that want her to wear her dress blues. If she can’t take an order & follow protocol at this stage, can you guess how her tour of duty with the marines is going to turn out. I would like to tell her Semper Fi, but she doesn’t deserve it. Grow up and wear the cap & gown. You haven’t earned your 15 minutes of fame as a marine. And yes, this is coming from a former U.S. Marine!!!!

  20. Susan says:

    Are you kidding me. The first thing this girl does when she gets told “no” is run to the media. Wa Wa, Change the rules for me. Is this what she is going to do when the Marines tell her no? When she graduated from boot camp do you think the marines would have let her wear whatever she wanted. This is a high school graduation, not a military graduation, she should be equally as proud to wear her camp and gown. Go back to boot camp, I think you were sick the day they taught “follow the rules”. So sorry to hear that the high school gave into bullying.

    1. Charles says:

      JoJo, Get use to it the US Congress knows we have a fraud in the White House and they are giving into bullying or should I say PC .

  21. Bob says:

    Now after all this dog and pony show the Corps rules wear the cap and gown. The young lady should have gone to the Corps for advise first before the media. All this did was bring unwanted attention to the school, the class of 2011 and to herself. Hopefully this will not follow her during her Marine Corps career

  22. Arthur says:

    Lesson learned young Marine, do what your told when you are told. Your a US Marine,

  23. Wade says:

    Well, I guess if you whine hard enough and have a big shot like Marty Griffin on your side you get your way. I wonder when she will want to wear her civilian clothes to a military event instead of her uniform? I guess Marty will be there to prop her up again.

  24. NavyVeteran says:

    I agree that when you are in the military you must follow orders. There can’t be a bunch of people acting as individuals, they must exist and perform as a team. So in that respect, yes, she should have ‘obeyed orders’ and complied with the HS administrators rules. However, from her perspective, she is proud of what she has accomplished, rightly so, and wants to be recognized for it. There are many achievements recognized at a HS graduation ceremony, why not recognize one of the greatest of all, serving her country as a member of our armed service?

    1. Vanessa Scalia says:

      Well said!!

    2. Lolita says:

      Boot camp is not the same as serving. I just heard that she will wear the cap and gown today which is a start to her following rules and procedures.
      Hopefully she will obey authority from now on but I doubt it.

      1. NavyVeteran says:

        It’s obvious you know nothing about the military. From the time you take your oath until you receive your discharge papers you ARE considered a member of the military. Something else people like you likely don’t know, EVERYONE is obligated to six years military service. If you serve active duty for four years it will be two years from your separation of service before you receive your discharge papers. When you enlist in the military, whether you are sleeping or fighting, you are SERVING! Now go sleep tight, there are others watching over you!

    3. Rob Waggoner says:

      But if the USMC allows you to wear your uniform and the school allows you she is following orders…Quit ragging on the kid…for her to join the military in todays world requires much guts and for that, wanting to wear her uniform for her accomplishment of graduating from USMC boot camp we should all be applauding her…if anyone thinks what she is doing is for fame, they are all messed up…I wore my dress blues at my wedding, if the priest would have said you can’t i would have changed churches, that simple…

  25. carrie says:

    first, id like to say congratulations to Lindsay. It is an amazing accomplishment and courageous thing to join the Marines. With that being said i think she is 100% wrong for making this a media “event”. My younger sister is graduating today from North Allegheny with Lindsay Starr and now instead of this being day to celebrate the entire class of 2011it is a about 1 student. Marines are taught to follow orders, not use their uniform to get their way. Now there will be a media circus at NA this evening to get parents opinions. Im sorry but there are WAY more important this going on in this world to be worried about an immature marine.

    And no, i am not a marine nor do i serve our country, however my husband serves the army (Active Duty)and has been deployed many times. So i know how big of a deal it is to her and her family. While i understand she is proud of her accomplishment(and rightfully so) by doing all this she has made herself and the marines look bad. This is why the armed forces get a bad name, because someone thinks because they made a choice to serve the country they have more rights then everyone else. Let me just say this, I know many many service members and i can tell you for a fact that it is NOT the uniform that makes a hero! I think she needs to look at herself and evaluate why it is that she choose the serve our country, if its for the praise that comes with that job she may want to rethink her career path. Hopefully this is a learning experience for her.

  26. Charles says:

    This is not about honor and service it’s about some young girl trying to get attention for herself . It is sad the the school did not stand strong for the other graduating students and caved . This is what happens we are PC instead of doing the right thing .

  27. SSGWaggoner says:

    The USMC approved it. I served 9 years in the Army and with whats going on in the world today to not let her cross the stage in her uniform would have been a slap in the face of every soldier, sailor, marine that is currently serving our country…She is not a a bad kid, but an honorable kid and THANK GOD the school caved in…The USMC were the ones who turned her onto the news outlets to air her story…the school was the problem, but recanted…What’s next, you can’t wear you uniform when you get married or go to your HS reunion…HOO-AH for the kid…i am proud of her…

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