Shale Drilling Has Some Residents Concerned

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — Alex Lotorto is an organizer with and he supports a ban on drilling.

He is also a Delegate for the Industrial Workers of the World.

Alex was present at a sit-in at the governor’s office earlier this week. He joined KDKA Radio’s Chris Moore Sunday evening to answer listener’s questions and provide more information for why we should not drill.

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One Comment

  1. genomega1 says:

    These people are ignorant beyond words. Lets just shut down all coal fired plants, nuclear plants and what the hell all gas fired plants also.

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah, I know. If I have painful years of cancer and die, at least somebody got rich off me.

    2. Connie says:

      You sir, would be the ignorant one. We should shut down all of the things you mentioned and use the natural resources we have because you know the ‘suits’ aren’t going to do it…as for the Marcellus shale, when you poison the water, people will die, poison the air and people will die, split the atom and people die, and you call the opponents to these atrocities, ignorant? After WWII, big business built nuclear plants in Japan to run their plants, ignoring the fact that Japan is an island and sits on a fault line, think they cared? No they did not, its all about MONEY and not the quality of life. Of course in Japan, they had already been introduced to the aspects of radiation, so what is one more threat of radiation exposure?

  2. dave says:

    Oh connie, you ignorance knows no bounds. What would be your suggestion? Lets all live in tee pees and burn cow dung and eat what we catch. Thats great but unrealistic. Grow up, we are already heading to be the next third world country because of idiots with good intentions, such as yourself. The fact is wind cant work at this time, solar cant work at htis time and neither does electric cars. The time is coming where we may not need to drill, but thats not now. Connie your are probably a nice person, your just not that sharp or realistic.

    1. Scott_Z says:

      Oh dave, your cynicism knows no bounds. These industries love cynics like yourself. Keeps them nice and comfy. But I have hope, we are the country that invented powered flight, invented the Internet, took a trip to the moon and walked on it. Now if we are wise we will stop dragging our feet and break free from the choke hold these industries have on us and use alternatives that don’t kill us.

    2. Jim says:

      The truth is, Dave, that many (most, or perhaps all but you) don’t like extra methane in our drinking water.

    3. Joan says:

      Dave, come with me to chemo next time. Its the 2nd time in 5 years for me, so I’m real relaxed, and its comfy there now with all the big bucks coming in from the over abundance of patients. Come talk to ‘us ignoramus’ stretched out in treatment chairs. When you have the time I do dying of cancer so you cant work, you have A LOT OF TIME To study why the heck there are SO MANY PEOPLE WITH CANCER!!!! OH!! Maybe you’re in the medical industry and your making money off us victims!!! OR the automotive industry… Because most likely you own NO mineral rights, most dont. Those alternative energy industries dont work because they are undermined by BIG ENERGY and corporations that are geared for exploiting petroleum.. Guess who holds all the patents for the best energy alternatives? BIG ENERGY AND THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY!!! Guess who just bought up a major portion of PA’s drilling leases – EXXON MOBILE! Cow dung? Really? How 70s of you…. Electric generated from fossil fuels – hmmm, not really going to solve much is it? Wind and solar power are about to blow WIDE OPEN as the climate changes – wooo HOO!! You are SO OLD SCHOOL! There is a LOT MORE info out there about whats really going on. Spend less time mouthing off and more time with real research and opening your eyes to the reality I see EVERY DAY as I die..

    4. sara says:

      Germany is making it happen:
      “German officials readily acknowledged that they are embracing solar technology not just for its environmental benefits. German firms that manufacture photovoltaic panels and other components have prospered under the new energy act and now employ 40,000 people. An additional 15,000 people work for companies in the solar-thermal business, which make heating systems for homes and businesses.”

      But I guess, we should invest tons of resources in an unsustainable energy source–that’s American ingenuity.

      1. genomega1 says:

        Spain tried that and the result was destroying their economy.
        Germany will do the same thing. America tossed electric cars and windmills on the junk heap of history 100 years ago. We simply do not have the technology in place to replace fossil fuels yet. There is noway the average person can afford solar in it’s present form. I did the math on the cost of setting up a solar setup to operate one very small window mount AC unit it runs $20,000. Both wind and solar require the use of rare earth metals the mining of creates a nightmare.
        “Mining mineral for windmill magnets causes environmental disaster”

  3. chevelle64 says:

    who needs drinking water anyways

  4. Carol Steytler says:

    Just because we need energy does not give industry the right to poison our water, and kill us. There are alternatives. Germany intends to shut down their nuclear facilities, and has found lots of way to use solar, even at night! You would be surprised what can be down with a little bit of effort! Industry wants to stay in control in order to make money, with a vast trail of victims in their wake, without a second thought! Purely motivated by profit, and just assume property owners be driven out, and abandon their property so that drillers can do as they please. By supporting this industry you are supporting the loss of clean water, clean air, and an industrial landscape that is already spreading across the land!

  5. Joan says:

    HELP! HELP! HELP! Fracking coming in under the radar! Its UTICA shale thats in NW PA – not showing on Marcellus shale maps but same dangers!!! HELP! HELP! HELP! We ARE poisoned by our mills, left destitute after they shut down, and now the former lands of AMERICA’s FIRST OIL BOOM are going to go through it again – the rape and pillage and poison’s AGAIN. HELP! HELP! HELP!
    “Mercer County PA – Near Pymatuning and Shenango River Lakes
    Marcellus Shale Friendly of Mercer County PA – a business communication portal for Western PA and Eastern OH.
    ” You heard it first here ” UTICA SHALE BIGGER THAN MARCELLUS
    HELP!!!! I already have chronic cancer!!

  6. Carlana Rhoten says:

    If an enemy country caused as much destruction of the environment, air, water and land as the tar sands in Canada, the Marcellus Shale fracking, the mountain removal to get coal, and the damages of nuclear plants the Congress would quickly declare war and our bombs would be falling on that country. But if criminal corporation CEOs get Congress to make such destruction legal, we all just accept it as impossible to stop. After crime pays, the ones with the money will move to other parts of the world they didn’t bother to destroy.

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