2 California University Football Players To Stand Trial

CANONSBURG (KDKA) – Two California University football players were in court on Monday.

Linebacker Darnell Harding and defensive back Toni Whiteleather are charged with assaulting two fellow students back on March 17 near a bar off campus.

Alleged victim Michael Chambers says he’s had thousands of dollars in medical expenses since the incident.

“It’s about a thousand dollars out of pocket after the insurance,” Chambers said. “It was like $10,000 before that.”

The judge indicated he was not happy to see the football players, saying, “You guys are supposed to be role models in the community, not up here for a trial in my courtroom.”

The players’ attorney says they’re willing to make restitution. He attributed the incident to St. Patrick’s Day revelry.

“This is a St. Patrick’s Day situation,” said defense attorney D. Scott Lautner. “It’s just gone awry. Both people are willing to take responsibility for their actions and take care of it. Quite frankly, I wish it would have stayed at this level, but that’s not what happened.”

The players were held for trial, but the only felony charge, that of ethnic intimidation was dropped, apparently because the witness, who allegedly heard Harding say he was going to mess with the next white person he saw, was not subpoenaed.

The dropping of the charge came as a surprise to the families.

The players waived a hearing on the other charges of assault and disorderly conduct. The players also face possible discipline from California University.

The waiving of the preliminary hearing means the case will go to trial with the remaining charges. That trial date has not been set.


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One Comment

  1. TERRY says:

    And they call us whites racist ! The shame is he isn’t charged with a hate crime ! What a loser !

  2. Jason says:

    If he was yelling racial slurs, then that alone should be enough to charge him with a hate crime. Doesn’t make sense.

    1. Hit Boy says:

      That’s because you can only go one way on that street!

  3. johnny69 says:

    I would have loved if I would have been the next white guy to come along…they would not have liked my “little friend” that I always carry…just waiting to finally get the chance to make a tough guy cry!

    1. stoopm says:

      Boy aren’t you the tough guy! Going to hide behind your little friend? You’re a bigger punk than these two losers.

  4. Anvil says:

    Where is Tim Stevens on this matter?

    1. Let the games begin says:

      Tim Stevens is trying to figure out a way to take Mr. Jordan Miles $180,000 settlement before his so called family and friends rob him, if Tim gets a big ‘donation’ his position with B-PEP and the NAACP will be secure for life because those people are small minded and don’t understand what real or big money is.

  5. George says:

    If it was the other way, the felony charge wouldnt be dropped!!! What a shame!!!
    NO JUSTICE being done in this case!

  6. Nicole says:

    Can you imagine if it was a white guy who did this to a black guy? He would be in jail and the NAACP would make this a nation-wide case. Reverse racism in this country is disgusting.

  7. geo says:

    Where is Kristine? Out looking for a hero?

  8. princess says:

    I don’t understand why those beasts even have the same rights as humans… they’re clearly not the same as us, they’ve never invented anything, never contributed to society and are always two fried chicken pieces away from violence in every situation.

  9. equal rights says:

    Wow. It’s hard to believe there are still somany racist close minded people in the year 2011. what’s sad is, what those two did was wrong. but bashing them in comments based on the.color of their skin just makes everyone just.as wrong.as them. we are ALL humans what makes any of us.different.is our character. so justice wasn’t served, by the young man who was the victimm but don’t judge them.for being racist if you choose to do the same

    1. Let the games begin says:

      Oh my heart strings are drumming for ya! Those two urban gorillas are racist and everyone needs to know before a college signs them up or potential company hires them. Remove the trash.

      1. Let the games begin says:

        Oh yeah equal rights try doing a spelling and grammar check before you post as an intelligent person, only because of stereotypes.

  10. Judge says:

    Hang Em!`

  11. The Truth says:

    These 2 TOOTSOO’s are racist animals. And we whites are causing racism? These 2 monkeys are the ones who got caught out of the many who get away with this everyday I’d recommend suing them, but I’m if he wins, he doesn’t have any use for section 8 housing units, a bunch of bananas or a stolen Cadillac

  12. equal rights says:

    Let the games begin, I apologize for my grammar new phone. but I apologize even more for all you sad racists. so I may have a lot of periods in my statement but at least I’m not a hypocrite.

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