Former Teacher Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Student

NORTH BEAVER TWP. (KDKA) — A former Mohawk High School teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of his students.

State police in Lawrence County say the alleged relationship happened 12 years ago when the victim was 16. She is now 28.

Harold Kerr, now 67, has now been charged with 10 counts of corruption of minors. He was 55 at the time.

A former student told State police Kerr, a history teacher, engaged in a sexual relationship with her. It started when she was 16 and lasted until she graduated from college.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the relationship started in Kerr’s classroom at the school. The woman told police she would stay in his room and use the computer during lunch.

Then one day she said: “The defendant asked her if she would touch him,” according to the police report.

The touching progressed. “The defendant would pick her up at her house without her parents’ knowledge or permission. She never told another person about the relationship until she told her husband in December 2010.”

Police say after verifying some of the details in her statement, they filed the charges against Kerr on Sunday. Authorities hope to have Kerr in custody within the next 24 hours.

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One Comment

  1. Mike D. says:

    A little late isn’t,it? The relationship, the story says, lasted through her college years. Sounds consentual to me.

  2. Jody L Sheftick says:

    Well if she would have waited another year, the teacher would have gotten away with it.

  3. kristy says:

    god, does he look like a winner or what?! LMAO!

    1. Giddy Up says:

      He’s prolly hung like a stud pony & also knows how to use it

  4. Curious says:

    im sorry if it lasted that long and she never filed a complaint whys he being arrested now ? not that he isnt a pig for sleeping with a 16 year old at age 55 but this it just a very odd story . cant wait to see how it turns out as im sure theres more to the story ! IM NOT DEFENDING HIM btw .. im just as curious as anyone would be as to why now. whats in it for her ?

  5. Ryan says:

    Sounds like a money grab. She banged him when she was in college. And he apperently wronged here then, so now she is using this underage thing. He’s still a perv, but she’s certainly at some fault as well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t anybody else see something seriously wrong with this school?!?! Mohawk tries to act like they’re better than everyone else pushing extra work on their students, enforcing their rules to ware their students come out like robots, and covering their school with so much lies that none sees what actually goes on in these buildings. Through my 10 years I have seen so much go on in this school to the point ware teachers would grab the students and tell them not to tell they’re parents what they did like grab them, push them, throw things at them and more. But the worst part is, is that recently things have been going on so bad that we hear about it on the news at least once a year and nobody seems to slightly think maybe there is something wrong here! For example in 2006 a sixth grader almost killed himself in the elementary bathroom playing the “Blackout Game”, a fifth grader killed his dads pregnant girlfriend,
    2009 a tenth grader killed himself, a kindergarten teachers ex boyfriend tried to kill her in the middle of class, the school let a kid dress up as a KKK member,and now this?! Maybe its just me but hopefully one day somebody will see it too.

    1. jodie says:

      Alot of these accusations are incorrect about Mohawk. IIf you are going to slam the district make sure that your facts are correct. The incident regarding the teacher, it was her husband, and it did not involve trying to kill her, also it was before class started. As far as the fifth grader goes, that could of happened at any school. If I have ever had a problem with the Teachers, I have gone directly to the Principals and it was handled properly. It is easy to blame everyone, but, this story is in regards to Mr. Kerr, not the whole district. I know for a fact, that a teacher was let go years ago because of an issue with a student, so, maybe if someone had filed a complaint before this would have been addressed then. Mohawk is not the only district that this has ever occurred at, so don’t blame this school.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        Anonymous…things happen in all districts! We are all human beings. Just because some are titled as “educators” doesn’t mean they are perfect! I’m not sticking up for Kerr, but mistakes do happen. We don’t even know all of the facts yet! Oh an by the way…before you go and run you mouth about the district, you may want to consult with your first grade spelling teacher! It’s where not ware!!

      2. mhsgrad says:

        right jodie this thing can happen at any school anywhere in the world

  7. Joe Shmo from down the road says:

    What an idiot! She waits to call the police 12 years later?!?! It’s one thing if they arrested this guy while it was happening or a year or two later, but 12 years after it happened??? What a pathetic girl.

    1. Small Bones says:

      Her hubby’s peepee must be smaller

  8. getagrip says:

    Anonymous, you obviously didn’t attend a school that taught you spelling beause “ware” is spelled “where ” in this situation. Mohawk is a fine school but doesn’t pay the media to keep hush about what goes on there. There are all kinds of stuff that go on at other school districts but they pay big bucks to keep the PR good. You should also consider researching before opening your mouth. The KKK incident was a teachable moment and was not meant to offend, it has been used for decades. Some pathetic gil with a cell phone in class blew it out of proportion and it is no longer an issue, no charges were filed. In reference to suicide, it happens at all schools! The black-out game and the Jordan Brown reference stem from home, not from school. I am so tired of schools who are extremely limited in what they can say and do getting blamed for poor parenting. They are not the parents! And with Mr, Kerr….he was a kind caring teacher and I find it hard to believe this happened. She said it was consensual and that doesn’t make it any better. It is sad the media can trash his name and have no evidence except what some woman says and we don’t even know her name. It isn’t right to judge and it makes the media look stupid. But from your comment you obviously believe everything the media tells you, pathetic! I graduated from Mohawk and my kids will attend there. Every school district has it’s issues and it seems like you have it in for Mohawk. Mohawk is such a good school district it is very hard to buy property in it because people like it so much. So when you make such judgements, you are going to be dealing with a lot of people who defend the school and think very highly of it regardless of your misinformed self!

  9. getagrip says:

    oh ad my bad “beause” should be because

  10. guest1 says:

    Mr. kerr is a very nice guy and the media needs to get ALL THE INFO before embarrising him and his family. And seriously 12 years ago, why if this bothered you would you wait 12 years???? wonder why they are keeping your name a hush because you should be so embarrassed to do something like this 12 years later. My prayers go out to the kerr familly I hope the media gets there stuff straight.

  11. BM says:

    I have known Mr. Kerr for many years and I have never known him to be anything but a kind and honest man. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around such allegations. I hope that there is a very thorough investigation surrounding these charges and if he is found to be innocent, I hope he sues this woman for slander. Although knowing the kind of person that he is, I doubt he would take that route.

  12. Mike Brown says:

    Wait a minute — this girl is now 28 and had a continual sexual relationship with this teacher all through her college years? Sexual assault “victims” dont continue to have a relationship with their attacker while they are attending college!

    Sounds like an extortion plot to me — probably a civil lawsuit coming to squeeze as much cash from this ex-teacher. What a lovely legal system we have in America, eh?

  13. Sausage Ride says:

    She enjoyed his big kolbassi

  14. Very concerned says:

    SO…..let me get this straight…..anyone who wants can come forward with a story from however long ago without even identifying themselves, and without any proof we are all going to believe it? I am not defending anyone who would do what Mr. Kerr is being accused of; but it is equally wrong to publicize such a story without knowing it to be the truth. It is way too easy in today’s world to ruin someone’s life and their lives of their families! Especially if the person is a teacher!

  15. Stare at the Truth says:

    She had to have been ugly! I mean right or wrong, look at him, id be soo mad to find out she was real hott and slept with this down syndrome looking old weener guy! whose with me! ? im 24 btw prob her age

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