U.S. Dept. Of Energy Gets Earful On Fracking

WASHINGTON (KDKA) — More than 130 people signed up to speak at a U.S. Department of Energy hearing on fracking, a process used in the Marcellus Shale gas drilling industry at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pa.

People on both sides of issue had a chance to share their beliefs with the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, but shouting started outside the building before the meeting even began.

“My children and I have to wear respirators because the air is contaminated,” said Marilyn Hunt of West Virginia.

Supporters of fracking say it creates jobs and that people who fear water will be contaminated don’t understand all the safety precautions that are taken.

Opponents of drilling accuse most members of the Advisory Board of having financial ties to the natural gas industry, but board members did not address that accusation at the meeting. It was, however, brought up numerous times by speakers.

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One Comment

  1. connie says:

    If I were there I would ask them if they think it is so safe, why not volunteer to have one (drill) in their backyard.

    1. stush says:

      I am not for or against drilling but common sense should tell you that putting chemicals in the ground can’t possiblly be a good idea no matter what is said. Heck they wont even let them treat the fracking water at local treatment plants…that raises a red flag.

  2. Chris says:

    I bet if they owned enough land in a geologically attractive area, they would jump at the chance to get a Marcellus well. There are fewer environmental accidents with the Marcellus programs than you had proportionally with the shallow well programs that have existed for 150+ years.

    They won’t treat the water at the municipal treatment plants because the plants don’t have the capacity to handle the extra volume. The percentage of chemicals by volume is less than what comes out of city tap water, but of course then news never explains this.

    1. sickofit says:

      and the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause

  3. frank says:

    I live in a town called Vandergrift. It is located between Apollo and Leechburg. 50 years ago a company called NUMEC set up shop in Apoll and Leechburg. They produced “Nuclear materials” = Plutonium and Uranium for nuclear power plants. It brought jobs and money to a rural depressed area. Today people who grew up here are suffering from everything to cancer, thyroid disease, crohns disease, you name it. Practically everybody who lived here suffers from some health issue. The national avg. for cancer is 5%, here it is 20%! Everyone said NUMEC was safe then. Now there are lawsuits, and there is a multimilliondollar cleanup underway being done by the govt. BE CAREFUL! Don’t believe everything that the authorities tell you. Once your health is gone, it’s gone! Don’t believe me? GOOGLE it.

    1. Donna says:

      National average is always going to be lower then a state average or a city average. And that includes unemployment as well. That argument just does not hole water anymore when it is compared as in the manner you have.

      1. Dave says:

        By a factor of 4? Do you not grasp the magnitude of that statistical difference? Obviously not.

  4. missy says:

    It is nice to have extra money, to have your land pay you for a change. However, one should not have to endure life threatening illness, nor should their water catch fire, or animals graze off of tainted land. At what price is that little extra in your pocket worth it?

  5. dont sell your freedom to clean air and water says:

    The time for a revolution is near…. Politicians are representing corporations and the corporations are making laws. THe time is near… put down your bible and read your constitution. f 911, f the patriot act, f tsa, f the obamas and bush’s, f homeland security, and f marcellus!

  6. frank says:

    The U.S. Govt. and the Dept. of health admit that the health issues in this area were caused by this (NUMEC) industry. Erin Brokovich’s law practice is involved in helping the victims of this industry in this area. Multimiliondollar law suits have been filed and won. Dispute that. Sounds like you have an agenda.

  7. R LClutch says:

    Why are they(members of the Advisory Board) not available for comment in regards to having financial ties to the natural gas industry Mr. Highfield…Wasn’t this suppose to be the forum for comment? Gilbert, by saying “they’re very strict out there(safety), and that’s what these people don’t realize” do you mean like PA being the only state that allows the dumping of partially treated waste water into the rivers? Are we still doing this? Doesn’t seem right…if this is what you mean by strict, we realize it! http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11072/1131660-113.stm

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