Allegheny County Police Called For Alleged Stowaway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A US Airways mechanic who allegedly stowed away on a plane was taken by Allegheny County Police for a psychiatric evaluation after landing in Pittsburgh.

Police say the man, who is in his mid-40s, got into an unpressurized compartment of the plane’s tail section at the airport in Tampa, Fla., and remained there until the plane landed in Charlotte, NC.

Police then say the man bought an employee ticket and boarded a second plane for Pittsburgh as a passenger. While in the air, US Airways realized what happened, according to police, so Allegheny County Police were waiting for the man when the plane landed.

He allegedly made comments about hurting himself, so he was taken for a psychiatric evaluation.

The TSA says the man’s access credentials have been revoked during an investigation.

US Airways confirms there was an “incident” with an employee but will not offer details to protect the employee’s privacy.

A few months ago, US Airways had another stowaway incident in which a teenage boy got on to the TARMAC in Charlotte and climbed into a plane’s landing gear. He died during a flight to Boston.

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One Comment

  1. Shy King says:

    Great! The county police had to do something other than tell people where they Can’t park.

  2. Mad Max says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Will says:

    How did he not end up seriously hypoxic after spending a long period of time at altitude in an unpressurized portion of the plane?

    1. Col. Knife says:

      That’s easy the tail cone is pressurized and so is the cargo compartment if they were not the cabin will collapse into the cargo compartment. Only areas like landing gear are not. But tail cones do fall off at times that would be funny.

  4. Robert says:

    Impossible. Idiot reporters don’t check out facts. Something’s not right or he’d be dead from lack of oxygen in the unpressurized compartment.

    1. Jahn says:

      Tampa to Charlotte could very easily be a route flown by a Dash 8, which cruises anywhere from 8-15,000 feet. Someone could easily survive 2 hours at that altitude…

      1. Joshua McGinnis says:

        No way a 200 pound man could hide in the rear hold of a dash 8 without throwing it seriously out of trim, on top of that the dash’s cargo holds are pressurized. The only problem with stowing in the rear hold of any aircraft is that it is unheated. Most on the time, only forward holds are heated, and that only when a live animal is in the hold.

      2. whatthe6789 says:

        200 lbs in cargo throwing off trim?!? Seriously? Each bag that goes back here is considered 50 lbs. 200 lbs is a drop in the bucket compared to 30-50 bags… Also, there is no ‘heat control’ for cargo bays. You can either pressurize or not pressurize bays, depending on the aircraft. Some bays are inside the pressure vessel and therefore ALWAYS pressurized…

  5. Dill Doe says:

    KDKA doesn’t want reporters to get facts, they pay them to get stories and thats it

  6. Duude says:

    You gotta feel good about all the new security fees we pay and the humiliating pat downs the TSA provides us, when we read about the holes in security.

    1. Stan Jankowitz says:

      It is not a security hole, the guy was a badged airplane mechanic who has access to the airplane and the airfield.

      1. sailordude says:

        Was the teenage kid badged? Get real Dude, you probably work for some mechanic union. This is a major security breach!

      2. Jim says:

        sailordude, your mixing apples amd oranges. The mechanic is not a security breach in that he has acess a/c. I do not know how any airline or any other compny will ever know when an employee will snap and do something stupid. OTOH the kid sneaking into the wheel well is a security breach both by the airline and the airport authority.

  7. Stan Jankowitz says:

    The guy probably fell asleep in the rear cargo compartment, it has happened before.

  8. sailordude says:

    Obvious question that this lame media refuses to report on.

    TWO incidents of people getting into jet wheels.

    Replace stowaway with BOMB.

    Get the picture now “news media”. CONNECT THE DOTS, THIS IS A MAJOR SECURITY BREACH!!!!!!!

  9. HM Phobe says:

    When stowing away is outlawed, only outlaws will be stowing away

    1. RAID 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE says:

      What about the OUTLAW in The White House?

    1. ed says:

      piedmont does and they are owned by us

  10. CRAZZZZY! says:

    This person works on planes you travel in.

  11. Swiss says:

    Since no name is given, let me guess. Is his first name Mohammed?

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