PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Some Pittsburgh tunnels came across an issue today that people are starting to notice and it’s not construction.

We’ve had reception within the tunnels for several years now through a project with Carnegie Mellon University, but today the tunnels have been experiencing static and hardly any FM reception.

From the beginning it was a voluntary cooperative agreement between PennDOT and CMU’s engineering students to put the retransmission wiring in the ventilation shaft that runs the length of the tunnels directly above the driving lanes in 2000 in the Squirrell Hill Tunnel.

No one is really sure what happened. FM reception is found only in the Squirrell Hill tunnels and the Fort Pitt you can get FM outbound.

PennDOT plans on contacting the professor who was in charge of the program and see what needs to be done. They are responsible for maintaining the system within the tunnel.

Unfortunately, until the issue gets solved, drivers will have to do without FM radio.

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