Many Parking Spots Vacant After Meter Rates Increase

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Since the city raised parking meter rates and increased enforcement, it seems that some drivers have been scared off.

Dozens of parking spaces were unoccupied late Tuesday afternoon in downtown Pittsburgh now that rates have increased to $3 an hour.

“Part of it probably is from rate increases, but we don’t know the amount associated with that yet,” David Onorato, head of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, said.

The increases started just two weeks ago and meter upgrades are still continuing.

“We probably got three more days out there to completely change the system over,” Onorato said.

Onorato isn’t surprised about the drop in the number of people using metered parking spaces.

“When there is a rate increase … we’ll feel the negative effect of it for a while, but in the past we’ve always seen the customers come back,” he explained.

This latest rate increase came with extended ticketing hours. However, Onorato says they have not seen a drop-off in tickets.

He points out it’s only logical that metered parking downtown at night is down.

“They can pull into any of our garages or to private garages [and] pay anywhere from $5 to $7 for the entire evening instead of $3 an hour,” Onorato said.

The parking authority anticipated about a 10 percent reduction in usage as the rates went up.

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One Comment

  1. critter says:

    Democrats at work

    1. maike huss says:

      PUKE STUPIDSTAL king of the idiots!

  2. Karl says:

    Do people still actually live in Pittsburgh.

    1. sadcityresident says:

      only gang members and drug dealers Karl

  3. Joe Joe says:

    Onoroto will stop at nothing to hurt business in Pittsburgh. Doubling the revenue wasn’t enough. He needed to collect on layer hours too.

    Dopey Dan is horrible for the south side.

  4. bruceUSA says:

    Hey, We have to replace those stollen $1000+ “Lukey” trash cans somehow, right???

  5. chevelle64 says:

    i guess with less cars parking they will have to raise the rates higher to make up for the loss

  6. swin says:

    Absolutely nothing hurts local businesses more than parking meters. When was the last time you saw meters at a local shopping mall?

    The city of Butler had parking meters. Then came the mall. The business district died. Then they took down the parking meters – too late. Same thing with the city of Latrobe.

    Once the businesses are gone, they don’t come back.

  7. swin says:

    “When there is a rate increase … we’ll feel the negative effect of it for a while, but in the past we’ve always seen the customers come back,” he explained.

    What’s he smoking? There are no really shopping districts left in Pittsburgh anymore. No Dave, they don’t come back. People just don’t have the money.

    Ahhh, the result of single party rule in the city for over 70 years.

    Ever notice that with Democrats, all the way up to Obama, the answer is always to raise taxes, not to make cuts in government?

    What doe all declining cities such as Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, etc. etc. have in common? Answer – single party, aka Democratic Party, rule.

    What was that definition of insanity again, something about trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?

  8. Opie Taylor says:

    We never had parking meters in Mayberry and the town was always busy. Standing room only at Floyd’s barber shop.
    My pa and the mayor were republicans, that’s why.

  9. Just Saying... says:

    I like that John Shumway explains the empty spaces by saying “it seems that some drivers have been scared off.”. We aren’t scared of the higher prices and ridiculously long enforcement hours, we are opposed to it and refuse to pay. Big difference John.

    1. Enough_Already says:

      I can drive to a mall, shopping center, restaurant, bar, etc. outside the city. If the city doesn’t want my money, I can spend it outside the city.

      Pittsburgh parking rates were OUTRAGEOUS BEFORE this rate hike and enforcement hike.

      Pittsburgh should just put up big CLOSED signs at the city limits.

  10. rudy says:

    The report says the city expected a 10% reduction in parking. I would’ve liked to know what the actual reduction is.

  11. 1-2-3 says:

    They still haven’t resoloved the Pension issues, I’m not paying thru the back-door for the ridiculous pensions for City employees. Chicago sold their garages and spent all the monies, they still have a pension issue and are now stuck with high rates. These politicians have no sense of reality, its a tax, that only benefits a few, not the residences of Pgh. Next comes the library tax, does anyone use the libraries anymore with the internet.

  12. Enough_Already says:

    Most of those empty spaces represent people who are not in the city spending money or are LOW INCOME WORKERS who are trying to find $100+ per month to park in a garage. Any additional revenue the city gets from this is at the expense of businesses and low income workers.

    Essentially the city is telling everyone it is CLOSED for business.

    We must get these people out of office or the decay of the city will continue.

  13. urban turner says:

    Gouging the people that have to work in pittsburgh, how sad

  14. My2Cents says:

    I haven’t been to an event in the CIty since last September when they towed over 200 cars because people parked on North Shore Drive since the lots weren’t open yet. I have not and will not do anything in the City. It was clearly a set up by the City since they didn’t ticket or tow until the cars were lined from the science center to pnc park. There are plenty of things to do around here where parking is free and it’s not a major headache to get there and get back.

  15. jim says:

    I just think it’s rediculous that they are only one hour meters. Who has the time to leave their job every hour to money in the meter. And for those who would go down in the evening for a show or dinner and expected to leave their plans after an hour with half a roll of quarters. Downtown used to be a bustling place, it’s a ghosttown now. So sad

  16. kristy says:

    the ONLY reason to go in to pittsburgh is for events at heinz hall, benedum, o’reilly, etc.. other than that, there are MANY excellent restaurants and bars outside of the city where parking is cheap or free. THOSE are places where I’LL patronize. pittsburgh can shove it. they might as well close up shop, as that city is TOAST. i pity the people who decided to move there. pathetic.

  17. PAY !!! says:

    Pay up,suckers…The power of the boy mayor commands you !!!…..Sure glad I don’t live or work in that cesspool of a city

  18. superwench says:

    Greentree, Robninson, North Hills are not too far. I can go there enjoy myself and not have to worry about parking. Besides I hate to pay to park its such a rip off.

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