B-PEP Demands Police Reform At City Council Meeting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Black Political Empowerment Project and several other civil liberties groups appeared before Pittsburgh City Council to demand police reform legislation Wednesday.

The demand comes as a response to the alleged police beating of former CAPA High School student Jordan Miles.

One of the bills, called the Police Reporting and Accountability Bill, was generated in the wake of the police confrontation with Miles.

Miles was in attendance at a press conference preceding City Council’s discussion of the bill.

It would call for monitoring of police stops and pat-downs to maintain a record of police interaction in the community.

However, the decision of investigating agencies to not pursue the Miles case criminally and the reported offer to settle the case civilly was on the mind of B-PEP Project Director Tim Stevens.

“What happened to these three that beat him? Why are they not fired?” Stevens said.

Miles did not speak at the news conference, but is watching City Council debate the bill.

A vote was postponed until next week after two hours of debate and Solicitor Dan Regan telling City Council that portions of the proposed bill would contradict other laws in place.

Miles’ mother, Terez, was asked why the family rejected an offer to settle their federal lawsuit

“Because we deserve our day in court,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. Hit Boy says:

    B-PEP demands????? Why don’t these hypocrites start doing something in their communities that stop the crime and violence that is the ROOT of all these problems instead of this kind of GRANDSTANDING???? This Tim Stevens is nothing but an opportunistic POS!!!!

    1. Ms. Wynn says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself!! Yes, we demand that police officers are held accountable for their actions!! So are you saying police brutality is the answer to our communities problems? Wake up and take a look outside your bubble.

      1. Thomas J Duttine says:

        FIX your own neighborhoods!!!! Then you would be done with all these problems!

      2. Enough says:

        Well, everyone should be responsibile for their actions. You want the police to be but you don’t have to be – is that right?

      3. wisdom says:

        You must clean your own yard and not yell and cry about what others do. Look around you, the police have a difficult task to perform. Let the police patrol and keep order in our streets. I would like to walk downtown and know that the police are doing a fine job and I am reasonably safe.

        Wake up……you must be the change you wish to see in the world.

    2. Ming117 says:

      The kid did nothing to warrant getting beat to within an inch of his life. His crime is being black and getting caught out after dark with some cowboy police officers. Why aren’t they hiring police officers from the communities in which they’re suppose to protect and serve.

  2. Ray says:

    So the one guy is wearing a shirt that says “If you see the police, warn-a-brother” EPIC FAIL x10.

  3. John Valentine says:

    As President of The Downtown Neighborhood Association, I am glad that the police in my neighborhood are not afraid to do their jobs. We have to face the reality that most of the crime is committed by a small segment of the population and that racial profiling works. If the police are afraid to do their jobs because of cries of ‘racism’, then innocent people will suffer.

    The black community should be more focused on the low test scores and drop-out rate of their youth rather than being stopped by the police when they are looking for a criminal that matches their description. I always co-operate with the police when I encounter them. It isn’t rocket science.

    1. Ming117 says:

      Its not a question of policing. Its a question of excessive force. They beat an unarmed teenager to within inches of his life. Why? Race is certainly a big factor, Being black out after dark certainly places any Black male in that ass whooping possiblity. I agree that your son or daughter would never experience this type of excessive force from the police, particularly with your political creds. Blacks have no one to shield them from this abuse. The system fails us everytime. I can think of countless incidents, Johhny Gammage, the fellow killed in the tunnel in Pittsburghl, Dialo and others in NY. All unarmed and committing no crime that anyone knows of when shot numerous times by the police. Profiling is okay as long as it isn’t you and yours. But as they say they came for so and so, I said nothing, then they came for so and so, I said nothing. Then they came for me…..

    2. Darren says:

      John, if a uniformed officer or officers would have approached Jordan Miles do you believe he would have ran? Or do you believe he is a liar when he says he did not know they were police officers?

  4. Darren says:

    The officers were not in uniform. Why do police officers who intentionally disguise their identies by wearing street clothes expect honest citizens respond to them as though they are police officers? Why not just do away with police uniforms and marked cruisers? Why not make a law that says all people must “freeze” whenever anybody, anywhere says so? How about a law that says when a white girl gets chased by three large black men wearing hoodies at night she is required by law to obey their order to “freeze” if they say they are police? That she is obligated to stop and request to see the badges of these three large black men? Or the next time a dirtball wearing jeans and a T-shirt pulls up next to a child in a van saying he is a police officer, that your child must stop and oblige this person?

  5. So-Co says:

    its easy, dont run from the cops or you will beat to submission, its that easy. if you run, you show officers that you are a threat to them so that forces them to take action. officers do a great jobs and all these civil unions groups have nothing better to do than protect another brother from another mother

    1. Ming117 says:

      What are you suppose to do when approached by strange men. Don’t you teach your children to (run) get away from strangers. Would you expect your wife or daughter to stand there? Give me a break. Bet you would have hauled ass too!

  6. Darren says:

    What should you do if you don’t know or don’t think the person is a police officer? What should I tell my daughter to do if she gets pulled over at night by a large black man in baggy jeans and he tells her to get her @$$ out of the car?

    1. Enough says:

      Tell her to go to a public place and pull over – do it if you’re black, white or purple! If as a woman you get pulled over by an unmarked police car and aren’t sure, go to a public place pull over and give your information and don’t give attitude. If you have a problem – go to court!

  7. Trailer Trash says:

    Crittter climb back under the rock from whence you came.

Comments are closed.

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