City Councilman Burgess On Police Reform

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Pittsburgh City Councilman Reverend Ricky Burgess joined Robert Mangino tonight to discuss the Black Political Empowerment Project’s demands for a police reform.

Since the Jordan Miles case, Burgess has introduced five police reform bills.

Listen in to see what Reverend Burgess has to say about the police reform with KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.


One Comment

  1. steve says:

    Who cares what he thinks.If he could handle his people, we wouldnt need a police review board.

  2. Hit Boy says:

    The police aren’t the problem…..for law abiding citizens that is….

  3. JustSaying says:

    BooHoo! We are SO oppressed and are constantly the victims of racial profiling! Never mind the fact that 70+ percent of the crime IS committed by blacks, they feel for some reason they are ENTITLED to special treatment/consideration. Why doesn’t he put his effort into working with the black community to try and get them to pull back on the drugs, muggings, robberies, shootings, etc. instead of trying to make out that the police are the problem???

    1. Daniel says:

      Just Saying is so right here. 80% per cent of the homicides in this city are black on black crime. And then someone like Jordan Miles comes along who cannot follow a lawful command to stop and now less guns are off the streets. We need to respect the police who protect us and crack down on crimes in the neighborhoods where people commit the most crimes. Shame on Mr. Burgess for his anti police attitude.

  4. Daniel says:

    Mr. Burgess needs to stand up for the police in our city. I would love for him to stand up and say that the city will never pay Jordan Miles one cent. Has anyone seen Mr. Burgess re election flyers? They were not supportive of our police at all. I am a proud supporter of our men and women in blue who go out everyday to protect us. They have lost pay and benefits and who cares? Not Mr. Burgess that is for sure. How many citizens know that the police lost there disability insurance with the last contract? Mr. Burgess did not even pay his past due taxes until he was outed. Mr. Burgess is a waste of taxpayer dollars in my opinion.

  5. Critter says:

    Burgess is a racist moron

    1. Daniel says:

      And has the nerve to call himself a Reverend….what a laugh. Remind me to never go to any church that he attends.

  6. steve says:


  7. Concerned says:

    People need to be concerned about criminal thugs and not downgrade our police. This is not about race but criminals. When the police tell you to stop you stop. There are plainclothes police out there. You must obey them just as much as the uniformed officer. Why let one young man who resisted our officers bring so much trouble to our wonderful police force. I say recharge Mr. Miles and let him have his day in court.

  8. mrs stevens says:

    Would it be considered racist if I wanted to start a “WHITE political empowerment project”?

  9. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Next time this POS needs help I hope he call on of his neighbors instead of a cop!

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