PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A patch problem has people in one local neighborhood fired up.

Last month, KDKA showed you how patch that the city had used to fill street cracks in Lincoln Place was coming up in gooey clumps – sticking to tires as well as the shoes of the people who live here.

The city’s Public Works Department admitted the job was botched and returned this week to do it right; instead, resident Mark Schneider says they did some work on a nearby street and ignored Cox Avenue.

“I’m done with this. This is ridiculous,” said Barb Pribila, a resident of Lincoln Place. “This needs to be fixed. This needs to be fixed now.”

KDKA’s Andy Sheehan reached the vacationing Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski on his cell phone. He said that his crew had patched nearby Cox Place but couldn’t patch Cox Avenue because of parked cars.

Kaczorowski says the crews will return. Over on Cox Place, however, Schenider says the work is spotty at best.

It does appear that the crews filled in some of the cracks with asphalt, but ignored others.

“This is incompetent work. If I did this, I’d be fired,” said Schneider.

He says the department’s $10 million road repair budget is showing limited results.

The issue of streets and street repair is a hot button one, with the Public Works Department saying they’re doing their best with limited resources. However, many city residents are saying it’s just not good enough.

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