By Rob Pratte, NewsRadio 1020 KDKABy Rob Pratte

Growing up, my dad was like most fathers of the 60s & 70s — working all the time. It wasn’t the games he played with me. It wasn’t the time he spent with me. It was that he was there every night.

I could see him watching TV. I knew he was sleeping in the other room. I could hear him sleeping when the house got quite.

Next month will mark 11 years since his death; but wearing his ring somehow helps me survive a world without him.

My three children, Tyler, Robbie, and Eva are a blessing; so I’ve always made time. But the best thing is that my youngest ones know I’m just down the hall. My oldest knows I’m a phone call away.

Most important, though, is that they know about the ring. For as it shines, so will my own dad’s memory — forever in their hearts.

I guess you could say like the ring, life has gone full circle.


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