BLOOMFIELD (KDKA) – A teenager had to be rescued from the roof of a burning home in Bloomfield Monday morning.

Shawn Wanner, 18, woke up in his third-floor bedroom to find his home on fire. Grabbing a shirt and covering his nose and mouth, he started downstairs to check on his mom and little sisters.

“But when I opened the door my, little sisters’ room was pitch black with smoke so just closed it, came back up the steps, opened the window and saw all the smoke coming from the house, called 911,” he said.

“I just heard everybody pounding and the smoke alarms coming off,” Colleen, Shawn’s mother, said.

She and the two girls, 9-year-old Callee and 3-year-old Maleena, were sleeping in a basement game room. They escaped safely with the family dog.

That’s when Colleen learned that her son was on the roof of their home at 425 Cedarville Street.

Shawn was able to climb out a gable and inch along the roof to the duplex next door where firefighters were able to get to him.

“We got him off the rooftop with the ladder,” says Deputy Fire Chief Dan Hennessy. “We had a good fire in the structure back here. A second alarm was requested.”

Shawn was treated for minor smoke inhalation. The fire was centered in the rear first and second floors and may have started in the kitchen.

Firefighters brought it under control quickly.

Barbara Turner, lives on the other side of the duplex and rushed home from work.

“I have a lot of smoke damage,” she said. “Some walls are down.”

Callee was showing her friends what happened to her home. She’s mostly worried about the family’s three cats and her little sister’s favorite toy.

“My sister’s little elephant,” she said. “She can’t do [anything] without it. It’s in the basement.”

There is a lot of damage. The Red Cross will be taking care of Colleen and her children with some temporary shelter.


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