GREENSBURG (KDKA) — State police say the man who attempted to break into a home in Unity Township left behind something that could lead them to his identity.

Investigators say the suspect left his sweatshirt behind while running away from a house along Route 130 on Wednesday.

The woman inside didn’t answer the door when someone knocked and moments later the person tried to break in through the side door.

The young woman called her father who was able to scare the suspect away.

“We were able to get a bloodhound team out there, our helicopter, several different patrols to try to comb the area,” Limani said. “We were not able to locate the individual.”

State police got a good description of the man and released a composite sketch. They also showed reporters the man’s abandoned hooded sweatshirt. It’s hunter green and says “Hawai’i Football.”

Police found it 25 yards away from the home. He ditched it while making his getaway.

If you recognized the sweatshirt, State police in Greensburg want you to give them a call.

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