Frustrated Woman Grabs Louisville Slugger, Smashes Target Store Windows

MCCANDLESS (KDKA) — A frustrated woman took a baseball bat to the front windows of the Target in McCandless.

Donna Rosenberger, 39, of Cranberry, had an explanation for her actions.

“I tried returning two ice cream makers and they would not give me my money back,” she said. “So I made a scene yesterday.”

Rosenberger told KDKA’s John Shumway she went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a high performance Louisville Slugger Dynasty and returned to the Target Friday morning for the attack.

While talking to KDKA’s John Shumway, Rosenberger went into a rant about politicians as she was taken for arraignment and an evaluation at the district magistrate.

She was released on her own recognizance.

Rosenberger claims that she has been beaten, terrorized and tortured over the past six to 11 years.

When she left the magistrate’s office, she was complaining about their phone books and the staff.

“What are they all doing in there? What are they getting paid for – just to staple papers together?” she told KDKA’s John Shumway.

Back at her car, she was talking about a camera shop and her bank.

“Like if I go to the bank, I’ve had this happen to me too where I tried to get money out of the bank and they say, ‘We don’t have enough money in the bank to give you your money,’” she said.

Then Rosenberger said she had business to do and drove off.

A Target spokesperson at their national headquarters told KDKA-TV Rosenberger was offered a gift card. She wanted cash and that’s what the dispute was about.

Rosenberger is facing charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. She will be in court again next week.

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  • Dawn Duffy

    She’s not TOO crazy……

  • BB

    Released on own recognizance? A fifth-grader could tell you she’s unstable and her way of “settling” her perceived problems, which appear to be with everyone, is dangerous. But hey, let her go!

  • Linda Rees

    I wonder do they mean Cranberry or Cranberry Township it would be a very far trip from Cranberry to McCandless

    • James

      Who cares. That isn’t the story. Focus people focus.

  • James

    Oh my. She needs some mental help. Stores make the return polices not the customers

    • Stephanie

      and for all those poor people that get harassed by customers on a daily basis, the employees don’t make the policies either!

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Don’t think all her ducks are in a row!

  • http://womanwithbat shari

    wow PLEASE tell me this woman is not raising children the example she is setting is disturbing

  • pele

    A little off the wall are we????? This time it was a baseball bat what would be her next choice? Let that be anyone else and we would be taken right to the County Jail, she must of had a good family attorney if you know what I mean.

    • bwark

      nah, they let everyone go…if you haven’t killed anyone, they just give you a court date, which turns into another date and another date. Allegheny County just slaps these crazy folks on the writs and fines them, (which they never pay) and they go on and on tormenting people and doing the same things!

  • Anonymous

    lol totally agree!

  • JB

    So she freaked out cause she couldn’t get her money back so she went and spent $200+ on ls bat!!!?? lmao!! idiot.

    • Rob

      no kidding, doesn’t Target carry bats that would have done the job perfectly well and add a bit of irony?

      • Wastrel

        But if you’re not happy with the store’s policies, then you don’t buy your implements of destruction there.

  • bwark

    OH ya..this is the way that our judicial system works in the Allegheny County courts. You can steal, or even sell dope and you get released. Even a violation of parole doesn’t mean that you will end up in jail. When this lady drives over some poor soul because she is in a psychotic episode, everyone will wonder why she wasn’t locked up somewhere….

  • Nick Manning

    This is to funny, what a complete Pyscho. What normal person would do that, she needs to have a mental evaluation ASAP.

  • Brad

    To pat mitlo

    What? What! Let’s take a look at this for a sec. First, what bank, in cranberry, doesn’t have money to give you to make a withdrawal unless you make some outlandish request, like 1 billion dollars… Second. She tried to return 2 ice-cream makers, 2. Who buys 2 ice cream makers? With cash? More than likely, psycho pants either received them as a gift with no receipt, stole them, or bought them on a gift card, which means she returned stuff before. I’m highly, highly doubting this nutball can organize her thoughts long enough to hold onto receipts long enough to return items she paid cash for. I have returned a small kitchen appliance to target before, with receipt, and they had no problems giving me cash back. Think please pat… Think.

    • Wastrel

      I don’t know about withdrawals, but I’ve tried to deposit money in the bank and they wouldn’t take it. They told me my account was TOO FULL. I have to sympathize with the bank here, and I sure don’t want them giving this lady any of my money!

  • Mary

    They give your cash back if you have a receipt and you’re within the correct amount of time of their return policy. Sometimes they’ll even bend their own rules to keep a customer happy. More often than not, those who complain are those who are trying to return off season items, without receipts, or open & obviously used items. When I worked retail, it was amazing the things people would try to return. Open, poorly re-wrapped Christmas lights a few days after the holiday. We know you used them, if they didn’t work, you would have exchanged them ahead of time. We know you used that generator for the power outage and returned it when finished. It’s people like that that cause return policies to become so strict.

    • Anonymous

      You hit the nail on the head Mary!!!! I’ve been in retail for over 20 years and you are exactly right. It’s all those dishonest people out there that try to break the rules and policies that were set up in the first place to protect and service them. AMAZING.

  • Lollys Figlo

    I wonder if she even had a box? I wonder if they were used? She should be in the nut house.

  • A Military Veteran

    I think a little more tolerance here. She’s got a problem, certainly. All she wanted was to be heard, so she got heard. She’ll pay for windows, and it’ll be over. She’s not dangerous, shewas calmly talking to everyone, admitted the crime, not resisting arrest.

    All this talk of she’s psychotic and needs to be locked up / imprisoned, get a clue Poplawski’s trial ends today. That guy is a menace, not this lady. She didn’t hurt anyone, Poplawski is killing cops bleeding out on the ground by shooting them with an AK in the neck. She’s got misplaced agression.

  • RedOnTheGreg

    Ooh, Lordy! She’s got the crazy eyes. Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact.

  • life's fuinny

    i thinmk it’s funny as hell! I wonder if the bat was a wood or aluminum ?

    • markus

      That is an aluminum bat…

  • chevelle64

    i like her, is she available?

  • Yankees Fan

    The way she swings the bat makes me wonder…….Are the Pirates looking for a power hitter?

  • johnny69

    I read somewhere that she has been trying to return these ice cream makers for years and they know her well.

  • lori S

    Returning things at Target makes me want to break things too…lol Their return policy is ridiculous!!!

  • Mike

    LOL her last name is Rosenberger.

  • MustafaJohnson

    Get this poor soul some help Quickly!

  • cccc


  • dirty sanchez

    ICE cream is good food too!!!!

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