Local Furry Talks About Anthrocon 2011

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(Photo Credit: Web Intern Chelsey Sample/ KDKA)

(Photo Credit: Web Intern Chelsey Sample/ KDKA)

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Anthrocon 2011 – otherwise known as the furries convention – will bring thousands of people dressed as animals to Pittsburgh this weekend.

But don’t laugh at these adults turned critters – they’ll spend more than $5 million at Downtown businesses while they’re in town.

On Friday morning, KDKA AM’s Larry and John talked to Gary Guy Matthews, a well-known dog furry who made headlines last year when he unsuccessfully tried to have his name legally changed to Boomer the Dog. Boomer sheds some light on the furry lifestyle, but do Larry and John even scratch the surface?

“We can get in touch with the inner animal,” said Boomer. “Also, there’s a social aspect, getting together with your friends, going to a convention, you know an event just like other kind of events out there, maybe like comic conventions and things that they have, it’s similar to that.”

Listen to the full interview below:

Anthrocon Convention
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