More Mutilated Animal Remains Found In Sharpsburg

SHARPSBURG (KDKA) — There is disturbing new evidence of animal abuse in Sharpsburg.

Investigators tell the KDKA Investigators there is new evidence of animal abuse.

Human Officers say they found a decapitated duck late Thursday. Kathy Hecker with Animal Friends is hopeful reward money will draw enough attention to the case.

“The reward, however, has grown. It’s up to $2,000. People have pledged because they’re concerned and they want this person stopped,” says Hecker.

Meantime, resident Jamie Ganster, who lives along the railroad tracks in Sharpsburg, made two gruesome discoveries in the last few months.

Ganster found a skinned deer and a raccoon stuffed into a box.

“This sounds like some twisted haunted trail to me. This dead deer and this raccoon with its head sticking out of a box – it’s just bizarre. It’s really bizarre,” says Ganster.

Humane officers found two decapitated cats along the railroad tracks in Sharpsburg. Investigators also found some sort of animal with a stake holding it onto the railroad tracks.

Police have no suspects at this time. Humane officers say they are following several leads but have no strong suspects at this time.

More Animal Abuse Discovered In Sharpsburg
Cats Beheaded In Sharpsburg

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One Comment

  1. autismmom says:

    sounds like another jeffrey dahmer in the making. . .

  2. JJ says:

    It isn’t an “animal hater”; it is a freakin’ dahmer. A plain old animal hater doesn’t take the time to do all this. Other site said a ‘sharpened stake’–made of what? What other things do people leave there?

  3. mj says:

    This should make the furries nervous

  4. Animal Kingdom says:

    Marty Griffin looks just like Ralph Ionatti…..where are the police who find people who kill people? This guy along the tracks should become a goast tour guide……serial killer on the tracks

  5. Duckdaddy says:

    People should really try to find this kid before he stakes some ones kid to the railroad tracks.

  6. Mommy says:

    Sounds demonic & satanic. This isn’t something to take lightly.

  7. This is news? says:

    Why don’t these animal killers ever hang rats or pigeons? We eat millions of murdered cows and chickens everyday whats the big deal about a couple a cats and deer that live by the tracks?

  8. MustafaJohnson says:

    This is the type of story KDKA loves. Injured, sick or abused animals are featured three times a week.
    In this case the main story is that a “loon” is running around loose in Picksburgh.

  9. Tabitha says:

    Future serial killer in training and I bet his parents love him to death.

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