PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It took less than two hours for a jury from Dauphin County to render a verdict in the penalty phase in the trial of convicted cop-killer Richard Poplawski.

The jury, made up of seven men and five women, sentenced Poplawski to death Tuesday night.

Three of the jurors talked with the media about what went into the decision.

“There were moments where I was sick in there,” juror No. 9 said. “To assault the men who stand on the front line and protect us, it made that verdict and sentence justified in and of itself.”

Jurors were not allowed to share details about the deliberation, but the foreman spoke about a vow they all took.

“We took a vow to wait until the end until we heard all the evidence before we make up our mind. But, once all the evidence was in, it was unanimous and fairly quick,” he said.

Each of the jurors talked about the bravery and sacrifice of the fallen police officers.

“Those were individuals who were real patriots and who made a difference, not Richard Poplawski,” juror No. 3 said.

The foreman called the violence at the home sad. He also shared his perception of Poplawski during the trial.

“I believe he’s already recognized what he’s done and he just was waiting for the verdict,” he said.

The jurors will head back to Dauphin County Wednesday morning. Two of them said this process has made them feel that the justice system really works.

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