Counting The Cost Of Richard Poplawski’s Trial

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Trying Richard Poplawski for the murder of three police officers was never going to be a cheap affair and now it’s been revealed how costly it was.

First, the court had to go to Dauphin County to select a jury which cost about $3,500. Dauphin County charged Allegheny County just under $12,000 to gather the jury pool.

Once a jury was selected, transportation costs back and forth were around $5,000. The jury was put up at the Doubletree Hotel for 10 days at a price tag of over $24,000. Meals for the jurors added another $7,000 as well.

These extra court-related costs for the Poplawski trial add up to over $52,000, but that’s not all.

The district attorney’s office estimates $10,000 in non-budgeted costs and the sheriff’s office says its preliminary costs were more than $50,000. The public defender’s office said they had no figures at this time.

Add all that together and you get a rough preliminary cost figure of $112,000, nearly twice the cost of the Jonny Gammage or Richard Baumhammers trials.

Trial court Judge Jeffrey Manning said what many feel.

“I don’t know how much it cost, but it was worth every penny because justice does not come with a price tag,” Manning said.

Given the publicity in the Poplawski case and the need to go out-of-town for a jury, there was never any doubt at all that this case was going to be a whole lot more expensive than most criminal trials in Allegheny County.

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One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    $24,000 for the jurors at the doubletree??? Tell me WE didn’t get ripped off…but it was well worth it

  2. Joe says:

    That lowlife turd should have been shot dead on scene… would’ve saved the taxpayers the cost of a trial, and justice would have been immediate.

    1. Lee Doran says:

      i agree

      1. Anonymous says:

        me too….i am not sure why they even published these findings. it just angers people.

    2. marilyn says:

      I too agree. It already looks like our taxpayer money has given him more than enough to eat. Look at his before and after pictures. He looks like he gained 15 pounds! Now we have to feed him the rest of his life and there are people in the community who go hungry! The system stinks!

  3. Mary says:

    It was money that had to be spent so that the officers’ families, the police community, and the Stanton Heights community can begin to heal.

  4. Lee says:

    the thing i was hoping came out in trial but didnt is if he was a dishonorable discharge from the marines, legally he was not allowed to own or buy firearms. so how did he have them?

  5. FBrackenridgePD says:

    The Jonny Gammage trial showed that the POLICE can brutally MURDER innocents as well…

    And what consequences did they face…… NONE

  6. Sara Sams says:

    Well I think the state of Fla. has Pa. beat as far as how much it take to Prosacute a Murder. Fla. will spend around $ 500 Thousand to try the case of Casey Anthony . She is the Mom who is charged in the Mueder of her 2yr.old Caylee in June of 2008. I live in Central Fla. and I dont care how much of my tax dollars are used to Prosacute Casey Anthony. She never reported her daughter missing for 31 days. She told the police that the child was Kidnapped. She never ever went out and help search for her own child.. She was out partying and stealing her friends check book and renting movies. She always told everyone that her daughter was with the babysitter. So I think their is no Price to hight to have Justice for the Victim.. So send the SOB that killed the 3 Police Officersto DEATH.. Their is a special place in Hell for people who do wrong to others..

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