PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Poplawski house on Fairfield Street in Stanton Heights sits vacant and boarded up – a painful reminder of the horrifying shootings that killed three Pittsburgh police officers more than two years ago.

A large chunk out of the front sidewalk was used as evidence in the trial. It was where one of the officers was killed.

With the trial over, the Allegheny County Sheriff’s department says the house could go back on the market as soon as October.

Court documents indicate Richard Poplawski’s mother, Margaret, is convinced she is owed any profits from the sale.

Similar documents indicate the family of murdered officer Eric Kelly has a lien on the house in order to prevent any profits going to the Poplawski family.

“In a sheriff’s sale, any excess of proceeds after the lender is paid, any taxing bodies are paid or any lien holders, if there are any monies left over, then by law those monies must be given to defendant that has lost their property,” Sgt. Rich Fersch, with the sheriff’s department, said.

For the people in the neighborhood who had to live through the shooting, the subsequent investigation and the trial, the sale of the Poplawski home can’t come soon enough. To be honest, they just want to get back to their bucolic neighborhood.

“For what it’s worth, I made an offer to buy it,” Richard Hess said.

He watched the horrifying shooting from his home across the street and wants the memories of that day gone forever. He wants the home demolished.

Right now, sources indicate there are several bids on the property. Nothing was given serious consideration by the banks before the trial ended.

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