Report: Talbot NOT Traded To Toronto

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Max Talbot is not leaving the Pittsburgh Penguins, yet.

RDSTV reported minutes ago that the Penguins struck a deal, today, trading the negotiating rights of the Penguins forward to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Now, those reports seem to be premature.

Others, including Talbot’s agent Pat Brisson are denying any trade.


One Comment

  1. Patty Yost says:

    Way to go Shero. Let another great player go.

    1. MRHOCKEY22 says:

      what GREAT player are you refering to Patty? i hope you’re not talking about Max; he is a great personality, but will NEVER be confused with a great player!!!

  2. Brad says:

    Really patty ? Talbot a great player? Explain how? He had 3 goals last year.. And he wants 2 million.. Max turned down 800k per year to play here because he wants paid more. Why would shero pay him anymore than that.

    You also mention ‘another’ as if anyone who left wasn’t replaceable. Who that shere let go wasn’t replaceable ?

    Or are u simply upset because u like max’s commercials and thought he was cute? He had 3 goals last year. Max talbot is a below average NHL player .. Get a clue

    1. Anonymous says:

      He had 8 goals last year, maybe you need to get a clue…

  3. Marcu says:

    Patty, if you call Talbot great can you tell me what you call Sid and Geno?

  4. Brad says:


    8 goals or 3 goals … Does it matter? Does 5 more goals warrant 2 million? So yea I have a clue. You are arguing under an anonymous name for the sake of arguing. More than likely you troll these message boards an you look to complain and fight with people without posting who you are. 3 goals or 8 goals… Doesn’t matter.. He STILL isn’t a great player and doesn’t deserve 2 mill. And your point other than to get my facts straight that didn’t change the bottom line was???

  5. Brad says:

    Oh and also anonymous you want to nitpick?

    Max finished 342 in the league in scoring this year …342 .. At any given moment there are 360 active forwards in the NHL. Using deductive reasoning he outscored 18 forwards… 18… Granted there are some defensemen in the race and a few injured players . Even if you include all of them … He still is not a point producer, not GREAT on the penalty kill, and will be overpaid.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Max Talbpt 2- Detroit Red Wings 1. Game 7, Stanley Cup Final.

      Game, set, match…

  6. Noworlatr says:

    Max is one of the penguin champions he contributed to the ultimate victory … The stanley cup … So whether he stays or leaves he definitely deserve the respect as being one of our champions !!!!! Good luck Max !!!!!!

  7. Patty Yost says:

    My opinion everyone. Don’t really care what the rest of you think.

  8. ChildPleez says:

    Patty… it is your opinion and it really does matter what anyone thinks. If you believe Talbot is a “Great Player” So be it… no one should jump on your case about it…

    That said…
    Are you out of your mind? Shero let’s another great player go?
    Who are these so called great players that Shero let go? By my book Shero has done nothing but awesome…sure occasionaly he brings in a washed up Poni or a Man that doesn’t deserve to be linked to the Devil (Satan) or let see um bringing back a washed up former Penguin (Kovy) the verdict is still out on Jagr so I will hold my tongue… but seriously who has he let go that you consider great? I’m just curious?

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