3 Daycare Centers Shut Down After Near Drowning

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — Three Washington County childcare facilities were forced to shut down because a child nearly drowned last week.

Scores of parents are scurrying to find alternative places to enroll their kids for daycare.

The three closed facilities are operated by Kid Biz.

Charles Sorice has a 6-year-old daughter enrolled in one of the closed centers and says being a late-life parent, makes finding childcare difficult.

“So we’re scrambling,” he said. “My wife took off work today. I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow.”

The state Department of Public Welfare closed the three facilities after a near drowning of a 7-year-old boy. It happened at the Four Seasons Resort campground in West Finley Township last week. There was no lifeguard on duty.

Anne Bale, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Welfare, said there were about 18 children present at the pool and that was unacceptable to the department.

“We can’t have many, many children in the pool without a lifeguard present,” she said. “You know, it’s just unacceptable.”

“I know the state has to do what they have to do, but why weren’t we allowed to be open during all of this,” Adele Wood, president of Kid Biz, said. “Nobody’s in eminent danger.”

She says she will appeal the state’s shutdown order.

“It’s easy [to] shut our doors, but they make it very difficult for us to have our day in court,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. genomega1 says:

    This story leaves one wondering why three facilities were shut down because one child almost drowned. This decision is apparently causing hardship for many families.

  2. blondeiegurl86 says:

    It will cause some problems in some families becasue now they have to find childcare elsewhere either with family or freinds until they decide on a new center (IF they trust centers anymore at all). There have been way to many mishaps in childcare centers in the past few years so they are right to shut down. In no shape or form should that child been left to their own devices. Yes she is 6 but she is still a young child and needs adult supervision and I wish parents would realize that. Just because your in 1st grade doesnt mean that your grown. I see it everyday as a Pre-K teacher.

    1. FixPGH says:

      Good thing you do not teach English with your (see how your is used properly?) poor grammar.

    2. Mimi says:

      I’m very sad that the accident happen and my prayers are with the family.
      I’m very concerned for all the children with NO WHERE to go also. Instead of Anne Bale closing them down abruply why not just cancel future camping trips. The accident didnt happen at the centers and I as grandma of one of the children with no where to go, DON’T believe that the staff meant any harm to any of them. It was an ACCIDENT. As a past girl scout leader I went on camping trips many times with young girls of all ages. Camp fires, sleeping in tents, swimming and many other people around and in contact with everyone. It’s called camping the parents obviously allowed their children to participate. Did Anne Bale even give a second thought to all the parents that might end up on welfare if they can’t find child care and have to quit their job. Are they asking why Four Seasons Resort allows trips but doesn’t have to have lifeguards. Once again the state acts without thinking but not a surprise.

    3. mimi says:

      Doesnt sound like you have to worry about childcare. It was a camping trip the parents allowed their kids to go. This wasnt in the childcare center as you stated so why close them down?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How does the accident at Four Seasons campground translate to an unsafe situation at the Daycare facilities? The camping trip was a special activity that included activities outside of the normal operations of the daycare. The actions of the DPW was unjustified and irresponsible. They shut down the only Daycare in Washington County that I trust to care for my kids and the DPW has created a HUGE hardship for my family and hundreds of other families.


  4. Michael Phelps says:

    A brother almost drowned in a Pittsburgh city pool and nobody shut them down?!!!!!!!!!

Comments are closed.

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