Education Takes Major Hit In Approved Pa. Budget

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The General Assembly approved a nearly $27.2 billion state spending plan that holds the line on taxes and cuts government spending by over a billion dollars.

But where Governor Corbett and Republicans made their cuts has sparked controversy, especially among educators who say children are being unfairly targeted.

“If we were a family, I would hope that we would take care of our children first,” says Mardi Isler of the Pittsburgh Association for the Eduction of Young Children.

Isler says the 60 percent cut in accountability grants used to fund kindergartens will hurt children.

“We know that they’re districts that have already voted to cut out full-day kindergarten,” says Isler.

For Pittsburgh schools, those dollars support pre-k programs for the most vulnerable.

“In Pittsburgh, we will realize 400 children, 65 staff, a number of classrooms will close,” says Isler.

The combination of all those cuts will take a toll.

“It will have a very negative impact,” says Isler. “Child care was also cut. Child care was cut $48 million.”

Those weren’t the only education-related cuts.

Public schools are hit with cuts from several hundred thousand dollars to nearly $26 million in Pittsburgh.

The 14 state related universities just announced a 7.5 percent tuition hike to counter a 19 percent cut in state funds.

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One Comment

  1. Jeff says:

    Children should be first, but it is amazing that $35,000 spent per inmate , but only $8537 per student. hmmm, what is wrong with that picture

    1. Sonja Jones says:

      Are you kidding, that naive, not realizing that education has nothing to do with the children. That’s why 75% of the funding is for teacher’s benefits and salaries. The prison figure report is also garnished. That funding is being used for MORE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES.

      1. hwright says:

        No longer do we deserve good compensation in return for people with a good education and good work ethics????? Where are you from????? Would your rather mcdonald workers teaching our kids???? Do colleges need to exist anymore if their degrees are worthless??? Who teaches the kids??? The teacher??? Do YOU UNDERSTAND THAT????

      2. jlk28 says:

        every corporation in America spends approximately 75% on salaries. If you work in an auto repair shop, you charge the customer for time, materials, and labor. Just because teachers are government employees doesn’t mean that teachers don’t pay your salaries, too.

  2. the truth says:

    if the teachers would conceded to paying for some of their own healthcare and their own retirement this budget cuts effects on the kids could be minimized….. but that will never happen…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Teachers do pay into their retirement

      1. Anonymous 2 says:

        Yes but so does everyone else too. Do the teachers pay into my retirement like I pay into theirs and mine?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Yes, I pay into your retirement every time I use your business. I help pay into your social security as well.

    2. Sonja Jones says:

      The majority of teachers proposed to be furloughed did not lose their jobs. What happened is that they offered early retirement to senior teachers giving them $30,000 plus full healthcare payments till age 65. The furloughed teachers were given their jobs back before the ink got dry on the newspaper print.
      You are right, the cost for the healthcare is $18,000 a year per teacher. Also, I know teachers who were furloughed for a year, hired back and given a $10,000 raise immediately.
      The only ones who really lose their jobs are people like you and me. We pay the bills for the pensions and healthcare for public workers and we have nothing.

      1. paeducator says:

        You are sadly mistaken. 3000 teachers lost jobs and 3000 more retired and those positions were not filled. NO TEACHER GETS HEALTHCARE UNTIL 65. Please elaborate on which district offered this as there is none that I know of around here that did that. You should cite your source of information to make this more credible.

      2. hwright says:

        THIS IS NOT AGAINST PUBLIC WORKERS!!!!! PURELY AGAINST TEACHERS!!! TEACHER UNIONS PERIOD..When you accept your politicians are over paid and start to protest their wages and benefits I will respect your comments but ATTACKING THE WORKING CLASS PEOPLE IS UNETHICAL AND SHOULD NOT BE LEFT TO THE POLITICIANS WE ELECT TO DO.

      3. jlk28 says:

        Your remarks are completely false in the current economic environment. Look in the papers, attend school board meetings, and pay attention; you will notice that very few teachers have been called back from the most recent wave of furloughs, and those who do get called back will do so on the step in which they left-they will not receive “raises” for the time they were off. Teachers are people just like you-we pay our bills, we pay into our pensions, we pay into our healthcare, and we are losing our jobs. The governor’s budget leaves little room for callbacks. I don’t want to argue politics, but understand that these cuts to education are real, profound, and irreversible thanks to the governor’s budget. Most districts who announced furloughs are, in fact, furloughing, plain and simple.

    3. hwright says:

      ignorant people, brainwashed by their fellow republicans

      1. Sonja Jones says:

        These are the facts, buddy, I know first hand. You are the ignorant , brainwashed fool and that has nothing to do with politics, its from your family’s genes and the wonderful education system.

      2. hwright says:

        Fact is Politicians are over paid over compensated and are killing the middle class thats a FACT…. Family jeans??? what do we want to just rid of the middle class jean the Hard working americans in this country Give me Break walk intio the classroom and deal with kids for 1 YEAR… YOU CANNOT HANDLE IT!!!!!!!!

  3. paeducator says:

    Teachers do pay for some of their own healthcare now. I have been paying towards my healthcare for 17 years. We do pay for our retirement and have done so for years. Unlike the state legislators. Teachers are being vilified by current government and it is a shame. You will get what you pay for in the long run. What is going to happen is that no one with talent and smarts will want to become a teacher and it will get worse.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Paying for your own healthcare? Are you joking, you do realize that you pay no where near anyone else in the country, sure you can say you pay for it but $5 dollars a month for complete coverage in everything is a joke. Pay like the rest of us and no one could complain about that. And your retirement/pensions are absolutely insane, most of you get almost full pay after retirement, no wonder the education system is the way it is, these cuts should have happened years ago. Also how about getting rid of the bad teachers!! Pretty much impossible with your unions the way they are as well. No one wants to hear someone complain that works 180 days a year and won’t give approve a wage freeze to keep those teachers around.

      1. Weez says:

        Why didn’t you then become a teacher if it’s that easy. Typical ignorant response. You don’t know the first thng about teaching, the educational requirements, the things they face, stupid NCLB, the real number of hours they work . Your just a jealous union hater.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Are you kidding me? I do not pay just 5 dollars a month for complete coverage. Just what planet are you living on? No one wants to hear an rather uniformed anonymous poster spew garbage online. You must only work 180 days to be able to go online.

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      PAEDU – You pay a fraction of your HC compared to the rest of us. by the way the rest of us are the ones that you are asking to pay for your HC….

      As for your retirement… you pay a lousy 7.5 % a year… over a 30-35 year career you contribute MAYBE 150 – 175 thousand… yet if you collect a very average 20 years you will receive atleast 1.4 million over that time. to top it off most of you get your same HC for 5-7 years after retirement.

      Its an amazing retirement plan, yes I am jealous. however it is unsustainable and again you are asking the rest of us to fund it for you through our taxes.

      Is that fair?

      1. Robert says:

        Zoey, that is GREAT information, where did you get it?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Our contributions are well over the number that you stated. We do not get the same health care either. You are very misinformed. I also pay taxes which pay for the roads that YOU travel on. I pay for the police to protect your home. My contributions for healthcare go to pay for your healthcare as well. I have never used the premium amount that has been paid. My excess goes to stabilize your rates believe it or not. My payments for social security (which I will probably never see) pay for either you or your parents now. My taxes currently pay for salaries for soldiers, by the way I am a vet. You see, everyone contributes to everyone else’s salary. I have my car fixed by local guys. At least the money that I earn, goes back to my community unlike big corps or gas companies. You, like others, have the drowning man syndrome. Since your pay sucks, everyone else’s should. I sincerely hope that your employer provides you with more pay and with benefits. I do not look at my neighbors who make more, and yes they do, and resent them. They earn their pay and benefits as I have earned mine.

      3. Zoeyzotron says:

        I am not misinformed, I have your contracts (everyone can, it is public knowledge). Yes, your actual contracts. See for yourself… Down load any one you want via the PDF files.

      4. Robert says:

        Anonymous, we all pay to what you are referring and we pay to support your compensation. Your analogy does not hold water.

        Zoey, this is a great website!! So much information.

      5. Zoeyzotron says:

        Anonymous – thank you for serving our country! I have tremendous respect for that.

        However, I have to disagree with most of you other comments.

      6. Anonymous says:

        Who contributes to your Open Gov website. I cannot seem to find a list of sponsors? And yes this is open information. You can also see the differences in pay for various school districts. However, just how does this justify your beliefs? What other factors are you taking into consideration. Have you also worked as a teacher and know just what we do. Your assumptions are based on one side and not on the entire picture. It would be like me saying that all police officers are over paid because they just drive around in cars and have great pensions. This is not the entire picture of their job and that is your major fault in logic. Why don’t you go get one of these high paying jobs and see how it goes. Maybe you could make a great career out of it.

      7. Zoeyzotron says: is a project of the Commonwealth Foundation, an independent, non-profit research and educational institute.

        My “beliefs” are based on financial facts. I wish you all could continue to get your benefits and pay but like the other 15 million American that lost their jobs two years ago and the X million that have taken paycuts or lesser jobs some of you will have to do the same. You should consider yourself lucky that you had an extra 3 years of being protected from this… you do realize that the private sector has been mired in this for 3 years right??

      8. Hwright says:

        Zoeyzotron you are VERY MISINFORMED…… Keep drinking the Koolaid that you are getting! Just remember one day your cup will run dry TOO!!!! And I will be lmao…………..

  4. Eric says:

    Teachers hold our kids hostage. If they dont get what they want they go on strick and never loose one cent of pay. Now whats wrong with that picture?

  5. Liz says:

    Right now in the USA our kids are falling so far behind. So it looks like we already have teachers with no talent.

  6. paeducator says:

    Gong on strike is a last resort and it is not one that teacher particularly like. We are also held hostage by those in government. Right now over 3,000 teachers are loosing their jobs due to state cut backs. We also have children and we also live in the communities that we teach in. We understand what current economics mean. I am dong with less now just as everyone else is. I too pay extra for gas, food, and healthcare. We are not above anyone in our communities.

    1. Anonymous @ says:

      However your salary continues to grow each and every year because of your contract. I believe in our teachers, I really do. They are the link that our children have to the future, but I am a private industry worker, my salary has been frozen for almost 4 years now. I too have to pay extra for gas, food and healthcare – the difference is that we are asking teachers to take the same pay freeze for one – ONE – year. To help the rest of us, and the majority of the teachers in the state have said NO WAY, NOT US. I commend the teachers throughout the state that have made the decision to hold on their raises for the upcoming budget year. Thank you –

    2. Hwright says:

      But the Politicians will never have to deal with less they just get more! They pass laws to help them get more. GOOD GRAVY FOR THEM!!!!!!!

  7. paeducator says:

    Meant to say going – it is past my bedtime 🙂

  8. Eric says:

    Do you understand we are 5 billion in debt. Teachers need to take cuts everyone in the private sector did. But our property tax keeps going up for teachers and football fields. Nothing for education I go to school board meetings and never herd of a teacher giving up anything.

  9. paeducator says:

    PA is not falling behind. We are ranked 5th in the nation. If you look at things as they are, we are not as behind as you might think. The nations that participate in the tests, only test those who are qualified to take these tests. In many countries, students do not go beyond 8th grade because they are not permitted to. If you do not score well, you do not progress. It is not the same here. All students are tested from top to bottom. Many states also require that new immigrants who do not yet posses proficiency in English to take state standardized tests. It is also interesting to note that the countries that do better than we do, also pay their teachers much more than the US does. They have national pay scales for teachers. Teachers are also held in more esteem than they are here and discipline standards are higher. Students in the US are not held accountable for their behavior, teachers are. Until we hold parents, students and teachers equally accountable, standards will continue to be low.

    1. jlk28 says:

      What is wrong with the picture is that you are saying that teachers go on strick, when they actually go on “strike” in extreme situations. You must also be referring to losing pay, not “loosing” a cent of pay. What’s (please note the apostrophe use) wrong with the picture you are painting is that you aren’t educated enough to pick up the paint brush and paint a picture, let alone write about the problems in education.
      And for anyone who thinks our kids are falling behind, please take a moment to look at statistics from the PA Department of Education. PA students rank in the top 10 in the nation in education; our scores have raised every year since 2005; our students score below only five Asian countries in the world on TIMSS math testing. Can our teachers and students do a better job? Absolutely. So can our parents, our government, and our community. Get on board and look for solutions instead of ignorantly sitting back and placing the blame on others.

      1. Anonymous says:

        sorry, this post was in response to a comment above, not to what you wrote.

  10. paeducator says:

    Teachers have been taking freezes. Teachers have nothing to do with football fields. I understand this as well. My district insisted on paying $400,000 for new turf for a field that is not even 5 years old while eliminating home economics and classroom supply budgets. I too see a need to cut back, but school boards cutback on stupid things. Tax payers should request detailed line by line budgets. I do think that is fair as I am also a tax payer.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      I do, and it is your retirement and HC that are the issue.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Not my retirement and no my hc. Try looking at the legislators who get healthcare and pensions for life after only serving one term. I do not get hc for life and I contribute to my pension. Our pension plan is solvent and has been.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        Anonymous – the legislators system is broken too. Believe me, I write to them all the time.

      3. HWRIGHT says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    goodnite pa educator just hope tom corbet dose not kill pa with his budget. maybe someday schools will stop putting our tax dollars into sports.

    1. hwright says:

      Yes I definately think we need to replace heinz field and Pnc park! They’re getting pretty old.

  12. paeducator says:

    Thanks. I understand what Corbett is facing. I honestly would not want to be in his shoes right now. I understand that we all must make sacrifices and I am willing to do so. I would take a cut or a freeze if it meant saving someone’s job or enabling someone in my community to be able to pay their bills. However, what I do not like is the way in which teachers are being portrayed. A real leader who actually cares about the well being of everyone asks for cuts but does not make them personal. It seems as though Corbett is personally attacking teachers and this is causing many teachers to really dislike his policies and instead of creating an atmosphere of working together, he is causing major rifts that may take years to fix. Teachers are not evil beings who are just interested in their own well being. We are PA citizens who care. I personally care for the hundreds of students who I have taught over the past 17 years.

  13. EducationShouldBeFirst says:

    Teachers deal with the results of video games, MTV, rap and pop records, pop culture in general, a %53 percent divorce rate, bullying as early as kintergarden, etc. It is real easy and convienent to blame them, as I have heard many comments coming from total ignorance. Public schools take everyone, they don’t play “pick’em choose’em” and then brag about the “great job” they’re doing like private schools do. Those of you who don’t teach have no idea of the hoops that you have to jump through with PSSA testing, DSI (Differentiated Student Instruction), etc. It was real convienent starting with the Bush administration’s NCLB to make high stakes testing the answer to everything. And then of course, don’t even fund it right. Governor Corbett and the Repulicans should be ashamed of themselves. Corbett is also very corrupt -took a million from the drilling industry for this campagne, then buys for new SUV’s for $70,000 for himself and the Lt. Gov.

    They are actually just playing a game of destroying the middle class and unions. Don’t think for a second that they are on your side. They’ll eat stake and drink fine wines while the rest of middle class will be crushed. They have unfortunately convinced everyone that they are doing it for you. But man, they aren’t. They will crush us all while the rob your children of an education.

    1. Charles says:

      The day I saw an educator on TV saying he does not care how high property taxes have to go as long as he gets what he wants was the final nail in the coffin. You should have a 401K like most other people and that’s it. Don’t complain about how difficult your job is because everyone on this blog can do the same thing.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Please tell me what station and when it was on. I really do not think so and no not everyone on this blog can teach just as not everyone can fix cars or practice medicine. The grass is always greener on the other side.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Repeat post. Please be more creative….cite your source of information.

      3. Sonja Jones says:

        You are so right……………………

    2. hwright says:

      They will never see through the REPUBLICAN LIES… Its hopeless. They are attacking our Democratic President from every angle they can get at!!! If you VOTE republican in any upcoming election you are a MORON Republican are killing the middle class so they can wine and dine themselves and the corporate buddies.

      1. Jeeperz says:

        An no democrat has EVER said anything bad about George Bush? Come on now…one side is just as bad as the other.

        Whos the MORON?

  14. "DogLover says:

    Governor Corbett wants to name is two new dogs. How about “Marcellus” and “Shale.”

  15. DogLover says:

    I hear that Jaromir Jagr won’t come to the Pens now because we have such a rotten governor.

  16. move on says:

    Now the schools will be forced to use last years computers, books and paper instead of throwing it away because they can get more money!!!!! The waste is being cut!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:


  17. 1-2-3 says:

    Everybody elses money is running out, Thank you Governor for taking a stand.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Everybody but gas and big corporations. He is standing tall on our children’s backs.

  18. The One says:

    Teachers – you seem to be missing the entire point. THE MONEY HAS RUN OUT. No one is happy about it, however we are in a RECESSION, damn near a depression. Your excessive benefits package will have to change.

    1. Anonymous says:

      THERE IS A SURPLUS. A surplus is extra money. The money has not run out. Corbett CUT taxes for big companies and even then there is still a surplus. Why can’t people figure out this and look into things. Call your local reps and see where the surplus is going. Ask how many tax breaks corporations received and ask just how many jobs are created as a direct result of the breaks. NOT MANY!

      1. The One says:

        Quite reading the PSEA union garbage news letter…. The state of PA has a 4 billion dollar deficit.

      2. Mad Hatter says:

        Even if there was a surplus, and there is NOT… the attitude of “lets spend it!!” is what got us here in the first place. typical democrat.

        Our country is 14 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! – Wake up please.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Just why are we trillions of dollars in debt? Could it be two useless wars? Prior to a certain president, we had a surplus. I do not believe that teachers caused the national debt. That could be those who irresponsibly took out loans that they could not afford. It could be those who loaned money without really checking on the borrowers. It could be box stores who low low costs caused manufacturers to move overseas. It could be the average US citizen who will not look at what is going on around them. Lets give more to the corps that are bankrupting this country. They deserve it. The teachers certainly do not. We will solve our financial problems by laying off teachers. That will pay the trillions back.

      4. Charles says:

        Don’t comment on things you know nothing about. Stop giving your poster child, Bill Clinton, credit for the (fake/all on paper) economy. He happened to be on watch during the boom that he had nothing to do with creating.

      5. Sonja Jones says:


      6. hwright says:

        Corbett put the surplus into his wallet….

    2. Mad Hatter says:

      Teachers did not cause it more than anyone else, but they will have to suffer from it now like the rest of the working country.

      Get off the corporations, they are the only wealth generators in the country, they (and their millions of employees) pay trillions in taxes. Without sucessful corporations the country will fail.

      As a side note…. your pension fund is housed on Wall Street… so if corporations fail so will whats left of your pension.

      Don’t be so short sided in your thinking. It clearly point that you only hear what your union says….

      1. Anonymous says:

        Short sighted……I never took out a bogus mortgage that I could not afford. I never thought that investing in dot.coms was a good idea. If a “simple” teacher could see through this, why not a savy businessman? My union does not provide this propaganda. It is called reading and paying attention to current events. I read everything to include Wall Street Journal and I could tell you about the mortgage meltdown two years before it happened. Wall Street Greed brought the economy down, not public workers and not union workers. The unions keep people in jobs that pay. My pay goes to my community. I live in the area that I teach and I buy everything from my car, my house and my groceries in my community. Wall Street does not have the community mentality and those who cannot see it will be burned by it. The wealth of this nation is in the hands of about 10% of the people. Wake up before it is too late. The real enemies of our economy are not the unions but the big corps. Big corps run mom and pops out of business and do not think twice about it. Look at what agribusiness is doing to farms.

    3. hwright says:

      Tell me now what do you READ?

  19. Warlock Jones says:

    Where are all the Math Teachers now????? It is a mathematical certainty that the teachers retirement pension fund will fail. It is unsustainable. QUIT ASKING THE TAXPAYERS FOR BAILOUTS (via taxes)!!! Pay your own retirement!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The One – the surplus does exits. Do a google news search and you will find many many articles on it.

    1. The One says:

      you do realize that the surplus is in what was collected…. meaning they collected more than they thought they would. However that is PRIOR TO APPLYING IT TO DEBT PAYMENT… I would hate to look at your personal finances….

  21. Anonymous says:

    The One – the surplus does exits. Do a google news search and you will find many many articles on it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I keep posting the surplus news websites and they are not being posted. All one has to do is to search for pa budget surplus and look at news sites and they come up. This is not union propaganda, it is the truth.

    1. The One says:

      it posted, I read it. Read what I wrote above…..

      “you do realize that the surplus is in what was collected…. meaning they collected more than they thought they would. However that is PRIOR TO APPLYING IT TO DEBT PAYMENT… I would hate to look at your personal finances….”

      1. Anonymous says:

        It is all funny money. You know it as well as I do. PA debt like most gov debt is written off. My personal finances are actually good because I buy only what I can afford and save my money. I do not have double mortgage and suv’s in my driveway. I am frugal. I do not and never have used credit cards. I do not believe in them. I am also not at the top of my teacher salary. My home only cost 4 times my salary which was on the cheap side of things 10 years ago. By the way, I served in the military and that paid for my education.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Social security is unsustainable, medicare is unsustainable, military budgets and military pensions are unsustainable. Gee everything is unsustainable. The point is that changes do need to be made but they have to be based on logic and reason. Teachers pensions have been reformed for those who are just starting. However, telling me to change my pension while giving huge breaks to corporations who do not contribute anything back to the state makes me rather ill. I do not mind making “shared” sacrifice but it seems as though some are sharing more than others.

    1. The One says:

      Sadly Pensions are a thing of the past. At some point (probably soon) a line will have to be drawn in the sand. For example, 15 years of service and up get their pension, under 15 years you get bought out into a 401 K/403B plan. New hires just start with the 401k/403B. Corporations did it 20 years ago. Sadly it will have to happen; it’s just the simple economics of it.

      Yes SS and Medicare are in trouble too. They will also have to change.

      There are two fundamental problems that will force all of this change:
      1) The US no longer creates enough wealth.
      2) The takers (entitlement programs, welfare, food stamps, WIC that are abused) have swollen to the size of the givers (taxpayers) We are at the critical tipping point.
      3) National Debt of 14 Trillion dollars will surpass our entire GDP for the first time ever – end of this fiscal year.

      Thank you for your service in our Military, have a great 4th of July.

  24. chevelle64 says:

    we should recall this governor, what kind of a con game is this? school districts all over the state have raised property taxes to make up for loss from state! some deal ! this hits low income and fixed income that can hardly get by now!

  25. teach says:

    Why would anyone want to become a teacher now? No respect from the kids or community. No chance for advancement. Wages, healthcare and retirement being attacked. Layoffs everywhere. Teachers have always had subpar pay but the respect of the community and a fair benefits package made up for it. Now that seems to be gone. Anyone thinking about teaching?’ Forget it. You will be unhappy and broke. I am a 14 year veteran and have to have two jobs to cover normal living expenses. If you think we get paid too much think again. It took me 14 years before I could finally pull myself out of lowincome housing. Now it looks like I’ll have to lose my house with the curent budget. Think teachers are making to much money? You don’t know the half of it.

    1. FedUp says:

      I was pleased to see Governor Corbett signed legislation requiring a referendum vote before allowing property taxes to be raised above the rate of inflation. School districts across Pennsylvania have to realize their ‘tax and spend’ mentality will NOT fly anymore! It’s high time the districts (and yes, the teachers too) realize that in this economy business as usual cannot be allowed to continue. With the cuts and new legislation only one piece of the educational puzzle remains which is to pass legislation making it illegal for teachers to strike, as many other states have already done!

    2. forgetthekids says:

      I hope education goes to H$$L in this country. THANK YOU REPUBLICANTS….

  26. Hwright says:

    Obama works hard to get people off of unemployement but our Republican Governors work hard to put people on unemployment.. Go Figure???

    1. Jeeperz says:

      Obama and the Democrats keep extending unemployment…they owned the House AND the Senate up until the last election. Why work when you can get free money for up to almost 2 years?

  27. Marcia says:

    My son is a teacher who had to move out of state in order to get a job. And let me tell you, he contributes to his pension totally. And for those of you who do not have a teacher in your family, you have no idea how much of their own money they spend on teaching materials every single year. My son spent over $1,000 of his own money last year to keep up his classroom. And if you think their jobs are over when 3:30 rolls around, think again. Meetings almost every day after school, evenings are spent grading papers and preparing lessons for the next day. If they want to have an evening, then they need to spend the weekend preparing for the week.

    You try to convince me that you people who have 8 to 5 jobs do that! When that whistle blows at 5:00 pm you ARE DONE FOR THE DAY. Not a teacher.

    Until my son became a teacher I, sadly, thought the same thing: they have the summers off, how lucky they are. HA!!! How wrong I was. I watched my son work his tail off in the evenings and for what? He had to take a job out of state in order to teach. But he loves what he does and it’s his passion that all of you idiots can’t break. So go ahead, complain and try to convince everyone that teachers are the cause of the problems in this state. But when your child comes home from school thrilled that he has finally grasped a concept that he had been struggling with or a test grade that puts a huge smile of accomplishment on her face let’s thank our wonderful governor – definitely don’t thank the teacher that helped open so many doors for him or her.

    1. paeducator says:

      Thanks. People really do not understand or care to understand what we do and how we do it. People have the drowning man syndrome right about now. People are seeing their pay being eaten up and they are loosing benefits so they think that everyone needs to loose theirs as well. It is human nature. However, that is why unions are important. They fight to ensure that workers are fairly compensated for work. The republican party has demonized unions to the extent that the word union has become a slanderous term. Sadly, all will be affected by lower wages and no benefits. We are allowing ourselves to become a third world country. People need to stop bashing each other and work together to pull our country back to what it once was.

      1. hwright says:


  28. AllchildrenLeftBehind says:

    Munhall Couple Accused Of Locking 6-Year-Old Boy In Room. Do you think this family send their 6 yr old to Charter school or has him cyber schooled??????? NOT!! This is what our teachers face everyday. Children that NEED help!!! Governor Corbett just put HANDCUFFS on our teachers. Do you think they will be helped??? NO>>> OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE <<<<< Only the Rich will be cyber schooled and sent to the charter schools that poor 6 year old will left in the dust.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why is education so much less expensive in other countries?

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