PITTSBURGH (Sportradio 93-7 The FAN) — Jaromir Jagr’s agent Petr Svoboda joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller on 93-7 The FAN to talk about his client’s decision to become a Philadelphia Flyer.

Svoboda started the interview saying congratulations to the Penguin’s organization for trying their best to get Jagr in black and gold.  When asked if it was about money, Svoboda INSISTED multiple, multiple times it was not just for the money, saying if that were the case, he would be back in Russia.

Svoboda knows the fans in Pittsburgh are upset, to which he said the people in the city need to respect his skills and everything he did for the Penguins.

When asked why he chose Philadelphia versus Pittsburgh, Svoboda said again, it was not about money, he went to the team he thought provided him with the best chance to win a Cup.  Speaking on the business end of things, Svoboda talked about Jagr receiving an offer in the $6 million range and turned it down, “proving” he was not in this for money.

The conversation ended with a question about Mario Lemieux and his feelings on the situation, to which Svoboda said Mario was one of the greatest players, and that he is sorry for the hard feelings but said, “let’s not cry over spilled milk.”

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