Woman Allows 6-Year-Old Behind Wheel Of SUV

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) — A little girl from Beaver County would be more at home in the bumper cars at Kennywood Park, but police say, a relative recently instructed the kid to drive her SUV out of a tight parking spot.

A loud noise brought Terry Welling onto his front porch on Duss Avenue in Ambridge last month.

“I thought that somebody hit the gas instead of the brake,” he said.

Police rolled up minutes later to the Ambridge High School parking lot.

“It wasn’t five minutes that I come out and they were just pulling up,” Welling said.

The police incident report describes how 54-year-old Rebecca Beatty, of Aliquippa, was picking up her 6-year-old niece, Cheyenne, from a dance rehearsal at Ambridge High School.

Returning to her SUV, she found the driver’s door unreachable. An adjacent car parked too close.

So Beatty had the 6-year-old get into the driver’s seat while she climbed into the passenger side, instructing the child to back out of the parking space and handed the kid the keys.

“And what I figured is somebody was backing up, accidentally hit the gas and just plowed into the car, and pushed it over the curb onto the street because if the van wasn’t there it would have been out on the street,” Welling added.

In all, four vehicles were damaged. One was totaled, but no one was hurt.

Beatty, a nurse, is still driving the Ford SUV involved in the accident, but she had no comment.

She is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and permitting an unauthorized person to drive.

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One Comment

  1. Kay Johnson says:

    And she’s a nurse taking care of people’s loved ones – OMG!!!!!!

  2. Moron patrol says:

    You can’t become this stupid, you have to be born that way.

  3. Sue G says:

    I don’t condone what this woman did, but I would think that experienced news media staff would have the “common sense” to provide the general public appropriate alternative ways to handle this situation. That was stupid on KDKA’s part. That way you could provide a positive spin on a negative situation. Quit with the “finger-pointing” and start turning the community around. Maybe other people will learn from you guys. Thanks

  4. Bea says:

    OMG! How hard is it to get from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat! I’ve done it hundreds of times. Shimmy yourself over there! How could your first option be letting the 6 yr old drive!

  5. planet earth says:

    Sue g – what planet are u on? How do you put a positive spin on such a stupid reckless situation? What if someone had been killed? The story’s purpose is to report the facts – any moron can figure out what the alternative ways to figure this out were…if u think it needs to be printed, u are a mess.

  6. clueless says:

    Additional reporting – breaking news

    This just in, in an effort to turn the community around, KDKA is proud to be sponsoring the 1st Annual Conference on Alternative Methods to Move Automobiles When Other Cars are Parked Too Close. Keynote speaker, Sue G, will provide a speech entitled, There are better Ways: Why 6 year olds shouldn’t drive”. There will also be hands-on demonstrations by firemen from around the state detailing methods to get in to the driver’s side through the passenger’s side door. Lastly, there will be instruction on going back in to building and asking owner of other car to move. If attendance is good, there are plans to hold additional conferences, for community building of course!

    Is that enough “common sense”?

Comments are closed.

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