Jagr Breaks Silence After Spurning Pens, Joining Flyers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — Jaromir Jagr has broken his silence. One day after infuriating Penguins fans when he signed a free agent contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, Jagr spoke with reporters.

Jagr, a former Penguins’ star who helped lead the team to two Stanley Cup championships in the 1990s, has spent the past three seasons playing in Russia.

For much of this week, he mulled over a one-year offer to rejoin the Penguins before deciding to play on the other end of Pennsylvania, with the Pens’ most fierce rival.

“I didn’t promise anybody anything, that I was going back,” said Jagr. “The Penguins seemed like I did something wrong or something bad, and I don’t think I did something bad. If they feel like that, I cannot change their minds. I was a free agent, and I had my chance to pick wherever I think is best for me.”

Jagr says he also spurned more lucrative offers to make his NHL comeback with Philadelphia. The Flyers’ deal is worth $3.3 million, and Jagr did not name the teams he said offered more money.

He also named some other reasons why he chose Philly over a return to Pittsburgh.

“When I looked, for me, a centerman, a good player like Briere or Giroux – who are right handed – have a right-handed shot. I like to play power play on the right side, and I think because they’re right-handed, they like to play on the other side,” he said.

“I think it would be a problem if I would play in Pittsburgh with Crosby or Malkin, left handed, and have to play on the other side, when I’ve played all my life on the right side. I don’t think I would be able to play there,” he continued.

Jagr also says he has an opportunity to play more with the Flyers and likes the moves general manager Paul Holmgren made over the last 10 days.

“I don’t think I would have a chance to play at all. If I’m going to play good, at least I have a chance to play,” Jagr. “That was the other thing I was thinking.”

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One Comment

  1. Ryan says:

    He’s so full of $hit it is coming out of his ears. He doesn’t care about the Penguins and his place in history here. Just wants to cash another big paycheck and pad his personal stats.

  2. Jackie (Pittsburgh) says:

    Why would the fans want this bum back after he bad-mouthed Pittsburgh the last time he played here? He’s a 39 year old nothing!!!

  3. Bruce USA says:

    ‘Se la ve’ it’s his choice. No ambiguity on how Ryan and Jackie feel. True die-hard fans and that’s good. It’s the old saying “money talks” and a little bit of knowing where he’ll fit in the best. If it was meant to be it would have happened. Let it go, we’ll win with out him-YEA!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘Se la ve’?…do you mean “C’est la vie”, Bruce? You, Ryan and Jackie are fair-weathered fans. Die-hard fans are about the Penguins as they are, not as they could have been. True fans don’t lament what isn’t. They cheer and support what is.

    Listen to yourselves, people! Even though I think Jagr articulated his position clearly about why Filthydelphia is a better choice for him, even if it were about money, do you mean to tell me you don’t follow the almighty dollar in your career/work too? I’ll bet you already have! Sure he badmouthed the City and he left badly, but he was a kid and he didn’t yet understand the concept of burning bridges. He’s still (and always will be) an important part of the Pittsburgh Penguin landscape and I hope he enjoys what may be his last chance to play in the NHL. He’ll have to come through Pittsburgh a lot over the next year, and God knows we won’t make it easy for him (or Max, for that matter), but he had to make the best decision for him as his career nears its end here in the NHL. My hope is that the Penguins can make him and Max, and the rest of Filthydelphia for that matter, suffer for their choices the best way possible…by winning another Stanley Cup!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good for you Jagr!! We wish you all the best!!

  6. Dave says:

    Read between the lines – it wasn’t about money, but rather about living in the shadow of Crosby/Malkin. Did you hear what he said about ‘prefering’ a right-hand center – how ridiculous is that! In other words he’s saying that he did NOT want to be second to Crosby/Malkin. He wants the team to center around him, and he knew he would never find that with the Penguins. It’s unfortuante, because it would have been exciting to see him and Crosby/Malkin play on the same line. But now we can look forward to playing against him and introducing him to Brookes Orpik and Matt Cooke – bring on the season!

  7. John says:

    I can’t believe Pghers are upset? This old used-up skater is WAY past his prime and doesn’t mesh with the Pens chemistry. His good days are behind him. Very glad he didn’t end up here again!

  8. Anonymous says:

    jagr come to pittsburgh to play the penguins get booed and beat up buy the penguins too. hope ya break a leg girlie man

  9. Angel says:

    Its all good cuz when Philly comes to Pittsburgh the Pens will make him see exactly why he shouldve came back. He didnt want to be in Crosby/Malkin shadow cuz he knew he could never be better then them! Forget Jagr… Pens are better off without him!!!

  10. thetruthfrommike says:

    Jagr said how much ending his career in PGH meant, how much he loved Mario, but in the end his true colors showed
    he did not pick up the PGH way
    and Anonymous, you must be an immigrant

    why do you think Mario and the Pens office was so mad and hurt?
    cause Jagr #icked them over

  11. thetruthfrommike says:

    are you a hockey fan? or a PGH fan?
    guess it makes a difference

Comments are closed.

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