BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – A woman and her infant child were injured when a SUV slammed into the FedEx Kinko’s in Bethel Park.

“And the mother was all bloody from all the glass sitting there,” Alan Salisbury, a witness, said.

The incident happened at the store in the 1700-block of Washington Road at about 10 a.m. Wednesday. Police say the driver of a Jeep Cherokee apparently hit the gas instead of the brake.

“I was mailing some packages and we just heard a huge explosion,” Kate Moreland said. “I’m lucky I was on the other end of the store.”

A mother and her 6-week-old baby were not as lucky.

“She was right by the copy machine by the window and it fell on top of her and she was cut from the glass and I think hurt her legs or her ankles,” Moreland said. “She had a bump on her head.”

“The baby seemed to be alright,” Salisbury told KDKA-TV. “So they took the baby right out right away and put her in the ambulance and the mother they worked on for a while.”

The mother was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital. The baby was taken to Children’s Hospital.

The person behind the wheel of the SUV was not hurt, but clearly shaken.

“And she was very upset, obviously,” Moreland said. “And she got herself out of the car on the passenger’s side to see if anyone was okay and she was very upset.”
Police say the mother and child should be okay.

Bethel Park police have not released the driver’s name. She may not be charged because right now they’re calling the crash an accident.


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