Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley On Marcellus Shale

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Jim Cawley is not exactly a household name yet, but the former Bucks County Commissioner is now the state’s lieutenant governor.

He has become the governor’s point person on the Marcellus Shale industry.

At a taping of the “Sunday Business Page” Friday, Cawley addressed whether the Corbett administration was ready to tax this industry.

When it comes to taxing Marcellus shale drilling in Pennsylvania, when is a tax a tax or just a fee?

“We are absolutely ruling out a severance tax,” says Lt. Governor Cawley. “But we’re not ruling out an impact fee and we’re studying that right now.”

The lieutenant governor left open the possibility of taxing the Marcellus Shale industry when drilling causes an impact on the roads or environment of a particular community.

“If there are additional impacts, and that’s really what we’re studying right now, that are unmet, the governor has said very clearly that we need to be able to meet those impacts and that may indeed require those in the industry to spend more money,” says Cawley.

Cawley is chairing a Corbett-appointed commission looking into the state’s response to the growing Marcellus Shale industry.

“It has the opportunity to be the largest economic engine in the state’s history,” he says. “Larger than coal, larger than timber, indeed, even larger than steel was in a bygone era.”

While Cawley acknowledges the importance of protecting the state’s environment, the lieutenant governor says it really comes down to jobs.

“That is the main focus of just about everything we are doing in this administration, creating an environment to empower the private sector to put people to work,” he explains.

Both Corbett and Cawley say they want to attract more drilling and jobs to this state.

But with some members of their Republican party now backing an impact fee, such a tax just might be included in the Cawley’s commission report to the Governor later this month.

Governor Cawley’s full interview can be seen this at 8:30 a.m. Sunday on the “Sunday Business Page.”

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One Comment

  1. Raymond says:

    They say this, yet there are no opportunities for chemists such as myself in the marcellus shale industry. There is only room for geologists, engineers, and technicians. If they hire people such as myself to be a part of this endeavor, I will gladly agree with it, as long as the processed goods remain in the U.S. as a fuel source.

  2. hwright says:

    It doesnt stay in the United States this is why they work around the clock and all labor laws dumped down the drain. Zoeyzotron from other comments fully supports this along with his fellow republicans..

    Aerotek Energy Services is currently seeking dedicated and reliable candidates to work for a growing Oil & Gas Water Transfer company located in Eighty Four, PA. This company is heavily involved in the hydraulic fracturing (Fracing) process in Oil and Gas. Candidates should be familiar with working outdoors, have a strong labor employment history, and be willing to work up to 80 hours a week.

    Job Responsibilities:
    -Working with pumps, piping, water tanks, hoses, and other related equipment
    -Working in all weather conditions
    -Working up to 80 hours a week
    -All manual labor

    -Strong labor work history (Construction, general labor, auto mechanics, Oil and Gas, etc)
    -Willingness to work outdoors 100% of the time
    -Willing to work on a rotating schedule (10-14hr shifts)
    -Willingness to work 7 days a week if required
    -Willingness to commute to remote locations for on site work.

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