HANOVER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Progress is not going over well with some of the residents of Hanover Township in Washington County.

A sewer line is being installed to replace septic tanks and the move is upsetting some people.

Along Old Steubenville Pike, equipment is lined up along the road and progress has been made by Bella Enterprises in installing a sewer line.

The chairman of the Hanover Township Sewer Authority says the $13 million project was mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Officials say 60 percent of the bill is footed with grants, but the rest will come from businesses and homeowners.

“Right now, we are looking at our top fees to be $3,500,” said John LaValla, of the Hanover Township Sewer Authority. “After that, we are looking at $80 a month in usage fees for people, depending on the water usage.”

Grant McElwaine says he will have to pay to re-do the pipes in his house so they will be compatible with the sewer system.

“Where is it coming from? I don’t know how they expect us to pay for it. There are a lot of us who don’t have that much money,” said McElwaine. “We have talked about it and scratched our heads.”

Carl Iannetti and his brother own Iannetti Garden Center. It’s the type of sewer system being installed that he has a problem with.

“I’m in favor of a sewer system, but one that is gravity fed; but they got us all with pumps now and it has already started… too late to do anything,” he said.

But some have done something, in protest.

“Recently, we have had some acts of vandalism in this area and one of the workers reported that he was shot at while he was trying to work on his job,” LaValla said.

State police are investigating. In the meantime, the project has to be finished by May 2012.

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