PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They’re selling naming rights to just about everything these days – from stadiums to bowl games. But how about T stops and subway stations?

KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan reports that managers of the Port Authority are willing to play the naming game if it brings in new revenue.

In the near future, could you be hopping aboard the Giant Eagle express line, or maybe taking a seat on the American Eagle flyer? With the times being what they are, the Port Authority is giving it a shot.

The cash-strapped transit system is speaking with local corporations about selling the naming rights to the Station Square T stop, the new station at Heinz Field and all five stops in between in the Golden Triangle.

“For corporations, it’s obviously a tremendous opportunity and you see it happening all over,” said Jim Ritchie, the Port Authority’s spokesperson.

Transit systems in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and throughout the country have already begun selling the naming the rights to their stations and transit lines – adding badly needed revenue in times of fare increases and service cuts.

Now, the Port Authority hopes to do the same.

“The money would go into our general fund and it would help increase our revenue and help our budget situation,” Ritchie said.

In addition to plugging budget holes, the Port Authority is also hoping to sell the name of the actual service lines to underwrite the cost of the fares. The goal is offering free service between Station Square and Heinz Field.

“We couldn’t do that on our own, but if a sponsor wanted us to put their name on it, it would be possible,” he said.

At this point, it’s unclear whether these naming rights will be a drop in the bucket or raise significant revenues; but in tough times like these, the Port Authority figures that every little bit helps.

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