Rosslyn Farms Residents Petition Judge For School District Change

ROSSLYN FARMS (KDKA) — If residents of a community don’t like their school district, can they change it? That’s what they’re trying to do in Rosslyn Farms, which is a community in Allegheny County.

Most of the residents there have petitioned a judge to change their school district from Carlynton to Chartiers Valley. It’s allowed under state law as long as it’s an adjoining school district and a majority of residents agree.

Rosslyn Farms has been called one of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets, an upscale community of about 460 people, of which 70 are school age.

Students go to Carlynton schools, but their parents have petitioned to have them go to Chartiers Valley schools, citing educational concerns.

Board President Thomas Brown knows there was community dissension over the proposed consolidation of elementary schools, but says test scores in Carlynton and Chartiers Valley are comparable.

“I believe almost 97 percent of the students who live in Rosslyn Farms, and who have gone through the Carlynton system, have enrolled in four year colleges,” Brown said.

According to the petition to change school districts, Chartiers Valley has a superior curriculum and would be in the best interest of the students.

However, there’s not much denying that there’s a possible financial factor at work too. Some feel the value of Rosslyn Farms’ homes would increase if it left the Carlynton School District.

“For the first time, I’m hearing buyers tell me that they don’t want to look in Rosslyn Farms because of what’s happening with the school district there,” said Karen Frank, of Prudential Preferred Realty.

There are other financial factors.

About half of Rosslyn Farms’ students attend private schools. Should parents decide Chartiers Valley could provide as good an education, they could save $3,000 to $8,000 a year per student in tuition.

Also, Chartiers Valley taxes are less, about a thousand dollars a year on a $300,000 home.

It could be a long time, perhaps years before Carlynton students become Chartiers Valley students. In order to be successful, the petition must be approved by a judge, then by the state secretary of education, and then by the state school board.

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One Comment

  1. vinny says:

    How much would the city save if Homewood students all wanted to attend Wilkinsburg schools

  2. Disappointed Crafton resident says:

    The Rosslyn Farm people always thought they were better than us Crafton people. They had money. We were just working people. The principal, Mr. Cavelli, who was there awhile ago treated everyone the same. Soome of the other principals caterer to the Rosslyn Farms people. Let them go to CV. They deserve each other.

  3. od says:

    Peter Panza is smart he’s also leaving Carlynton . I would post more but kdka restricts freedom of speech.

  4. Hopeful in RF says:

    Let’s not throw stones ,Crafton. A few months ago Crafton was threatening to try to secede to Montour if their elem school was closed; therefore, Crafton must have felt that Carlynton/Carnegie Elem could not provide a quality education there and that the Jr/Sr highschool were not so great to stick around for and were ready to bus their children to Robinson rather than Carnegie. Almost 50% of the children in RF do NOT attend Carlynton. Is there any other community out there with that statistic? That speaks volumes. Unfortunetly, small school districts cannot survive in this economy. My bet is Carlynton and Keystone Oaks will merge in the near future. Oh, and by the way, My husband and I worked hard to put ourselves through college and continue to work hard at our professions; so, yeah, we’re “working people”, too.

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