Steelers’ Ward Arrested On DUI Charge In Ga.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — Sheriff’s officials in Georgia say Steelers star Hines Ward was taken into custody on charges of driving under the influence early Saturday morning just outside of Atlanta.

The wide receiver, former Super Bowl MVP and reigning “Dancing With the Stars” champion was booked into the DeKalb County jail after 3:30 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence.

He was later released on $1,300 bond.

KDKA’s Kym Gable spoke with Ward’s agent and manager, Andrew Ree, by phone Saturday.

He said: “On July 9, Hines Ward was stopped by DeKalb Co. police for suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence. He cooperated fully with the police and truthfully answered all of their questions. We are currently in the process of ascertaining all the facts. From our preliminary investigation, we can tell you that we are confident that the facts will show that Hines was NOT impaired by alcohol while driving. However, Hines is deeply saddened by this incident and apologizes to his fans and the Steelers organization for this distraction.”

Around 2:30 a.m., police in DeKalb County say they noticed an Aston Martin crossing lanes and hitting a curb, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The sheriff’s office said it had turned over paperwork to the courts and couldn’t release any further information about the arrest.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers spokesperson as well as the Rooney family are aware of the incident, and are not commenting further.

Since being drafted in the third round in 1998, Ward, 35, has been a four-time Pro Bowl selection and won two Super Bowls. He played at the University of Georgia.

On Friday, Ward posted on his Facebook page about texting and driving and his efforts to try to stop. He said: “I’m bad at doing that. It’s very unsafe.”

Back in May, Ward and an unidentified woman were handcuffed by police in Los Angeles. Ward called the whole situation was a misunderstanding.

Authorities say the woman had reported her car stolen, eventually found it, but did not report back to police she had located the vehicle.

Later that month, Ward and professional dancer Kym Johnson won the “Dancing With the Stars” title. He is the second professional football player to win the reality show. Emmitt Smith won in 2006.

Atlanta Constitution Journal: “Steelers receiver Hines Ward arrested for DUI in DeKalb County” “Ward’s agent: Hines not impaired while driving”
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One Comment

  1. Eddie Yount says:

    stay outta georgia steeler players

    1. Harley says:

      Stay outta Georgia? Hines Ward is a very weak so called man because he apologizes a lot to people and cooperates with the police instead of just staying out of trouble in the first place. Maybe sugar is sweet.
      Atlanta just had one of the biggest teacher scandals in history so you know the ignorance is bliss with those suckers. I thing rich or semi rich people should hang with their peers, not unless Hines thinks he is to inferior to do so.

      1. Eric H says:

        I think Hines seems to be around trouble alot this year for someone who doesn’t admit fault and say’s its all a bad incident. First he was with a female in LA in a stolen vehicle, which was then reported “not stolen”. Then he’s in georgia and arrested for a dui, but that is a misunderstanding too. Hmm, seems that maybe he needs to quit acting like an ass and quit hanging with the wrong people and doing the wrong thing…just because he’s rich and plays football.

  2. Christian Halas says:

    I agree with Eddie. With the the luck they’ve had down there the past two years, I think the Steelers players shouldn’t go to GA unless they have to play an away game against the Falcons.

    1. Ryan S. says:

      Hey numb nuts, what does luck have to do with anything? Both players did something they shouldn’t have and got caught. Stupidity, ignorance, immaturity? Maybe, but I don’t see luck playing a part in this at all.

      1. Betty Thurston says:

        Ryan S. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Calling people names only shows the contempt and jelousy of your stupidity.

  3. Susan Mueller-Bissell says:

    This does surprise me of Hines, he is an upstanding guy here in the Burgh! He just made a stupid mistake and he will do the right thing. I know he will never do it again!

    1. Fenlain says:

      Oh shut up, he committed an easily preventable offense. He’s certainly got enough money to get a cab (or barring that, a limousine) to get him home safely. Instead, he could have potentially killed completely innocent people for being an idiot.

      This “turn the blind eye” stuff is awful, just because he’s on a sports team doesn’t absolve him of stuff like this.

      1. Stare at the Truth says:

        I can’t believe the cop didnt let him go, I would have! For a small fee muahahaha

    2. Shawn says:

      He does not have a wife. He’s not married.

  4. johnny69 says:

    With the kind of money that they have and flash, there is zero reason to not have a limmo or call a cab…totally moronic

  5. Rooney says:

    Maybe he had just 1 too many Vadalias. They are addicting 🙂

  6. confused says:

    I love Hines but we don’t know the details of why or how he came to be pulled over. He may have been driving irratically, may have run a stop sign or red light. We cannot assume that he was pulled over because of his color or the type of car he was driving. The bottom line, if he was intoxicated and driving he broke the law. If the officer had not pulled him over and he would have been in an accident that hurt or killed someone than everyone would be screaming that the cop didn’t do his job.
    Hines, baby I love ya, next time, have a designated driver!

    1. Anonymous says:

      most players do drive drunk, its a way of life all the partys ,and events they go to, what nobody is saying, is how many players get pulled over,and get let go because they are stars,, when the limet was .10 most players could have 4 to 5 drinks in 2 hrs,, but with it being .8 now it just takes 2 drinks,,,,so don’t drink and drive, or drink and have a driver ex-cop

      1. Frank says:

        > most players do drive drunk

        Interesting _assumption_…

  7. Kelly says:

    You’re a millionaire. Call a cab.

  8. Irony says:


    You’re kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

  9. Raul says:

    Why would Mandie go spend her vacation in Georgia?? Where is the part of that big mouth yelling at the cops that she is a big shot producer for KDKA…

    That was one of the funniest things I ever heard…Talk about someone who thinks they are way more important than they actually are in life..

  10. Mary says:

    Don’t know the details? What details are there to know? He drank, he drove, he got caught. Do you ask for details if a teacher, fireman, or some other person of service is caught drinking and driving? Most people demand they be fired. Truth is, there are other members of the beloved Steelers who are not so upstanding. Some of you may think they’re heroes and are snowed into believing they’re such do-gooders. Ask the waitresses and strippers around town who know better. Those are the people who know what they’re really like, when the cameras are off.

  11. rockatophat says:

    First of all I didn’t know Hines was married, that is interesting, considering the way he was carrying on in LA with that person he was arrested with. Didn’t know he messed around with strippers either, apparently he was with a stripper when he got arrested in LA. As for this incident, I agree with the sentiment, he has way too much money to not hire a taxi. Perhaps he is just too cheap, which wouldn’t surprise me either.

    1. Boggy says:

      He wasn’t arrested in LA.

  12. Richard Christie says:

    A Browns player never would of done that..EFF Ward!

    1. Brian Stutsman says:

      Yes, somewhere int he bible the Lord said: “All Cleveland Browns players shall walk on water.”

    2. Betty Thurston says:

      Spoken like a true Browns fan…….STOOOOOPID!!!!!

    3. Tim says:

      @ Richard Christie:

      Um how about Gerard Lawson lmao. That was a DUI hit and run too moron.

  13. Ryan S. says:

    Just wondering, where are all the folks who were so quick to jump on the Bengals when they had players with off field incidents? It seems to me as though the beloved Steelers have had just as many occurances but with much higher profile players, where are you Slappies now?

  14. YoMan says:

    I believe that Mr. Hines Ward has been eating lots of baked beans lately.

  15. louise says:

    give me a break…first off he’s divorced; second, how many of you have a had a few beers or drinks at the local bar or applebees…did you know that only having 2 drinks in an hour can leave you impaired enough to qualify for a dui?,,,,easy for the pot to call the kettle black!…until you all are perfect, get off his back…he’s still a great guy…there are plenty of local teachers, ministers, law enforcement, attorneys, docs, and many more who also have dui’s are you going to bash all of them too???!!!!

    1. mike says:

      Typical Yinzer.

    2. logan says:

      Are you defending him??

  16. Seasoned Tailgater says:

    your boidy can get rid of 1 drink/hr….that’s 1 1/2 oz. 80 proof, 12 oz. beer, 5 oz. table wine. A male weighing between 120 – 200 pounds with 2 drinks will register BA% .06 – .04. PA. law you are subject to possible criminal penalties at that level. Have 4 drinks males between 120 – 200 pounds woulld all be .08 or higher and legally intoxicated. A lineman for the steelers could have 5 beers in an hour and be a drink or two under .08%. Women have to be extra attentive cause a female 120 pounds at 2 drinks is at .08% and females at 200 pounds will be at .07% wiih 3 drinks. This is not a guarantee but a guide. There really is not enough info. on hines’ situation yet to pass judgement. Remember its how quickly you drink and if you’ve eaten or not. Someone like Ward at about 180# at a 4 hour party can have 4 drinks and be near .00%. If he had 6 drinks in 4 hours he’d be at .o4% = driving skills affected = possible criminal penalties…Stay in your limits when going to parties.

  17. paulearl says:

    You are not really serious, are you?

  18. Anonymous says:

    How come he is not smiling?

  19. DudleyDoRight says:

    Bet’cha Hines couldn’t dance a straight line that night

    1. Flaming Flamingo says:

      Hines was dancing the Tequila Tango

    2. Foster Brooks says:

      Mirror Ball and now the “High Ball” trophy

    3. CCO in Georgia says:

      Us good ole Georgia boyz enjoyed watching Mr Ward’s 2-step version of the *leg shackle shuffle* at his arraignment

  20. Joe says:

    He was “Drinking with the Stars.”

  21. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who is saying Hines is a good guy obviously has just seen him on the feild. Off the field he is the biggest pig you’ll ever meet in your entire life.

  22. Raul says:

    Will laugh at everything Jody be laughing at this??

  23. raulduke says:

    He was drunk when he dropped that poor girl on her head…hahahhahahahhahhahhahahhaha

  24. Betty Thurston says:

    WHO CARES?????

  25. anomous says:

    Real simple, you want to go out drinking? Get a limo, you can afford it .

  26. kristy says:

    it just goes to show you that money and talent doesn’t translate into intelligence. what an A$$.

  27. Betty Thurston says:

    u can tell u r not from Pittsburgh u don’t even know how to say “jag-off,u stooopid fool!

  28. bruceUSA says:

    All the great stuff he’s accomplished seems diminished with this revelation!! What are you gonna say to your mom little boy? Sure dropped the ball on this one. Our greatest star and our greatest disappointment!!! Grow up!!

  29. William Anthony Dlubak says:

    President George W. Bush was arrested in 1974 for D.U.I. We all make mistakes but the media is ruthless when it comes to selling papers….

  30. Cate says:

    I lived in Atlanta and worked in Doraville on Buford Highway. This area is notorious for crazy cops. Let me tell you, the local yokel cops there are horrible. They are waiting to pounce on anyone going through, especially in the wee hours. Most of them are wearing the first set of matching clothes and a real pair of shoes for the first time in their lives. It’s like a scene from the “The Dukes of Hazzard”. So stop rushing to judgement Pittsburgh “fans”. Hines is a fine man and just became a victim of these idiots.

  31. Stanley says:

    Last I heard, he is in a marraige that is coming to an end (divorce pending). No he shouldn’t be let go on something that’s against the law. the only thing I question is that it is the same punishment being at .08 and being completely plastered. The laws are good, I just think they carry them way too far. Of all the bars or achahol serving establishments out the how many people do you think are driving away from them every day falling under the .08 limit? I don’t know but I’ll bet we’d all be supprised.

  32. Steeltown says:

    HE got a DUI! What is the big deal. If he was not a Steeler player no one would care in Pittsburgh. If he was not a NFL player this would have never made the news.
    Ward has been great towards this City and he has never caused any problems. So the guy had a few drinks. He is human. He made a mistake. Let it go and move one.
    This is not like he got someone drunk and raped them.
    Hines next time you go out I’ll be yunz jittney!

    1. SARE says:

      What is the big deal with a DUI?? Are you kidding? He could have killed someone. He plays for the Steelers he is good but he doesn’t change the world in anyway. If he was drunk he should be punished. But he won’t because he is a star and being a star you can get away with MURDER.

  33. Cal says:

    Go back to your own city’s news board please and thanks.

  34. janie says:

    i say leave him alone. he is just like the rest of us. he just has more publicity then the rest of us.if he wasnt popular none of us would have known anything about it. love you hines.

    1. sare says:

      Hines is nothing like us normal middle class people. If you or I got a DUI we would be in jail paying for the crime. Hines being a super star he gets off with a slap on the hand.

  35. Cactus100 says:

    its in their blood

  36. pete says:

    new tv show for Hines “Dancing at the bars” maybe c harper get a new promo free six pack with test drive. cut the bum

  37. steve says:

    wonder if it was a 40 colt 45

  38. Fred says:

    No Big Story! As long as he shows up to play on game day. At least he’s not doing drugs.

  39. Christina says:

    We love you Hines! You made a very bad decision to drive under the influenced ,but who hasn’t made a mistake.Next time take a cab or limo.Or just stay home and drink.GO STEELERS!!

  40. Reba says:

    Hines should just get honest. Too much entitlement.

Comments are closed.

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