GREENSBURG (KDKA) — The murder trial for an Indiana County man who is accused of killing his wife’s alleged lover is getting underway today — on the one year anniversary of the deadly shooting.

Opening statements began this morning in the murder trial of Richard McAnulty.

McAnulty, 55, is accused of gunning down Harry Mears III, 39, at a home in Greensburg in 2010.

According to police, McAnulty kicked in the door of a house along Oakland Avenue and shot Mears. When Mears tried to flee from a second-floor window, neighbors told McAnulty shot Mears at least two more times.

Police believe that McAnulty’s wife met Mears online and the two began a relationship. Witnesses reported hearing the McAnulty’s arguing about emails in the hours before the murder.

During a preliminary hearing, an in-home nurse who had been taking care of McAnulty’s mother testified that he told her in detail what he had done to Mears.

Kimberly Ann Gray testified that she heard McAnulty arguing with his wife before leaving the house that day. She told the judge that shortly after the shooting took place, McAnulty called her and said, “Kimmy, I did it.”

She testified that when McAnulty returned home, he told her that shot Mears in the leg and caused him to fall on the porch.

She testified that McAnulty said he confronted Mears again and when Mears told him that the gunshots hurt, McAnulty replied, “Not as much as you hurt my heart. You’ll never sleep with another man’s wife.” He then shot him two more times, both in the chest.

A neighbor testified seeing the defendant leave the scene and get into his truck.

“Well, I saw Harry come out of his front window. The window on top of the porch and then he rolled off of the porch feet first onto the ground,” a neighbor said. “I saw the defendant get into his truck. I saw him holding the gun in his hand and getting into his truck, but I didn’t see what he did with the gun after he put it in the truck.”

Jurors were shown pictures of the truck and also got their first look at the alleged murder weapon.

Defense attorneys reportedly plan to focus on McAnulty’s mental condition, saying he suffers from a depressive disorder.


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