Bucco Fever Overtakes The ‘Burgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As the Pirates enter the All-Star break winners for the first time in nearly 20 years, Bucco Fever is raging through the ‘Burgh!

For the first time since 1992, the Bucs are heading into the All-Star break with a winning record.  As a result, the young team is selling out games and sparking a baseball revival across the city.

It seems for the first time in a long time, Pirate fever is back. To figure that out, just talk to fans who bought last minute tickets for Sunday’s near sellout at PNC Park.

“It’s tough to get good seats now, but that’s great,” said Jeff Marincheck, a Pirates fan.

In addition to their winning record, the Pirates are in a tough battle for first place in the National League Central division. It is bringing back good memories for one long-time stadium worker.

“We’re back to the 60’s right now,” said Mary J, a concession stand worker. “Maz… somebody’s going to hit one and we’re going to get the World Series.”

PNC Park is known as one of the best ballparks in the major leagues, and now it has good players and a good team to go with it.

“Obviously, we had a lot of belief in the team that we were going to turn it around this year, bringing in Clint Hurdle and the maturation of the McCutchens and Neil Walker and Tabata and our pitching coming around,” said Lou DePaoli, the Pirates executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Things are going well at PNC Park, merchandise sales are up 30 percent, attendance has jumped 17 percent and there’s more to come the second half.

The Pirates sold out a record 19 games when PNC Park first opened, and right now they are more than half way there at the half way mark of the season. The way they are playing, there’s a good chance they could break that record this year.

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    All the Pirates needed to do was be a contender and they would get more support than they can handle….

    1. theblueknight says:

      The city needs to get rid of MIKE FLYNN ……

  2. joe says:

    kid of shows you what pittsburgh sports fans are like….they only support a team when then are winning!

    1. Jeff says:

      Hey Joe, their attendance hasn’t been bad all these years in spite of all the losing seasons. I doubt NYC or LA would have had better attendance with the same losing streak in spite of having 8 times the population so just stop being so stupid.

    2. Marty says:


      It’s not about winning…it’s about playing to win. Which the team hasn’t been doing for years. Also, when ownership made it pretty clear that they made their money win or lose, why have a high payroll…they lost me as a fan. I took my kids to see the 6/13/11 win over the Mets. It was fun, exciting, and this team is here to play and play to win. They have me back as a fan.

    3. CharlotteSteelers/Pens/Pirate/PittFan says:

      Show me another city in America that will support a baseball team with great attendance and support during 19 years of losing. Heck, we have something to be proud of when teams like Tampa have winning teams and they can’t draw a crowd like we can.

      1. joe says:

        how many steeler/pens/pirate fans would there be if neither team ever won a championship?

        answer: FAR FAR less!

  3. Mike Wadowsky says:

    I’m 59 years old. The first team I remember was the 60 Pirates. I have been one fan who has NEVER given up. They were always my Buccos win or lose (except for the drug years). My mother was the biggest Pirate fan. She just passed away in June…I think she is looking down on them right now.

  4. Phillie Fanatic says:

    The Succos are a nickel & dime operation that will never be able to keep any players that do in fact become stars. Enjoy while you can Pittsburgh because it won’t last very long before the first exit via free agency or trades of Pirate players to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia etc…etc…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Phillies in the RED…………Pirates in the BLACK

      Philadelphia, City of ??????

      Pittsburgh, City of CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

  5. Zeek says:

    Let me shorten this up for you Phille Fanatic.

    Phillies somewhere in 9135 wins and 10232 Losses (2 world series)
    Pirates somewhere in 9415 Wins and 9109 Losses (5 World series)

    Philles are the most losing team in MLB. The team had one winning season in a 30 year span and still arent the best baseball team to come out of Philadelphia. That team was the Philadelphia Athletics, who had poor attendance and had to move because they were broke.

    You should probably learn about baseball before you begin badmouthing other teams.

  6. NoTrades! says:

    I only hope that the Pirates don’t make some kind of stupid trade now because there is some need to be “buyers instead of sellers.” They”re doing great now and are going to bet a bunch of people back including Alverez. I hear lot’s of stupid talk from both talk show hosts and callers wanting to get a Carlos Beltran (old and injured) or even, incredibly, Mat Capps back. Wow. Talk about stupid. Just keep your young players and let them grow. That way you have many years of competition.

    Of course, I know talk show hosts are in the business of staying dumb things just to get callers. But I hope Neal Hutingdon does the right thing from a baseball perspective. I know Nutting has a terrible track record and is considered a cheap skate, but let’s hope he puts his real money in to signing the McCuthcens for the long term.

  7. NoTrades! says:

    Sorry for the typos.lol

  8. AA says:

    I agree with the poster above. Watch them get rid of half the team, now that they are doing good. Isn’t that the way it always goes? That,or else they will perform a “second half of the season” collapse.

    And to Bob Walk, shut up. I’m getting tired of hearing your bickering all the time.

  9. HINES DRUNK says:


    1. Quit Shouting says:

      See that CapsLk key on the left side of your keyboard. Use it, don’t abuse it.

  10. Not a Pirates fan, but I’m very happy to see a competitive team in Pittsburgh. PNC is one of the best new parks, glad to see it no longer languishing


  11. Ginger says:

    I was just commenting on what fair weather fans we have in Pittsburgh. I have been a Pirate fan all my life, gone to games when they were losing terribly. Now EVERYONE in Pittsburgh decides to become a Pirate fan because they are on a winning streak.

    I hope they continue to win, but we will see if these fans stick around if they start losing.

  12. Steve says:

    I don’t understand why people care if fans are “real” or fair weather? If they’re happy now, then just enjoy the moment. You own admiration of a team isn’t diminished or affected by other people’s desire to suddenly root for a team. Even with little fan support, the players are getting paid and the owners are profitable with the team. So just enjoy your own celebration for the team and who cares if other fans choose to jump on the bandwagon.

Comments are closed.

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